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One Of The World's Most Beautiful Things

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 5th December 2013 2:21pm
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In late July, Wynn Resorts CEO and namesake Steve Wynn described the forthcoming Wynn Palace property in Macau with fanciful words... dropping his tired, curmudgeony political diatribe routine for the carnival barking impresario, evoking the spirit and language of a youthful, enthusiastic curator of The World's Most Beautiful Things. For those of us wayward Wynnophiles wondering whether Mr. Weinberg would wave his one-time wonderfilled wand of wizardry...

The theme of this hotel is flowers, floral things.

The use of flowers, of water and natural light and flowers has been taken to a new level for our company. We have in these atriums, floors that open and big huge displays of flowers ascend, change very month. One of those things I was chiming about Bellagio is that it was seasonal, we had fall and winter, spring and summer. [Describes Bellagio floral displays]

In [Wynn Palace we have] huge - if you can imagine the floats of the Rose Bowl parade - imagine instead they are intricate 5,6,7 meter tall sculptures that are 10 or 12 meters wide on variable height lifts, that are like wedding cakes.

And these things vary from a full carousels of horses like a merry go round, that go round and round with calliope music, to hot air balloons of multi colors like in "Around the World In 80 Days" to peacocks! And tigers! And other fanciful objects that change every month, all made of flowers. Multi story atrium, that go up. These kind of fantasies take place to music, 24/7.

To peacocks! And Tigers!... sheer poetry from a mouth we've missed.

Weeks later, the above photo was added to the Wynn Everett website, depicting a gigantic floral Faberge egg as centerpiece to the proposed Winter Garden at Wynn's proposed property near Boston, Massachusetts.

Am I beginning to shape the picture for you Harry?

The clues were obvious. Wynn Palace, Wynn Everett... why wouldn't this come to Vegas?

Joe? Are you there Joe? Does anybody know what happened to Joe?

And then... last week... this.

...full carousels of horses like a merry go round, that go round and round with calliope music...
...to hot air balloons of multi colors like in "Around the World In 80 Days"...

Simply breathtaking.

The artist, Preston Bailey, has been contracted to produce the displays for Wynn Palace in Cotai. These are the proof of concept. Add some mechanical pizazz a la the Wynn Tree of Prosperity and voila.

To peacocks! To tigers! To Faberge Eggs!

The implications of this are a bit wider. Wynn hasn't just installed a pretty flower display in the lobby, they've laid the groundwork for a new type of interior spectacle wherein the Bellagio Conservatory meets the Mirage Volcano. Lights go down in the atrium, symphonic music sets a trembling tone as dawn grows on the forest floor... a floral frog awakens from slumber and hops over bough and brook, the snap of its fly seeking tongue awakens the orchestra and fills the atrium with broad shafts of sun light revealing mechanical creepy crawlies set about on their daily errands. Leaves grow on trees like magic, birds soar at the branch tops, a pink rose petal elephant raises from the floor with a thunderous trumpet. To peacocks! To tigers!

After a dazzling 10 minutes, the forest floor transforms back to still life... frozen in time until the next performance. Exit through the gift shop.

Big huge thanks to VT superfriend Z for sharing his gorgeous photos.

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So that's what they were working on behind all those walls.
Nice to see something that harkens back to the original concept rather than construction modifications for the club goer masses.

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