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The Downtown Grand

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 13th August 2013 12:10pm
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Downtown Grand Logo

Downtown Grand, the forthcoming anchor tenant of dt3 sub-district in downtown Las Vegas, from is slated to open this fall. Owners Fifth Street Gaming has been casually inviting local media members to come check the joint out as they complete transformation of the former Lady Luck into a brand new destination resort in Downtown Las Vegas.

Fifth Street Gaming is led by CEO Seth Schorr, a name many of you may find familiar. Schorr who worked his way through the casino business under the tutelage of his father Marc Schorr, long time consigliere to Steve Wynn, recently retired. The younger Schorr worked many roles in the Wynn empire, Golden Nuggets, Mirage, Bellagio, Wynn, Laughlin, Vegas and Macau. His official biography states he left the gaming industry to work with a firm specializing in "asset recovery" and studied Chinese in college.

It seems that Seth Schorr's entire life has been in preparation for this very moment - youngster grows up watching and learning from his father, every night a different dinner table story about the inner workings of the world's greatest casino entrepreneur. Problems, solutions, anecdotes, pass the pepper. Naturally, the child enters the family business and works directly with the master along side his father. Seeking to spread his wings and seeking his own entry into the high priced ground floor of the casino industry, he engages in on-the-job MBA training focused on rehabilitating neglected assets for whom lady luck has left them to rot. Like, literally.

When it opens this fall, Downtown Grand will be the largest property in Fifth Street Gaming's portfolio, which including a cache of North Vegas casinos,the i &heart; Burgers and Lobster ME eateries at Planet Hollywood and a smattering of chain franchises.

Recently, Downtown Grand released some room sample photos which perfectly demonstrate that Schorr didn't sleepwalk through his years in the Wynn organization. The photos appear to be straight from the Barbra Kraft school of hotel photography, Wynn's go-to resort photographer. The room is spotless, meticulously arranged and lit to highlight details, create perspective and enhance scale.

Downtown Grand Kingsuite

It is also obvious that spending days and nights surrounded by gorgeous Wynn interiors has informed the Downtown Grand's hotel room styling. Furnishings appear to be straight from the Roger Thomas collection, tilted ever so slightly towards Macanese edge of his spectrum.

Downtown Grand Dresser

The glossy two toned black and creme dresser is simply gorgeous with retro-luxurious gold fittings and vases. The C shaped floor lamp with solid base and large rectangular shade solves the omnipresent problem that is the floor lamp. They're always in the way, yet never where you need them.

Downtown Grand Seating

In the window, a glowing sunset fading behind a jewel bedecked, mountain silhouette cityscape. In the room, a pair of Thomasian chairs bisected by back lit bongo table. Is this the lost room design for Le Jardin or perhaps a resort room adjoining a circa 2006 Wynn Parlor Suite?

Downtown Grand Desk

The desk is sleek with curved x-frame legs, knock-off Eames Aluminum chair, matching square shade table lamp. Apple devices sold separately.

Downtown Grand Bedding

The bedding continues the Pantone perfection of this room design. With dead on matching of the patterned red throw and bamboo inspired, segmented stitching design on the duvet.

Downtown Grand Pillows

The bamboo stitching continues to the pillowcases which are accompanied by a sand stone colored bolster pillow whose pattern is the perfect compliment to the throw at the base of the bed. Details.

This room type pictured above is a "King Suite" a larger foot print outlier in Downtown Grand's room collection, only located in the corners of the West Tower. It is the only room floor plan to feature two chairs, most feature one chair.

Downtown Grand Rendering

Downtown Grand has two hotel towers, the East Tower and the West Tower. The East Tower sits atop the casino and contains 280 rooms spread across 13 floors numbered 5-18. There are approximately 22 rooms per floor with the exception being the 18th floor, which only has 16, including their Presidential Suite. The 18th floor is primarily reserved for casino marketing guests.

The West Tower is connected by a pedestrian bridge over 3rd Street and contains 354 rooms spread over 20 floors numbered 5-26. Like most hotels in the United States, there is no 13th floor in either hotel tower. The West Tower has approximately 18 rooms per floor with the exceptions being the 5th, 6th and 26th floors that contain 10 rooms and suites, primarily reserved for casino marketing. The 26th floor also contains a Presidential Suite.

