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VegasEats: The Fivehundog at American Coney Island at The D

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 24th October 2013 1:49pm
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As part of VIMFP, we pitched to our hosts at the D the idea of having a secret menu item at two of their restaurants, American Coney Island and the D Grill. The idea was to somehow create a community dining experience where VIMFP-ers would - virtually, over the course of the weekend - share a meal together without having organize a giant long table catered affair for 250+ people.

We designed two dishes specifically for VIMFP-ers. One of these items, the Fivehundog, named in tribute to our friends Five Hyundai By Midnight, consisted of two soft snap dogs slid inside of one bun, topped with famous American Coney chili and onions plus any other add-ons requested by the guest.

Vegas Eats - Fivehundog at American Coney

The Fivehundog proved to be a resounding success, partly thanks to the spiffy sign they placed on the counter (nice graphics! they spelled Fivehundog wrong!) and the ravenously hungry throngs of VIMFP attendees eager to slide a greased up symbol of their FHBM love down their throats.

I sampled the Fivehundog late Friday night, in a drunk raid on American Coney Island along with Misnomer, Donnymac66, Spyder, Vespajet and the Admiral. We all ordered the Fivehundog.

Vegas Eats - Fivehundog at American Coney

The Fivehundog is a sloppy mess. They serve it in an oblong styrofoam container with a plastic fork. Using a fork only makes matters worse - the dogs slide around in the chili lubricated bun, threatening to torpedo towards your friends or Fremont Street. As Misnomer noted to me while we were both mid chomp, having two dogs in one bun sets the ratio off.

If you're drunk, it tastes great. I've eaten thousands of hot dogs, from dogs on the streets of my hometown of New York City to baseball parks, backyards and campgrounds all across this great land. I've had crunchy dogs and dirty water snap dogs... I've never had a chewy skin partial snap dog. I'll be honest, it was a little weird, but after the first four bites I got used to it making the conscious decision to thoroughly bite through the dog. Perhaps this is why people from Detroit have such sharp teeth. Who knows.

There is talk that the Fivehundog will remain on the menu until at least Halloween, so if you're in the neighborhood... keep VIMFP alive and go get one!

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Comments & Discussion:

Looks like a great meal--if it's still there in December, will be sure to check it out, since it now has the Chuckmonster™ Seal of Approval!!

It was epic and messy, but helped avoid what would have otherwise certainly been painful hangovers!

Who did those graphics? Chris?

Hehe 2 wieners

Perfect late-night noshing.

I'm getting gas just looking at it.

What was the other dish that was designed? Did they offer it?

i would have eaten one of thses but my stomach would have never forgiven me.

The other special food was chicken and waffles at the D Grill. Also very good.

Could have had one with an Immodium I guess since Walgreen's was just down the way.

I went to American Coney on Saturday, November 2 and I could not get one, being told only that the Five Hundog was no longer available. By Monday, November 4, Mario at the counter said they were promotional only, as it "prevented the sale of two dogs".

Which was about right, because both times I ended up buying two Coney Dogs.

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