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View From Inside the Bellagio Cupola

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 21st August 2013 5:32pm
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I've often wondered how the hell one gets oneself into the cupola at Bellagio. Yknow, this thing.

And not just physically - which secret doors lead to which stairways etc. - but morally. As in "who do I have to blow to get into Bellagio's cupola, hopefully before I die, preferably at night - not the death - but the being in the cupola."

Forbes scribe Michael Venables managed to get up there as part of researching (or not) his article Las Vegas Is Building The World's Largest Observation Wheel On The Las Vegas Strip.

I'm pretty amazed at the scale of the rotunda walls in the photo and secondarily the progress being made on Loveman's Tilt-a-Whirl. This isn't a view you get to see very often. Obscured, but still awesome.

So, how do I get up there?

Big thanks to VT superfriend JohnD for the tweet tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

How'd he get in there? That's the bigger story than the LINQ story, which is basically just a retread.

On a side note...is there a completion date for the Linq?

phases. mall in the fall, the tilt-a-whirl in early 2014

Still can't figure out how he got in there. Why would MGM cooperate with Forbes for a story on the Linq? I could see it if he'd been writing about The Park.

Look at the cracks. 15 years have taken their toll on Bellagio.

I don't think even M-Life Onyx members get up there...

But that's gotta be a misprint...
I've made that shot through the pylons from my room before but only because I'm behind glass and couldn't shoot over them.

If it was really the cupola that should be open air and he should've been able to photograph over it. Unless he was doing it to brag that he was in the cupola and you're not...

Photographer was kneeling and shooting through the waist-high fence. People are actually about this big in there:

From the article: "soon to become Las Vegas’s first pedestrian-only, open-air retail, dining and entertainment district."

What is downtown Las Vegas considered? Is this just because there won't be casinos in and amongst the shops and restaurants?

If we're splitting hairs, I'd say that Fremont is open air casino/booze entertainment sprinkled with tourist trinket shops. Linq is "dignified." Or whatever.

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