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VegasEats: Comme Ca at Cosmopolitan

By Misnomer on Friday, 1st November 2013 3:42pm
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The Sunday morning after VIMFP, I reluctantly checked out of The D after a great stay there, and cabbed it down to Cosmopolitan for a 2 day continuation of my Vegas vacation. After throwing my bag in my room and sitting on the terrace for a spell, I decided to head downstairs to see where the day might take me. Finding one of Cosmo's combination TITO redeemer / ATMs, I slid my bank card in and started the transaction that would fund my day. Or so I thought.

Eight screens in to the nine screen cash withdrawal process, the ATM locked up. A Cosmo employee arrived and assured me all that was necessary was a simple reboot of the machine. He slid a key into the machine and flipped a switch. Right about the time that the Windows Vista logo popped up on the ATM's screen, it dawned on me that I'd nearly completed my withdrawal when the machine bugged out, but it had not dispensed any cash. Had my account been debited? No, of course not, the Cosmo employee assured. So I can start my transaction over and get cash now? Of course I could, the employee promised. Well, he was wrong. Upon retrying the withdrawal, the machine decided that I had already taken out all of the cash I was entitled to on that particular day. So there I was, damn near cashless in Vegas, and it was not yet noon. Now what?

Having an entire day ahead of me, I decided to do what any seasoned Vegas Tripper would do - charge as much food and alcohol to my room as the hotel would allow. That mission began with a trip to Comme Ca. Arriving at the hostess stand, I was greeted by a smiling young woman with long, flowing hair. She looked very much like Alanis Morissette, c. 1995. I informed Alanis that, despite the restaurant being visibly empty, I would like to be seated at the bar. Ironic? Perhaps. Nevertheless, I bellied up. I ordered a mimosa from the bartender, who unfortunately looked nothing like Natalie Imbruglia.

Mimosa at Comme Ca Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The first mimosa pour was a little short. Not-Natalie asked if I needed a menu, but I did not. I knew what I'd come for: The Duck Confit Cinnamon Roll. Stick with me here, because what sounds odd is actually one of the best things I've ever eaten in Las Vegas.

Duck Confit Cinnamon Roll at Comme Ca Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Essentially, this thing starts as a bakery-fresh, piping hot cinnamon roll, which would would be pretty awesome by itself. But within the roll's swirls of cinnamon and sugar are unctuous bits of exquisite duck confit. The whole thing is topped with a smoked bacon frosting, then drizzled with a raspberry compote. It comes with two hunks of thick-cut, house-made bacon.

What seems at first to be an unusual mashup of flavors is really an exercise in balance. The sweetness of the sugared dough is offset by the savory, meaty goodness of the duck confit. The salty, fatty, bacon provides balance for the sweet icing and bright, fruity compote. It just works. Listed as a "starter" on the menu, the Duck Confit Cinnamon Roll is big enough to be all the brunch a person needs, and it is a relative bargain at $14.

Being the only patron in the restaurant at 11:30 a.m. on a Sunday seemed a little unusual, but it ultimately worked to my advantage. I engaged the bartender and the hostess in conversation, and eventually a waiter wandered over too. I find Vegas locals to be fascinating people, and if you ever have the opportunity to really truly engage any of these folks in conversation, do. They have fantastic stories. They talked, I listened, ate and drank. And drank. I attempted to switch over to Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, but the keg was dry. So, I kept drinking mimosas. I asked the staff for more stories. They seemed to like me. The mimosa pours got markedly better.

Mimosa at Comme Ca Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

At some point, VIMFPer and VT superfriend Jeff from OKC happened by and laughed at me when he asked what I was drinking and I slurred the word "mimosas". I figured it was time to cash out. My total bill was $75, and with tip, I charged an even $100 to the room before heading off in search of more buzz on credit. In hindsight, I probably should've lifted Jeff's wallet and gone to Vince Neil's Girls Girls Girls strip club. There's always next year!

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The waitstaff was facinated with you because you are a man amongst men. The cinnamon roll does look very tasty. Were the problems with the ATM ever resolved?

I was going to try that back in May, but I canceled my reservations there last minute as I decided I wanted to eat at Todd English P.U.B. instead (plus some stuff that happened at Cosmo while trying to get dinner the night before rubbed me the wrong way). The only other time I've been to Comme Ca was on a Sunday night during one of the slow times in December. The place was dead at 10 PM and there was maybe 6 patrons in the entire place.

Your experience was very different from mine. We ate there a few years ago and the food and service made Mon Ami Gabi look like a 5 star restaurant. After your review I might give it another try, looks tasty. I'm sure your magnetic personality and matinee idol looks attracted the staff to you!

You've all made some astute observations, particularly with regard to my charm and good looks. Thank you. Regarding my cash problem, I was able to get money out at midnight, after my bank reset my daily withdrawal limit. I made it through my cashless day, and it was an interesting exercise, but not one I'd care to repeat.

Was the mimosa as good as the "man-mosa" at Bouchon on Saturday?

That lsat one is quite a pour.

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