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Sayonara: Sirens of TI Closing

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 22nd November 2013 10:11pm
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The long, slow bootyectomy of Treasure Island continues tonight with the great Norm! reporting that Sirens of TI has been jettisoned from buccaneer bay.

Actors were notified today that the show will not be returning from a recent break, the final performance was October 20.

Norm! continued:

Came down to this: a free show sitting on valuable Strip-front property. Ruffin's a businessman.

The closure of Sirens shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. The show, which replaced the truly amazing pirate battle, was part of MGM's baffling attempt to rebrand Treasure Island as a sex dungeon with an acroname - T.I.. Multiple versions of the show were made, with each one successively devolving into a bizarre mix of hip hop Skinemax and the animatronic show at Sam's Town.

Just plain bad.

Now, Phil Ruffin can finally finish the job of planking over buccaneer bay he started the moment his purchase of Treasure Island passed through escrow.

Still we wish a fond 21 cannonball salute to Buccaneer Bay and the legendary space it will hold in the history of Las Vegas.

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Comments & Discussion:

Oh dear...I had heard "Sirens of T.I." was bad...but, really, I didn't think it would be that bad. Kind of makes me miss the high quality entertainment that was Rio's "Show in the Sky!"

The entire thing has been downgraded ever since Ruffin took over. The pirate ship used to move and then stopped doing it. Gilley's is right at the end of the Sirens area but the bridge is closed off once the show starts. It always drew a crowd but lately you got the idea the hotel wanted it gone.

The devolution of Treasure Island at The Mirage. Yes, I still call it that and have never been able to refer to it as TI. When the property opened, it had the magic of Steve Wynn throughout, from Bucaneer Bay to the pirate booty carpeting to the bone chandeliers to a couple of very good restaurants. The vision for the property was so outlandish that only Steve Wynn could pull it off. MGM got it and immediately whitewashed the pirate village and removed the character from Treasure Island. Then, Phil Ruffin completed the destruction of a once fun Strip property. Hey, I have a idea, let's turn Bucaneer Bay into another Hawaiian Markeplace :-(

I was sad when the original pirate show closed but I'm actually happy to hear that this incredibly- lame and tacky version will go to it's watery grave.

"Actors"? Whew, really bad.

Off the top - I agree with the sentiment that the Sirens show was a downgrade from the naval battle show, but the quote that Chuck pulled out of the article ties into the Trop discussion nicely.

Squeezing cash flow out of a property's Strip frontage is, on face value, a slick business move. But I'll pose the same concern as some others have posed: does de-Vegasing Vegas actually devalue it in the long run? To me , it says a lot of how many mid-level joints are truly struggling on the inside.

more like Sirenara

hot half-nekkid chicks on the strip was ok with me. The original performance was cheesy too maybe a bit less so but still cheesy

Put a gas station there, Phil. That'll show 'em.

Noticing that this announcement came within days of learning that Spider Man The Musical is coming to Vegas, I am going out on a limb (or in this case a mast) to predict that this will be the future outdoor location of Spider Man The Musical 2 - "Ye Olde Spidey Versus Black Beard"

What is sad is even with the downgrade of the show a lot of people showed up to watch the Sirens and those people tended to go into TI after wards to look around, gamble and eat. I always thought that most would watch the water show at Bellagio, walk down to the Mirage and watch the volcano then hit TI. Those same people will just stop at Mirage then find other things to do.

That's just going to isolate that side of the strip even further - If the Linq and the MGM park manage to actually hold foot traffic the Mirage may be the new northend of the strip.
My last trip the only reason I even set foot in there was because I took the tram from Mirage to get to the Encore for dinner at Wazuzu's.

I am zero fan of the pirate theme. Getting rid of everything they can is just fine with me. I wish MGM had gone through with the renaming and taken it from step 1; TI to step 2; Titties International. I'm not kidding. I think that is where they were headed and I think it is long overdue on The Strip. After all, they do call it The Strip, don't they?

Well some of the ladies in the show were well endowed. The move means they will also have to change their commercials for their special offers and no more fireworks coming from the front after the show. This kills foot traffic on that end of the Strip.

So they are planning to end the show, but not bring back any new show to replace it... and they plan on replacing it with a CVS instead? smh...

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