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Cosmopolitan To Open Rose. Rabbit. Lie. Social Club

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 5th September 2013 10:00am
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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas announced that it will be opening a new social club called Rose. Rabbit. Lie. in December 2013.

Rose. Rabbit. Lie., perhaps one of the most esoteric names of anything in Las Vegas, aims to be a new fourth stream of nightlife - part dining, part entertainment, part nightclub - wrapped up as a participatory 'hang out.'

CEO John Unwin gave out some typically cryptic quotes with the release, which you can read in their entirety here. Here's a sample platter:

From these notions of social clubs in days past, I imagined a place where people could spend the evening, carry on a conversation and see live entertainment. It's a little more sophistication and a little more required of the customer than just buying a bottle or watching a 90-minute show.

Ok, I'm with you...

Guests are surrounded by the evening and become part of the experience the moment they arrive. There's a storytelling element to all of this, as in, 'You had to be there.' It's an intangible, like putting together a great party.

Oh. Right. So you're mounting a fake party in a highly stylized setting like a movie set with video projections and other arty stuff framing entertainment provided by Cirque like actors/acrobats walking around miming vague stories creating a subtle weave of plot lines while music is performed as we sit around on comfy couches slurping down signature cocktails and small plates? I get it now!

The Rose. Rabbit. Lie. trademark says:

Entertainment services, namely, production and presentation of theatrical performances featuring artistry, comedy, acrobatics and dance accompanied by music; live music concerts; nightclubs


There is no location yet, but our guess is it will be adjacent to the forthcoming Chelsea Theatre over by the Wicked Spoon.

Thanks to VT super ferret Mac78130 for the tip.


Comments & Discussion:

Well, at least it won't be reminiscent of a glass factory in the former Soviet Bloc. I hope.

5, 4, 3, 2 .....

The new Light nightclub over at MBay must be taking some of Marquee's biz

At least there will be somewhere for the Act crowd looking for a 'performance' to go if Venetian gets that shut down.

...and BINGO

I want pentagram candles and cocktails crafted of leather. I want bondage and beak-noses. And black beastly makeup and tightly-sinched dominatrics deities all down a dark, dank hallway.

Sooo... It's a murder mystery party... Without the murder mystery.

Or are they going for the whole "Eyes Wide Shut" vibe?

Eyes Wide Shut minus Tom Cruise I hope. Eck.
I like the name. I like the concept of it. Maybe it will turn out to be somewhere decent to just chill.

What CEO John Unwin really meant (Additions are in ALL SCREAMING CAPS:

MARKS ER.... Guests are surrounded by the LADIES OF THE evening and become part of the experience the moment they arrive WHEN WE STRIP EACH GUEST OF $50. There's a storytelling element to all of this, as in, 'You had to be there, IN ORDER TO GET DRUNK, HUSTLED, AND SPAT OUT ON THE STRIP WITHOUT ANY MONEY LEFT AND WITH AN STD' It's an intangible, like putting together a great party, OR BEING PART OF A MILEY CYRUS VIDEO WITH A BUNCH OF MOLLY AND WATERED DOWN BOOZE.

Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic???

.........da hell? Were the ytripping on Molly when the ycame up with that name?

I think they should have called it "Break Some Eggs". Then maybe more of that commercial would make sense.

I assume the name came from Unwin tripping out on magic mushrooms?

A comment on the VegasChatter article about the club says that "the producers of Absinthe are involved in this". If that's true then the place just got more interesting for me.

New adventures in flattering and pandering to the terminally self-absorbed while picking their pockets clean. I'm impressed. I know already that I'm not worthy of admission.

I'm going to open up a new club called Fart. Waft. Profit.

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