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Meet The Gorgeous New Suites At The Delano Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 4th December 2013 9:06pm
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MGM Resorts International CEO Jim Murren wasn't kidding when he stated in the last earnings call that the transformation of THEhotel into Delano Las Vegas was on the verge of kicking into high gear. He stated that room design process had been completed and outlined construction benchmarks that would inform the company when branding transition would begin.

The first salvo in the rebranding operation was fired a few weeks ago with the addition of a new Delano Las Vegas section on the Mandalay Bay website. The website featured a teaser photo of a gorgeous Dutch mid-century modern chair.

The suites at THEhotel were a vanguard of extravagantly sexy modern design and were the first standard suites in all of Las Vegas to feature flat screen TV sets. The achilles heel of THEhotel's suites were their seemingly small footprint and incredibly low lighting. Hindsight tells us now that THEhotel was indeed overdesigned... every square foot of the room was packed with pizazz, features and accoutrements.

Large potted shrubs? Big huge chairs and lamps in every corner? A large desk with a ginormous printer sitting on it? These seem silly now, but it is worth remembering that THEhotel's suite designs came to life in a post-Bellagio, pre-Wynn world, when Mandalay Bay was THEhottest resort in THEVegas. Mandalay Bay was the it girl and THEhotel was sexy icing on a luscious cake.

Unfortunately, Mandalay Bay's reign as Vegas kingpin proved to be short, kneecapped by off-Strip upstart The Palms before finally being lost in the shuffle after the MGM Mirage / Mandalay Resorts Group merger in 2004. Now, nearly ten years after the MRG acquisition, MGM Resorts International has given the tweenaged Mandalay Bay some sorely needed attention. THEheart breaks at the thought of the love and buzz since squandered. We can't all be new and shiny forever.

Here, on the threshhold of the new direction, MGM Resorts International, along with partner Morgans Hotel Group are proud to present to you... Delano Las Vegas.

Delano Las Vegas will fuse personalized service with a high-end design concept. The resort will evoke luxury with an unexpected touch of individuality, creating an intimate experience within the grand 43-story golden tower at Mandalay Bay Resort Complex. Defined by style and sophistication, Delano Las Vegas will bring a world class resort to the famed Las Vegas Strip, appealing to the most discerning travelers from around the globe.

Allow me to quickly recap... "high-end design concept", "evoke luxury", "intimate experience", "style and sophistication", "world class".

Striking in its simplicity. Modern yet classic, clean and peaceful like the second floor showroom of Crate & Barrel. The clutter is gone. Sadly, so is much of the mystery. I'm ok with that.

The dual queen. Soft. Sultry. Simple. Pendant pleated walls certainly evoke an "intimate experience." The hushed selection of a endtable as night stand, sans drawers, phones, clocks and Gideons underscores this clutter free concept.

Or perhaps it was a placeholder, as the official night stand (below) hadn't arrived in time.

Sexy. Serene. Shocking. Minimalist furnishings, wire frame chair, spartan floor lamp. The gold pedestal side table brings Mandalay Bay's outside curtain wall in, just like wall mounted light fixtures and the small side table in the living room. The focus in this room is undoubtedly the bed.

On the whole, the Delano Las Vegas suite designs are graceful, elegant and undeniably subtle. But upon further study, the inclusion of the Danish style chair and plompy couch (gorgeous as individual items) feel out of place within this suites austere context. The function here isn't form but actual function... this isn't a couch you take photos of, this is a couch you watch TV, eat room service and/or have sex on.

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Comments & Discussion:

Looks gorgeous, although not really my particular style.

My only question is how the tinted windows outside are going to affect the color scheme indoors?

Not my style either. I prefer a bolder hotel room with more sizzle. But nice to see rooms getting a refresh/rebrand/rewhatever

I wonder if the fresh flowers and candles will make it into production... they add a lot to the ethereal feel.

I want to make love to that carpet.

Definitely brighter than the old rooms, but not sure its any better. Still need to see the bathrooms, replacement for the monster wall units, and the wet/minibar area. Most needed upgrade is HDTV and WiFi.

Not sure why, but the sitting area looks like it belongs in somebody's living room. A nice one, but "residential" in feel (at least from the picture) . Good to see more rooms getting refreshed though.

The curtains in the first picture look like horrible vertical blinds in every apartment complex ever. That picture does nothing for me at all. I will say they definitely did a 180 from the THEhotel design book in almost every respect... but I just don't like it. Looks plain. :(

Looks good save for the couch under the TV. Is that for watching people having sex in the beds?

Smaller TVs. :-/

Interesting. It's hard to tell whether the switch from black/brown to the lighter color scheme makes the rooms feel bigger, or reveals their smallish footprint.

I don't think the TVs are smalller. The one in the top photo looks small, but I think that's just the angle and lens. The one in the bedroom looks like it's just as big as the old ones, if not bigger. They're undoubtedly HD too, which the old ones weren't.

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