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Casino Music: Beats on Repeat

By Misnomer on Friday, 26th July 2013 2:52pm
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A casino's house music is nearly as important to its atmosphere as is its decor. Whether socializing at a center bar, or gaming at the tables, the music that a casino pipes in is the soundtrack to a casino-goers time there. But certain casinos have a few songs that make their playlists quite often, and they're not shy about repeating them again and again. Here are some songs heard on the reg, and the casinos that overplay them.

"I Remember" - deadmau5 featuring Kaskade

Where You'll Hear It - Encore
What You'll Be Doing - Playing video poker.
Time Between Replays - 2.5 hours
"I remember," sings the young ingenue in this trance inducing favorite played at Encore. Lest we forget, she repeats the line seven times. You'll recall her remembrances, then you'll reminisce about her recollections.

"Love Letter to Japan" - The Bird and the Bee

Where You'll Hear It - Cosmopolitan
What You'll Be Doing - Playing "spot the working girl" at Vesper.
Time Between Replays - 4 hours
This song makes you feel smart. It's multilingual, and it's about the Allied reconstruction effort in Japan, post WWII. I could be wrong about that part. But it's a groovy tune to listen to while sipping a muddled sugar beet and ginger beer cocktail and watching a conventioneer with a lanyard ID that says "Doug Kosikowski" tell a hooker named Mandy that his name is "Bob". Her real name is Mandy.

"White Wedding" - Billy Idol

Where You'll Hear It - Hard Rock
What You'll Be Doing - Walking Hard Rock's circle track.
Time Between Replays - 7 track revolutions
Here's a fun fact: If you walk into the Hard Rock on a nice day and "White Wedding" is playing, make a left and begin walking the circular outer pathway in a clockwise direction. As you complete your seventh revolution, "White Wedding" will staaaaart agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! Wooooow!

"It's Five O' Clock Somewhere" - Alan Jackson featuring Jimmy Buffet

Where You'll Hear It - Flamingo's Margaritaville Casino
What You'll Be Doing - Trying to find your lost shaker of salt, and a moist towelette.
Time Between Replays - 3 boat drinks
Everything in the Margaritaville Casino is covered with sticky lime juice. The slots, the chips, the limes - everything. So don't stick your fingers in your ears when you hear this song, or they might get stuck. Then you'd have to drink your margarita with a straw, and that's bad form.

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Nicely done! We noticed on the last trip that the casino house music repeats itself. (at MGM Grand & at Flamingo) Wonder who makes the playlist at these joints?

I actually began my much-belated love affair with Led Zeppelin because of Cosmo. The day after their opening, I was super-hungover. I woke up, walked around the convention area, made my way to the Wicked Spoon buffet, ran to the bathroom adjacent to entrance and barfed for what seemed like five solid minutes to "Good Times Bad Times." It was a magical musical moment.

I noticed the last time I was at Wynn/Encore, they have seriously changed the type of music they used to pipe in. It used to be this almost non-descript but very pleasant, low-key beat, sometimes with woman singing stuff that you'd never really heard of. I must say that I REALLY liked that music -- both at the pool and in the casino. Now, they play mostly tunes that you know, and I don't like it as much. It isn't as unique. Bring back the old music!

Your posts always make me laugh. Great stuff.

on my last trip, Blackjacker and I had a late night session at IP for some blackjack, near there party pit, they didn't have a lot of variety but one of the highlights is the pit boss took our requests for some of the songs.

The Golden Gate uses XM/Sirus and alternates between the 70s and 80s channels during the day..and switches at night to dance or Top 40..

I finally downloaded Rihanna's ''We Fell in Love (in a Hopeless Place) after hearing it all day at Mohegan Sun one night about every three hours..

That pit boss was nuts. And also played some nutty stuff at request. I think we threw the IP crowd for a bit of a loop.

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