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MGM Holds A Garage Sale

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 24th October 2013 11:26am
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Hot on the heels of Caesars Entertainments's epic sale of junk, trash and collectables, MGM Resorts International is having their very own garage sale. Looking at the catalog of items is a study in the difference between Caesars and MGM corporate culture, hotel product and attitudes towards maintenance, organization and cleanliness.

Whereas the recent Caesars sale consisted of heaps, mounds, piles and areas of nonsensically organized crap, the MGM sale contains clean items, neatly arranged and organized.

Need some Lampshades? How about a nice metal light fixture? Or maybe something original from Bellagio? Perhaps a two, new in box flat panel TVs? An array of office chairs? Or a hand carved trunk? Or perhaps a dish cart with service for 400

Therein, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International.

Big thanks to VT superfriend @stevefriess for the tweet tip.


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oh shit. did anybody notice page 3 on that website? it's stuff from encore. i can finally get that pai gow tiles table that wynncore took out to make way for surrender and ebc. you know back when people built casinos where people actually went there to gamble and not to go clubbing.

i think that was from last years garage sale. still awesome. wish i got some of those parasol design plates.

Superfriend, indeed.

Wow, stuff people might actually want, as opposed to stuff that should have been taken directly to the dump. Very interesting.

You totally forgot the real WTF item in that auction:


.....is that one of the things that lowers down from the ceilign in "O"?

"Therein, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International."

I get what Chuckmonster is saying here, but the cynic in me says what it also shows is MGM spends recklessly, buying (expensive) stuff then barely or never using it (there are a lot of "new-in-box" or close to it items in that catalogue). No...I'm not talking about CityCenter.

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