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Update: Downtown Grand Opens With First Roll Debacle

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 28th October 2013 4:46pm
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The Downtown Grand's quiet soft opening started this evening with Steve and Andrea Wynn tossing out the ceremonial first toss of the dice alongside long time lieutenant Marc Schorr, father of Downtown Grand CEO Seth Schorr.

When asked by VT superfriend Vespajet what the roll was, Downtown Grand Twitter account said:

@vespajet the social team just learned that first bet and all bets r well...confidential. We know that he walked away very happy :)

This is silly. Why wouldn't they tell folks public knowledge?

Meanwhile, the great Norm! tweets that Andrea Wynn tossed out the first roll of the dice and THEN Steve got on the table.

So why the big mystery? Simple... Downtown Grand obviously wanted Steve to throw the dice, Steve made game time decision to give up the nuts to his woman. She tossed the dice and wrote history. Then Steve gave them the photo op and the opportunity to rewrite facts that "Steve Wynn threw out the first roll."

What the hell?

Downtown Grand finally got their story straight:

@MnEsdad @vegastripping @vespajet just coming into this tweet stream, correct- Mr. Wynn did not roll 1st. He asked Mrs. Wynn, she rolled 8
@MnEsdad @vegastripping @vespajet THEN he rolled 7. We posted correction last night after 1st report/tweet, hope that clears things up

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Comments & Discussion:

Could he put on a suit coat at least?

It's clearly Obama's fault.

I asked what the roll was, not the bet, as I didn't care what the bet was, just the roll. A definite fail on their social media flunkies. Didn't Cosmo's social media team tweet what the first roll was? We all know what the first roll at Aria was because the one and only Chuckmonster had the honors and it was recorded for posterity. We'll probably get the answer we're looking for in Norm's next column.

Downtown Grand's social media department seems to be a bit screwy anyway.

I called them out on this and they're "scrambling" to get the answer. It must be amateur hour over there....

D'oh, and I just said on today's podcast that they were doing a nice job. At that point, they'd been pretty good about responding to people individually.

They did acknowledge the failure, though.

is it good or bad karma that their photo captured wynn with the dice showing a seven?

So super secretive.

I don't see why this is a debacle, or a big deal for our side. I imagine the tension level in the casino when Mr. Wynn was there was sky high. Norm! mentioned that Wynn had an elevated number of body guards with him. I think that's Mark Schorr and his wife on the right side of the picture. Plus this is at the moment when the property finally opens.

I envision this is what happened: management is Hell bent to say Mr. Wynn made the first roll, and made sure they got a great shot. The poor, 25 year old, social media girl has never played craps and had no idea what the question really was. She asked someone in management who was at the table side the question from Vespajet and got an answer roughly akin to "None of their fucking business!" At that point she did the best she could under the circumstances.

This is the 'Viva Laughlin' tactic. It means Steve is walking away from the table with the seed money for his next casino.

Ride, ride, ride, let it ride!

Jeff - this is a small big deal. Why can't Downtown Grand tell the truth about what happened during the ceremonial first roll of the dice? If they can't tell the truth about basic facts - Andrea threw the dice, not Steve - then what other nonsense can we find under the hood? Either DTG's account is wrong (Steve rolled an 8) or Norm! is wrong (Andrea rolled the dice, who knows what number.) I'm guessing the former.

Admitting they failed isn't good enough. They need to tell the truth.

To be honest, the fact that Steve was willing to come up to these guys hipster haven and throw dice was probably a big deal for this organization. It should be. I'm guessing that The D and the 'new' Plaza didn't get that sort of juice.

The owners wanted "Steve Wynn Opens (Someone Else's) Casino" to be their big photo op. They got that, but Steve went off the script and acted the gentleman and let his wife take the first crack. The people who own the place aren't going to let a little something like that get in the way of the statement they wanted to make.

Slight, inoffensive deceptions like "loosest slots in town" is sort of a routine thing among the casino industry, and flat-out bullshit is what all marketing is about. There's enough meat in the story to make it worth a blog post as far as town scuttlebutt goes, but it's not important enough to hold people's feet to the fire over it. ("WHAT DID THE DICE SAY, MR. SCHORR?")

Could he see what he rolled?

What happened is not a major screw up for an opening along the lines of no cell service for customers some of the cell companies when Aria opened or the complete FUBAR that was the hotel side of things when Cosmo opened. This is a social media screw up that further shows the minefield that is social media. If you look at the majority of casino Twitter accounts and their Facebook pages, they work from a script so to speak (They tweet stuff like "Jane Doe of Pig's Knuckle, Arkansas just won $10,517 jackpot playing Super Duper Bonus Bonus Poker.", "Come see the Amazing Douchini perform amazing tricks nightly at 7:30." or "Hungry for surf and turf? Try tonight's $9.99 special at Sal Monella's".). When they have to go off script, some of the social media wonks simply can't do it and things go like they did last night. There's a reason why some properties have opted to let outsiders like local PR firms handle the social media accounts for their property. Some casinos had Twitter accounts and Facebook pages that were collecting dust until they hired outside help to run them. Others seem to use Twitter programs that automatically tweet for them at certain times, which is the lazy way to do social media. Then you have resorts like Cosmo where the bulk of their social media postings are unrelated to the resort at all, especially their Twitter feed.

The social media age is still rather new when it comes to new casino openings, as there have been so few in recent years. Encore was the first opening of the social media era, although casinos had really yet to embrace Twitter and Facebook. The opening of Aria saw even more social media involved as Twitter and Facebook has started to become popular, but casinos were still a bit slow to embrace it. Cosmo really was the first casino opening that relied on a lot of social media as by 2010, Twitter and Facebook presence was not only expected, but practically mandatory for companies.

jimmybond has good eyes. The dice in the photo are showing a seven as they tumble through the air. That may not sit well with many of the craps players out there.

Hasn't it been extensively reported that Steve-O lost 5 grand? But couldn't they have made up a number?


"Wynn allowed his British wife to take the first tosses. Her first roll was an eight. "

@Dave202, More info: LVRJ says that Wynn and Downtown Grand CEO's father Marc Schorr were each given $5000, and "Like most visitors to a casino, the two longtime friends gambled away $10,000 in about 15 minutes"

Additionally, the article says that Wynn's craps bet was $200. So that accounts for the first $200 of the $5k losses if Andrea established the point as 8 and then Steve sevened out. :)


after the picture was taken Wynn poked a hole in the abdomen of the dice shooter, who was taken to the hospital for a patch job.

Looks like there's at least a grand on the pass line....

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