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Check Out These Unbelievable Renderings of Ballys Grand Bazaar

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 3rd December 2013 9:48am
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Ballys shantytown slash temporary shopping district - Ballys Grand Bazaar - has taken to the airwaves of the interweb and released a new slew of renderings. What looked like a plaza covered in carney trailers hawking essential effects for a useless existence NOW looks like a plaza covered in carney trailers hawking essential effects for a useless existence covered in a psychedelic lattice of swooping dome roofs that will surely make Jim Murren LOL.

Ballys Grand Bazaar

OH MY. Wait.... do I see that sign correctly?

Ballys Grand Bazaar


Ballys Grand Bazaar

The aerial view displays the swoopy roof. It seems like the colors are dynamic. I'll guess some kind of low density, multi-colored LED lighting system. It won't have the ability to graphics at any legible resolution, but can be turned whatever color the holiday requires or randomized.

The top left thing is labeled as a "Swarovski" crystal store. Here's to hoping they have the ability to etch photos inside a vase by laser.

The large building in the center will be The Worlds Largest Aquamassage Pavilion. The other buildings will be dedicated to "Solar Powered LED Vegas Keychains With Your Name On It R Us" a "Flavored Oxygen Bar" and "Discount Ferret Feed and Tack Supply."

Ballys Grand Bazaar

The trees disappeared in this rendering. Note the light poles leading the way to the perpetually broken escalator that leads to Ballys front entrance. The ducks will be eaten at Giada's restaurant, after Victor Drai is done clubbing them to death.

Yes, this is a microscopic improvement compared to the previous... however still "Gettow."

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Comments & Discussion:

@Chuckmonster, is this a joke? Are you putting us on? This is awful. Ghetto is right. Was the inspiration for the roof the shanty villages after the earthquake in Haiti?

Since I'm gullible, I'm waiting for you to tell me it's just a bad dream.

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, looking over the renderings. I guess the whole "Classic Vegas" goes down the sh@tter now with the redux of Indigo Lounge, Jubilee Tower, and what I call the Bizarre Bazaar.

Oddly enough, I've been working on some renderings to add to my portfolio of how I think they should redevelop that corner. Will send them to you for the hell of it once I am done.

Why is there a giant disco ball in the middle of the rendering...and why does the rendering include Bill's Gambling Hall as it used to be and will be no more?

That's some shit that'll flip your dutch-boy!

GETTOW? Is that "ghetto" or "get out"? Either way, I love it. As for the rest of the renderings, notsomuch. I can't wait to be accosted by a costumed character in the middle of my aquamassage.

It's too bad Vegas doesn't want to theme its casinoes anymore. Bally's was ripe for a non-ironic 80s retrofuturistic theme, like EPCOT Center mixed with Back to the Future.

I'm slittin' my wrists as I write....

Bally's would make an awesome Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise. Looks shitty, has the old school 80's vibe.But I'm cool with it, so long as there is another CVS/Walgrees (or both!), or a 2nd Carlos N' Charlies.

where did you dig up these renderings? Looks like a concept from the 80's.

Escalators don't break , they just become stairs.

And on another note. Is outdoor malls in front of casinos becoming the new nightclub trend. Where everyone tries to out build the other. But in the end they are really all the same. they just look a little different.

really? someone paid for this design? and no the escalator will never work.

I call bullshit on this - cant be real without a big-ass pharmacy or three

Supposedly they are going to cram almost 150 small stores/resturants under these god awful canopies.

Hmm, sort of reminds me of the impromptu shantytowns that popped up in the parking lot outside of Grateful Dead shows. Only thing missing is the smell of patchouli, kush and sweaty birkenstocks.

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