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The Chelsea Details

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 20th November 2013 6:01pm
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The Chelsea grand opening concert by The Police-obsessed pop singer Bruno Mars is only a few weeks away, kicking of his ongoing series of performances in the Cosmotopolis newest venue. The Chelsea is a replacement performance space for the decommissioned The Chelsea ballroom (since renamed Belmont) which itself took up all purpose venue duties from the unfinished unnamed theatre this article is about. Got it?

Previous discussions about the space centered on the design and the exact location, with the vestibule outside of Wicked Spoon as being the most likely egress. As it turns out, Rose. Rabbit. Lie will be located there. From Vesper, hop on the escalator and go down the hall.... easy peasy. Trekking in from the street might take a bit more concentration to get to both Rose. Rabbit. Lie. and The Chelsea.


The Chelsea will occupy the two levels above that, with entry, box office and lobby on LEVEL THREE. From the Restaurant District, you go down the hall where the shoes used to be through the lobby where the dog statues are and keep going past the elevators. There is no entrance to The Chelsea on Level 4, which is guaranteed to confuse a ton of folks who used to go up to the fourth level to get to the previous Chelsea.

Contrary to many other performance venues in Las Vegas, The Chelsea is basically a black box - there is no real backstage to speak of, the performance space begins at the edge of the proscenium and heads into the audience. Since it is black box, The Chelsea is configurable for many types of events - banquets, fights, power point presentations and concerts, all of which have taken place in the prior Chelsea (now Belmont) ballroom.


The Chelsea in its most basic form features an infinitely configurable floor plan, slightly elevated mezzanine seating at the rear of the theatre and two u-shaped balconies. Balcony box seating offers bottle service and small plates.


What is somewhat surprising about The Chelsea is its limited capacity - the limit is roughly 2,500, HALF of the previous Chelsea (now Belmont) ballroom. By moving into a "nicer" space, Cosmopolitan has limited the amount of seats they can put their butts into. Less butts equals less booze, less beer and less blackjack and also increased prices for tickets to said stuff. I doubt that we'll see the former Chelsea (now Belmont) ballroom in dry dock for long.

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This is just a weird weird space layout for a theater. The nice thing about the old Chelsea space from a performers point of view is that the depth of the ballroom allowed the act to have backstage space that was easily customized and able to accommodate a decent production setup. The shallow nature of the space is interesting and I think will ultimately limit the type of acts that can come into the space. Curious to see if there's any kind of flyhouse above the "stage" end of the space.

Interesting to say the least.

I'm hoping Cosmo comes up with something as a standard show for the room, I still believe having a headliner that you can associate with the resort does wonders for a resorts' branding, marketing, etc, it helps tell the story of what you should expect there.

Two words: Rita. Rudner.

It's nice and I hope to see it but it doesn"t seem as good a layout as the Joint

Well a resident comedian wouldn't need the back stage area but a band would.

Hunh, no permanent seats. As neat as it would be to have a mosh pit at the Cosmo, I doubt HOn or Hard Rock are gonna let those shows get away. Also hard to see them pulling many headliners away from Cesar's and the arenas. Maybe a lot of comedy? Indie-style shows that want more money that Palms can pay?

Has anyone been to Chelsea? Reviews talk about the crush of people. Are there enough exits and stairs to get out in case of emergency? I have to assume the venue has been approved by Clark County, but still, it's an odd location for 2,500 people to congregate. These Yelp comments made me ask this question:

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