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Vegas Fun Facts: Grandissimo Edition

By Misnomer on Friday, 11th October 2013 2:30pm
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In honor of the October 19th release of Gradissimo: The First Emperor of Las Vegas, a book by our friend Dr. David G. Schwartz, we present the following fun facts about the life and times of the book's subject, Jay Sarno, who built Caesars Palace and Circus Circus, and inspired modern Las Vegas. As always, we cannot attest to the veracity of any of the following.

Jay Sarno grew up in St. Joseph, Missouri, the nation's leading producer of quilts. In a nod to his hometown, Sarno had all of the beds at Caesars Palace covered in beautiful, storytelling quilts, each depicting the slaughter of Christians at the Roman Colosseum.

Although Rome wasn't built in a day, Caesars Palace was completed in a record 17 hours.

You may have noticed that there is no apostrophe in "Circus Circus". The omission is intentional, as Sarno believed the circus belonged to no one man. Inside Circus Circus, everyone is a circus monkey.

Though generally kind to all people, Sarno despised French Canadian women, having once lost a knife fight to a Montreal prostitute. Sarno vowed that no Franco-Canadian woman would ever be permitted within the walls of Caesars Palace.

While not the originator of the Las Vegas buffet, Sarno greatly improved it by adding tongs.

When it first opened, Circus Circus was a casino-only property. Not long thereafter, the IBEC (International Brotherhood of Evil Clowns) threatened to picket if beds were not added for them to hide under, so a hotel was constructed on the premises.

The fountains outside of Caesars Palace measure 140-feet wide.

A notorious gambler, Jay Sarno once bet a man $20,000 he could not jump a motorcycle across the 135-feet wide fountains outside of Caesars Palace.

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Comments & Discussion:

I think there was a pallet of those quilts for sale at the Ceasars auction, it was being sold with some surplus Nobu tower toilet paper holders and a laundry hamper filled with old Ceasars Magical Empire bus boy uniforms.

Once again Chuckmonster's great wit over steps it's bounds. You should have never posted Misnomer's trashing of Jay Sarno on the same day of your "good buddy"'s launch of the eBook. The book is awesome. Misnomer is average in his humor, at best.

I'm guessing that like Chuck and 99% of the readers and staff here at VT, Dr. Dave finds this post in good humor and fun. Relax man, if you're stressed that a post here isn't funny you're not getting the point of said post.

Kudos 'Nope. Can't wait to see if I can pay you $20 to jump over a fountain next weekend.

I'm not stressed really, I just don't see the point of the post. It's a great book.

The post is satire. That is its point.

Right. And I don't see the point of posting a satire piece the same day as the release.

Sometimes imitation and farce can be the sincerest form of flattery. And that's where I'll leave this. Remember, CBS Cares.

@slimmy216 Lighten up Francis!

Thanks, Slimmy, for the kind words about the book--I'm glad you like it.

As the author, I'll say that I appreciate this post--and I especially appreciate the link to the book site. The fact that I've got people who like Las Vegas reading about Jay Sarno a mere two clicks from ordering or downloading a book is welcome news, trust me.

Also, Misnomer has been a huge supporter of the book from day one.

Have I mentioned that you're just two clicks away from buying the book?

Two clicks away from buying got me in trouble yesterday at the Caesars auction...what am I going to do with a pallet of used showerheads?

Build your own version of the Caesars Palace fountains? ;)

I hear Winn Cambodia needs a new fountain show?

vespajet...sadly, I don't have the land necessary...
blackjacker1979...do you have a contact? I really didn't think my bid would win...I'll re-sell 'em cheap!

I bought the book for the record.....before I posted here . I'm done with the book in 25 hours. Awesome read!

Thanks for buying it--glad it was a good read. If you have the time, I'd greatly appreciate your leaving a review on Amazon (or wherever you got it). Without a big marketing budget or support from a major publisher, word-of-mouth is pretty much all I can rely on to let people know this book is worth their $5.99 (or %18.95 if they prefer print).

"While not the originator of the Las Vegas buffet, Sarno greatly improved it by adding tongs."

Awwwwww, I was hoping that would be "thongs"

Slimmy if you need any assistance with dealing with a differing opinion than those on here...contact me...as it can be very frustrating...

Wait, this is satire? So the fountains aren't 140 feet wide? :-D

I found the post to be funny but the evil clowns under beds part is messed up.

Toga Toga

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