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This Is Where The Bodies Are Buried In The Desert

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 14th November 2013 11:25am
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In a page out of Breaking Bad and/or Casino, a lone motorcyclist tearing it up in the desert north of Victorville stumbled across two grave sites containing human remains that authorities state "have been there for an extended period of time." The Coroner has called in forensic anthropologists to determine gender, age, date and cause of death of the remains.

The grave sites were located on the north side of the 15 freeway near the (Ruben) Stoddard Wells Road exit in Apple Valley.

Stoddard Wells Road is two and a half hour drive from Las Vegas, somewhere past Barstow, on the edge of the desert screaming towards Victorville. The area is precisely where the desert ends and civilization begins - where the vast desert scape is separated from the strip malls and tract housing by the Mojave River. It is probably the last, best, furthest place to dispose of a body that may or may not have originated in Vegas.

Bodies in the Desert

Now that that long standing Vegas secret is out of the bag, perhaps we can get some clarification about casinos pumping oxygen in to make us lose more money. Oh that's right, the dude who knows the answer to that is being exhumed as we speak.

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After reading your headline I thought there might've been a mass grave out there. ::Cue war flashbacks::

Im sure they do pump oxygen into the casinos! We live in the day and age of conspiracies being correct.

Used to be we only dreamed the NSA spied on Americans...oh wait they do it even more then anyone dreamed.

IRS auditing various political organizations for there beliefs...your crazy dude.

So why not I 100% believe that Oxygen is pumped into a Casino. Why not? Be cheap and easy to do. Im sure they use "coolers" and every trick in the book..cant hurt.

I'm good with more oxygen. Please conspire!

Are those bodies courtesy of the Las Vegas "families"? Or are they the handiwork of a Los Angeles-based clan?

If -- and I say IF for a reason, officer -- I were to dispose of a body, I wouldn't want to be crossing state lines. I'd take my chances that local/state authorities are less effective than the FBI. There's plenty of desert in Nevada.

Keep pumping the O2 I need to keep breathing.

A young couple and their two babies. Sad.

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