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Vdara Goes Pet Friendly

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 24th July 2013 5:29pm
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Vdara, the hotel attached to the walkway from Aria to Bellagio, is now accepting pets. The new program, launched earlier this week is called Vdog. No I'm not kidding.

They even have a logo.

Cost: $50 per night fee plus a $75 cleaning fee.

1 dog < 70lbs
2 dogs <= 70lbs
Dog Amenity Upon Arrival
In-Suite Dog Dining Menu Available for Additional Fees
Eco-Friendly Dog Bowls Available Upon Request
Crates Available Upon Request
24-Hour Dog Park Access with Walking Path


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Comments & Discussion:

Why would i want to share a floor with a dog that is going to whine all night since it is in a strange place?

I have to say, this pet thing drives me more crazy then the people with kids. I will reluctently agree that there are a few kid friendly things on the strip to see/do, but there is nothing anywhere that is at all pet friendly about the strip. During my trip last week there were people with their little shit dogs in the giant crowds of drunks yelling at people to watch where they were walking. I agree you shouldn't step on the dog, but really, just leave it at home.

The dog park is a nicely manicured space, believe it or not. May even be twice the size of the much ballyhooed pocket pussy.

Yes, yes, yes coybotjr. A 1000x yes. It hasn't happened -- yet -- but I'm dreading the day in Vegas when I'm trying to sleep away a hangover with a fucking dog yipping next door. That day is coming.

I was under the impression that the pet-friendly floors were the low ones, with crappy views. If I'm gonna pay $100 for a hotel room, I'm willing to schedule around not getting stuck on a low floor. Next to a yippy dog.

And as for dogs on the strip -- if someone was walking around a dense pedestrian area with their 2-year old stumbling around next to them, (1) some poor drunk would get arrested for manslaughter, and (2) the parents would get arrested for child endangerment. Stick the kid on a leash, give it more hair, and make it walk on all fours, and the laws change but the math doesn't.

If i wanted to take young kids to Vegas, I'd stay off strip. Way off strip. And if I couldn't afford a kennel for 3 days, I doubt I'd be staying at Vdara and paying an extra $75/night. And if I had one of those yippy little shits that fits in a purse, I'd have shot myself in the face by now. I guess, good for them? Because at least they won't be at my hotel.

Will our furry friends be forced to pay a $28 resort fee as well?

I would hope that the pet owners do not get balcony rooms or I can forsee one taking a walk over and down if there are opening in the rails

Vdara doesn't have balconies.

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