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VegasEats: VIMFPTUCKY Fried Chicken and Waffles at The D Grill

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 25th October 2013 12:33pm
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As stated in the VegasEats review of the Fivehundog, we pitched to our hosts at the D the idea of having a secret menu item at two of their restaurants, American Coney and the D Grill during VIMFP weekend. The idea was to somehow create a community dining experience where VIMFP-ers would - virtually, over the course of the weekend - share a meal together without having organize a giant long table catered affair for 250+ people.

We designed two dishes specifically for VIMFP-ers. In addition to the aforementioned Fivehundog, we created VIMFPTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN & WAFFLES, to be served at the D Grill, steps away from the madness that was our signature private Sigma Derby tournament - The 777th Running of The VIMFPTUCKY DERBY

The VIMFPTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN and WAFFLES was also a resounding success, thanks to VIMFP-ers and another lovely sign placed at the entrance to the D Grill. VFC&W - a soul food classic - is a divine explosion of crunchy, crispy, fatty, sweet and savory beyond beyond description... a perfect way to turn your hangover around.

Vegas Eats - VIMFPTUCKY Fried Chicken at The D Grill

I sampled the VIMFPTUCKY Fried Chicken & Waffles on Saturday morning, limping into The D Grill exhausted and liver damaged from the previous evening's boozeplosion. Due to the complexity of making fried chicken and waffles to order, each plate of VFC&W takes about 20 minutes to prepare. The plate arrived with a half-chicken, and full belgian waffle cut into quarters and lightly dusted with powdered sugar. The waffles were covered with copious amounts of whipped butter and soaked in hot maple syrup. Incredible.

The chicken was coated and cooked perfectly - crispy, spicy, buttermilk breading that perfectly adhered to the fatty chicken skin turning it into a soul igniting flavor bomb. Waffles were crispy crunchy on the outside and steamy creamy on the inside - perfection and literally finger lickin' good.

Due to the amount of time it takes to make the VIMFPTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN & WAFFLES, they will not be a permanent item on the menu, however if you ask your server with a wink and a smile, there's a pretty good chance they'll make it for you anyway.

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Comments & Discussion:

Damn wish I had tried them.

Thank you for coming Lar! Great to see you again.

Thanks Chuck. I did have the pulled pork sandwich at the grill and it was excellent.

I took an order of vfc&w up to Misnomer's fabulous suite at The D for a meal with a distinguished crowd of VIMFPers. I must say that the chicken was excellent -- hot, crispy, juicy, well-seasoned, everything you'd want in fried chicken. The waffles, however, were a bit soggy. It should be noted that I was a bit soggy myself, having started the day at DuPar's with an orgy of gravy and Canadians.

Bit of an update, it appears that a recent update to the menu at The D Grill sees the inclusion of chicken and waffles to the menu.


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