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SLS Las Vegas: Sayers Club Unveiled

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 22nd November 2013 11:44am
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SLS Las Vegas has been pushing their multi-slogan narrative lately, ("North is the New South", "Style Less Substance") calling in the big media guns to walk the property with CEO Sam Nazarian while offering up COO Rob Oseland to anybody else willing to join the big media party.

We've seen construction dust rise from piles of froshly demolished concrete, with Nazarian feigning his best "Eugene Ormandy of the jobsite" bedecked not in baton, tie and tails but SLS Las Vegas branded hard hat. Dungareed reporters stand by, dutifully recording the words of the prophet for tomorrow's edition.

It truly is a finely crafted media strategy - launching an extended range orbital boomerang, refueled bi-monthly via well placed media hype, providing english enough to zoom its way back through the front doors of SLS Las Vegas' grand opening, sometime in 2014.

Words words words. Words describing the words. Words about the words that describe. Photos of people writing words to help them remember the words that described so that when the time comes to write new words that describe the words, they'll have some words to help their ability to come up with words.


Well, enough words. Here's renderings of what might be the Sayer's Club at SLS Las Vegas, followed by some words.

As intended, the nightclub, sans people ghosts, with low lights and without glow sticks. Through the magic of Photoshop, let me turn the lights on.

Much like Downtown Grand, SLS Las Vegas appears to be going economy, dropping a night club seating set into a warehouse. I believe that this is the former NASCAR Cafe building. Check out the wide plank hardwood floors!

Floorplan is pretty standard, two levels of step down with perimiters surrounded by booths. There are bars on both sides of the DJ booth. Go go dancers are spread throughout the space - on tables, on a vertical pole, on four horizontal poles and in two suspended cages. And... ferrets!

To the left above the DJ booth is a go-go cage. It looks like it holds three or four dancers. No doubt there will be groping, pouting and posing going on, maybe even some masquerading. Directly above and behind the DJ appears to be an LED screen of some sort, probably projecting a camera from the back of the decks so people can see the mix master in action or whatever video gets piped in. The projection screen is framed by two white scrims on either side and some artwork. The bottom third of the wall behind the DJ booth is a mirror that will a) make the room look bigger b) give people in the audience the opportunity to admire themeslves doing The Frug.

On the alternate side, note the bar in the far corner. Also, another one of the go-go cages. The side wall is covered by more white curtains, but with projections on it. I'll venture that all the white screens are for projections. With any luck, they'll get a tribute act to recreate the original slide show staging of "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" the night I come test drive the joint.

Oh and how could I forget, see the acrobat? Yes, she's hanging from a horizontal Stripper pole... you know there will be a half-dozen Drakkar dudebros trying to hitch a ride in the undercarriage. Seems to me that this might cause some right-of-way confusion.

A redefinition of Las Vegas nightlife? Probably not. Is it a worthy competitor to XS, Hakkasan, Light and Marquee? Doubtful. A just-below-luxury addition to the middle of the nightlife pack - 1OAK, The Bank and Tao? Maybe, but you'd have to answer the next question first. Can SLS Las Vegas succeed where Bagatelle couldn't - luring customers from the middle of somewhere to the middle of nowhere?

If you put enough ketchup on it, you don't taste the impossibility. Is there any use wondering why humans don't eat ketchup straight from the bottle? Has a condiment ever become a meal? Is bacon a condiment?

Yes. All roads lead to words. Dang boomerang.

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Comments & Discussion:

I get my own cage.. Yes!

Nice piece.
Sam might be counting on filling that space with hotel guests? The property should boast much nicer rooms than what Bagatelle had upstairs, anyway.

Anyone who can include both "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" and the Frug in one report is, well, LEGEND.

"Eugene Ormandy of the jobsite". Love it. How many people remember Eugene Ormandy's spectacular leadership of the Philadelphia Orchestra? Chuck'e piece on Chelsea and this one are world-class, just like Ormandy.

Looks just like every other club you go into in LA. Take a warehouse space, put some nice flooring and seats in and paint the ceiling black, turn off all the lights, shoot lasers and magic everywhere and wait for starlets on the guest line.

But this isn't LA. This is Vegas. This is a town with XS, Marquee, and Light. The LA game doesn't work here, and as Chuck nails, this will be another mid-grade club looking for a piece of the game.

Come on Sam. Change the game.

I think you are being a little hard on Nazarian and SLS. Your original sceptism that he would ever renovate and reopen the SLS resort was warranted based on the amount of smoke being blown but Nazarian somehow got his immigrant investor financing together and seems to be on track to open the place. The nightclub renderings are pretty lame but not really worth a 600 word put down. You can't blame the guy for promoting the crap out of his project.

Salesmanship may be the only reason anyone is paying attention to Sam since that end of the Strip is kind of a black hole. The club looks like any other generic club but how many people will it attract? Obviously guests may take a wander inside but aside from that who hangs out in this area? People wasndering to the Stratosphere or guys falling out of the massage parlors around the corner?

Actual ferrets in a night club would be awesome...though that probably qualifies as some kind of animal abuse :^\

Terrible location, he'll need a very BIG hook to get people in the doors. If Wynncore has trouble getting walk-thru traffic where they are, how the hell will SLS?

When I first looked at Chuck's enhanced floorplan I saw the "cages" and, being, oh, a bit more of a casino guy, wondered why they'd have cages in the club? No tables or machines. Silly, silly me.

If that is the Sayer's Club than they must be doing a 180 degree turn from what the Sayer's Club is in LA, a live music venue. Guess they came to their senses and realized that live music is not a bottle crowd in Las Vegas. They are going to have issues attracting any real talent down there as they are locked with the larger nightlife groups and will be stuck with the lame SKAM DJs and or hip-hop.

shig - could be sayers, could be another club name. not really sure.

I think you have the renderings of the four walled nightclub in the center of the casino. Called Shelter. The Sayers Club will be much smaller and feature a stage for live music. I have seen the models and was given a tour by a main guy in charge recently.

^^ Thanks for the clarification! Tell Rob Oseland I said "Hi!"

Now he tells us....

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