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VegasEats: Hash House A Go Go at The Plaza

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 29th October 2013 3:31pm
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I'm lucky, I have a DuPar's near my house. Their luscious pancakes are a regular part of my life, not just as a morning-after Vegas booze sponge. I'm unlucky too. DuPar's at Golden Gate has a line snaking through the casino out to Fremont Street and I need some booze sponge action pronto. FUUUUUCK. LIGHTBULB: There's a Hash House at the Plaza! And when I get there... THERE'S NO LINE!

Hash House a go go Plaza Review

I saddled up at the counter, was greeted by Monique who took my coffee order and vanished into the ether. The Hash House menu featured its signature brand of "Twisted Farm Food" plus an array of amped up drinks and coffees. I stared at the menu in disbelief, by hungover eyes unable to focus on little more than the large green print that said "The Tractor Driver Combo." I've spent a few weeks worth of teenage hours on a rider lawn mower, I think this at least partially satisfies the requirement.

Monique swings by, apologizes for the wait says she has to make fresh coffee and will be back shortly to take my order. She's all business. She also appears to be training a pet doofus to help her. I pass the time peering into the Plaza's lobby, still amazed by its dramatic transformation from rotten-smelling-yet-charming hell hole to a glamorously modern version of the same charm. The coffee arrives, along with Monique, who takes my order - The Tractor Driver Combo, bacon, poached egg. Poof! She vanishes.

I opened up a copy of the Wall Street Journal I brought with me and scanned the Marketplace section, spacing out in the silence until a volcano of hysterics erupted from the table morning drunks seated behind me.

Monique swung by again. She said that my order would be right out and topped up my joe. Poof!

More reading. More spacing. More laughter lava floes.

Monique pops in, this time with food. She apologized for how long it took. But ta-dah!

Hash House a go go Plaza Review

Either the chef made a purposeful Picasso or all that money I spent going to art school is finally paying off.

Hash House a go go Plaza Review

I dug right into the poached egg. Not gorgeous but still poached evenly. A dash of salt and pepper and it was creamy delicious.

Bacon was borderline cold, yet still tasted good. Thick cut, salty and slightly chewy.

Hash House a go go Plaza Review

Pancake was, as expected, gigantic. Texture was a little rubbery and hard to separate with a fork. On its own, the pancake was uneventful. Sopped with butter and syrup - it was great. I ate as much as I possibly could.

Hash House a go go Plaza Review

Yes, definitely art school...c what I mean?

Tractor Driver Combo + 1 coffee = $16.75. Here's the bill. I never saw Monique again.

Hash House a go go Plaza Review

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Comments & Discussion:

Walked by there quite a bit and just never had any desire to eat there. A few mornings it was about half full and that was as crowded as I saw it. I remember one morning I was heading back up to the room via the escalators (the up escalators work, but the down ones were out of service) and a couple was wandering around the second floor looking for an open restaurant. They asked me if there was one open on the second floor and I told them no and that the only ones open are in the lobby area. They said that they had already eaten at Hash House and weren't too impressed with the food. I should have told them to go across the street to Dupar's.

The only places at Plaza I ate at were Zaba's Mexican Grill in the food court area (they have a pretty inexpensive menu and is similar to chains like Moe's, Qdoba and Chipotle) and Pop Up Pizza (similar to Secret Pizza in that slices are reheated, but a much better selection and quality pie.

Plaza is not that bad of a place to stay either. The only issues I had with my room were the pillows and the fact that there was extra traffic on my floor (the third) due to the down escalators being down and folks had to walk to the elevator lobby by the rooms. With the resort fee, I paid $52/night, which isn't bad at all.

I was going to go here or the one in The Quad but it never happened. Luckily there is one here in Chicago for me to go back to for a massive meal.

Ate there is an earlier trip this year. Good food. Good service. No complaints.

Purposeful Picasso. Love it.

I was served the biggest sandwich in my life at the Plaza's HHaGG. It was my lunch, and I was so full, I didn't need dinner. I got my money's worth, for sure. Ambiance: a little loud, but certainly not crowded.

Been to the one at IP/Quad many times, and love it! It is a breakfast staple every trip. Admittedly, I have yet to make it to Dupars, so maybe I'll have a different opinion afterwards...

HHAGG Big giant plates of meh! Dupar's wins for me

Amazing how art school manages to pay off - review and artistic "C" much better than a c grade!!!

They just opened one in Orlando too. Ate there over Labor Day weekend. It was deelish.

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