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Ticket In Ticket Out

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 6th August 2013 2:29pm
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I generally try to obey the speed limits. And by generally, I mean staying within a +13% range of the posted limits. Once I hit the Nevada state line, all bets are off and I throw down the hammer and scream towards the wire.

Apparently, I'm not alone.

The Nevada Highway Patrol announced a 'zero tolerance policy' for drivers coming in from California. You break the law - any law - you're getting a ticket, and not one that you stick in a slot machine.

Interesting factoid... the average speed for vehicles pulled over on I-15 from Primm to The Strip is 95mph... 28% over the posted limit is 70. The 13% rule works!

Big thanks to Mr. Jackpots for the tip!

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on my trip to cali this weekend I saw several of the highway update signs displaying info that you were in a "zero tolerance" zone, I didn't see anyone pulled over, but it seems to me that they're stepping it up around the state line

THey had the zero tolerance signs up in May when we returned from our honeymoon and traffic was still moving very briskly,

Damn, I do 95 in Virginia, I'd have a chance of going to jail!

I'm always around 125ish on the highways, I never get tickets.....


wait, I'm in KPH......

sounds cool though doesn't it!!

For highways, I've heard that NC troopers have this saying:
"Nine and you're fine; ten and you're mine."

So I do 74 in a 65.

The sensible thing to do is raise the speed limit to 100.
There is nothing between Barstow and Las Vegas. People drive that fast anyway, just allow everyone to do it instead of a few trying to pass old ladies driving 60.

never heard of 13% - i just use the square root rule. Pick th enumber fo the closest whole number square root to the speed limit and add it to the limit:
70 would be 64, so 70+8=78
55 would be 49 so 55+7=62


I turn it into a word problem. If I'm going 95 in the right lane with a 16 year old Vietnamese prostitute in the trunk, how much will it cost to replace the Goodyear Run-flats after I hit the spike strips? Wait, what was the question again?

From personal experience 10 years ago upper 90's was a $1000 and some indelible marks on insurance. It was going north on 15 where Baker comes into sight. The speedo just crept away in a big rental car.

I think everybody adds 20MPH to their speed once they hit Primm. On one of my recent trips, I noticed about 5 or 6 Highway Patrols a few miles from the strip exits on the side of the road, I thought it was construction or something...nope, they were just pulling over practically everyone on the freeway. They got me, too. I was probably doing 78. Down $300+ before I even hit a casino.

NHP almost exclusively hangs out in these little breaks in the center dividers, parking their cars parallel to north and south bounds with radar detectors at the ready. There's several of these breaks:


I speed, but almost always lay off the gas and gently apply the breaks when one of these are in sight. In one case, the car behind me got angry that I slowed to lower 80s, changed his lane, gunned it, and got busted. Noob.

*brakes, obviously.

Yeah if you see braking for no good reason, don't be a wiseass and try to win. Assess the situation. He may have a radar detector and know more than you. Or like @MikeE just be wise to the experience and think. FYI midrange detectors give just enough time to brake. Like literally 5-15 seconds. Valentine One's and Escort 9500's & etc I have heard gives up to a mile so 45-60 seconds depending on speed and range factors. Keep eyes out for high beam flashers as those I have seen were supposed to mean speed traps... this is dumb of the new regulations. Let's have CA not give business to Nevada anymore.. nice one "lawmakers"...

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