The Downtown Grand has 22 accessible rooms, including seven containing wheelchair accessible showers and 15 for hearing impaired guests. Unfortunately, ice machines are not on every floor in the West tower, you'll find them on 7, 12, 15, 20, 23 and 25. Tidbits!

The rooms come in six flavors - Queen Room, King Room, Queen Suite, King Suite, Junior Suite and Presidential Suite. There are some layout differences between the East and West towers, the West Tower rooms are slightly larger.

Downtown Grand King Room Floorplan

King Room (256) - basic room with single king bed.

Downtown Grand Queen Room Floor Plan

Queen Room (257) - basic room with dual queen beds.

Downtown Grand King Suite Floor Plan

King Suite (76) - a 20% larger King bed room, adds a vanity and more livable space.

Queen Suite (2) - same as King Suite but with dual queen beds. There are only a two of these in the hotel.

Downtown Grand Junior Suite Floor Plan

Junior Suite (30) - double the size of the standard room with two full bathrooms, living room, bar, entertaining area on one side and a King bed bedroom on the other. This might be the perfect antidote to downtown's puny room problem.

Presidential Suite (2) - larger, multi-room suite located on the top floor of each hotel tower.

Classic, simple elegance. Could Downtown Grand be the Downtown joint Wynn lovers have been yearning for? It just very well may... but only if they offer exceptional in room dining, high quality service, attentive housekeeping and have the bathrooms to match.

This is exciting.

Learn more about Downtown Grand via Instagram, Facebook and @DowntownGrandLV on Twitter. CEO @sethschorr is also on Twitter but his account is locked down. Release the tweets!

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Comments & Discussion:

DTLV, ftw.

I really hope this joint is open when I get to Vegas September 25th. Not quite sure if they'll make it though.

I'm really excited -- it seems like they've really been considering the details: from the rooms to the restaurants and roof-top pool. Has there been any talk of a spa/fitness center?

Great overview, thank you.

@chrisrobbins1980 Their Facebook page is saying some time in October, but no set date has been announced.

I think the food options will be the best Downtown, some of the outlets would be right at home at Cosmo.

FYI.. Choicehotels.com is accepting reservations for as early as 10/27/2013. It is located under their Ascend collection.

Looks great. Hoping to stay here by the end of the year.

I have to admit I am impressed with what I have seen from Schorr, so far. Lisa and I went north on Las Vegas Blvd from downtown so's to check out his properties Opera House and Silver Nugget. Didn't stop, but they looked better from the street that I expected. We did stop at the Lucky Club, and were pleasantly at how nice it was. Not luxurious, but probably the best property in it's market area. It is a very working class area, with lots of truckers, due to it's being next to the interstate. But it was clean, with the latest slot machines, a nice table game and sports betting areas. One of the patrons there raved about the coffee shop, and we learned that he was right. Good grub.
My point being that he is not mailing in his first casino ownership opportunities. He has provided a top notch experience for his market and I expect he will continue to do so at the Downtown Grand.

The Mob Bar, which is a DT3 property, should be moving from across Third Street into the Grand at some point. It's a place to get a good cocktail now. I can't wait to see its latest iteration.

This looks very cool; hope it is open by the time I am there or close to it.

I swear every damn hotel has that same chair design now and the wheels never work.

Can't wait. The pool deck looks especially inviting for a downtown property. Will definitely get the nod over Golden Nugget in my next visit.

Yeah, this REALLY reminds me of the Wynn Macau 1 bedroom suite (the bongo table... and the carpet pattern is the same as the carpet in the Wynn Macau suite I had). And the furnishings.

Very Wynn Macau, with enough red to approach Encore Macau (but thankfully not the same EYE GOUGING MAGENTA level of horror).

I like it!

Looks impressive! I wish them much success!!

I can't wait to check it out. I still have a Lady Luck T-shirt! I won't stay there right away but I'll play there if it's open this Oct.

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