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The Downtown Grand : Queen Room

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 20th August 2013 5:24pm
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Downtown Grand shared another rendering of their room product via their Facebook joint the other day, this one is the Queen Room.

Downtown Grand Queen

The very green queen room features, you guessed it, dual queen beds, an arm chair with side table, combined desk/dresser and wall mounted table.

Wow... some of this furniture sure looks familiar. Are these more Fontainebleau remnants? Why yes, yes they are! The very same collection that made up the rooms in the renovated Plaza rooms - end tables, headboards, carpet and more. Adaptive re-use!

Downtown Grand Queen

What wasn't in the Plaza's re-use of Fontainbleauisms is this watercolor artwork which extends along the length of the room like one strip of horizontal wall paper. I've never seen this in a hotel room before.

Downtown Grand Queen

The night stand features an iDevice clock/dock, phone and a jade green lamp. Each bed contains four full sized and three decorative pillows...for a total of 14 armaments for your nightly pillow fight, not including the green throws.

Downtown Grand Queen

The queen features similar bamboo inspired stitching on the duvet and pillow cases. The thread matches the brainy bolster.

Downtown Grand Queen

The desk features a plate of pistachios, 40" HD tv, Eames Aluminum knock off and an Ikea inspired dresser. Experience tells us that the devices and plant vases are never in the room. The pistachios better.

Downtown Grand Queen

The chair in the back does not appear to be from the Fontainebleau collection. The upholstery pattern appears to be complimentary to the green bed throws. Neat.

Downtown Grand did a nice job incorporating stuff from Uncle Carl's Garage Sale into a simple, modern, clean concept. I'm unsure about the strip of watercolor wallpaper, perhaps it works in person. We will know soon enough.

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I like everything but the chair. It looks like something in my grandma's house

i think I sat in that green chair once

I hope this lives up to expectations. I think the room products look terrific; prefer the red more.

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