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Tropicana Closes Bagatelle, Sparks Up The Havana

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 24th July 2013 10:33am
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The Tropicana has jumped ship on Bagatelle restaurant and dayclub. Bagatelle, a partnership with The One Group (owners of Cosmopolitan's STK vibe steakhouse), was The Tropicana's third attempt to crack the bottle service nut on the shores of their famously gorgeous pool and deep pool. Previous attempts included the uber hyped Nikki Beach and a half assed interim solution called RPM Nightclub. The new club will be called "Havana Room and Beach Club."

The One Group and Tropicana are doing their best to put a brave face on this catastrophic failure by stating that the club is going to "go private" for events and bookings. Kind of reminds me of when Wynn Las Vegas closed their Michelin starred restaurant Alex to turn it into a wedding reception room... minus the fact that Alex was successful, of course.

It is worth rereading the comments in our original post on Bagatelle in March 2012... specifically the fantastic comment by VT superfriend donnymac66:

[Tropicana's owners] need to recognize that they are a mid-range property that should compete with Harrah's, Paris, Treasure Island, Ballys, Luxor, Monte Carlo, etc and try to attract the crowd that hangs at Cosmopoolitan, Bellagio, Wynn, Hard Rock, Palms, Mirage, Caesars, etc. There is lots of demand for a real solid mid-market hotel with great dining, good gaming odds and a kick ass pool that has a fun, upbeat party atmosphere without being a "dayclub". The thought that the pool and property can compete with Encore Beach Club, Wet Republic, etc is very misguided. So much potential at the trop if they could just realize and embrace what they are and the crowd that is attracted to them.

Can you imagine if Tropicana actually marketed their pool as an antidote to the dayclub chaos? Imagine a split billboard, one side is the greasy day club throng, the other side a serene beach scene with the words "Kiddie Pool : Adult Pool" under each photo. Never happen, but boy would it be fun.

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Comments & Discussion:

In the earlier piece, I predicted it lasting no later than Labor Day and that if it were still open by the time VIMFP rolled around, it would be a damned miracle.

This is now the fourth name in two years to be put on this idea and it still hasn't sunk in with management that changing the name isn't going to get the crowd they want to go there. They just don't want to admit failure and that doesn't bode well for the property long-term. Some folks need a "come to Jesus" moment and fast. Trying to compete with the pool complexes at MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay is just tossing money down the drain.

Looking at the pool party picture and I all I can think is "So...much..pee." People drink in the pool all day and don't get out.
I like clubs. I like music (rock and oontz music). I like drinking. I LOVE partying. Everything about a pool party should appeal to me but it doesn't. I'd honestly rather rent a cabana at the regular pool and get shit faced and have a cabana where I can take a "drunk in the middle of the day" nap.

I so want to like the Tropicana. (I've gambled a couple times AND stayed there after its recent overhaul.) It's a beautiful property, it still sticks pretty close to its theme and it even smells nice.

As its own island amid a sea of MGM, The Tropicana could infuse some good energy by removing the resort fee and marketing the beejeezus out of that.

But the Mob Museum, a too-brief poker room and a revolving door of entertainment headliners leave me scratching my head about management's decisions.

And that's before the "DayClub" mess, which is a sad, repeating punchline now.

They should just give up on the entire idea and make the area what is is-a pool for the guests to enjoy. I like the Trop and stay there when I go but the constant attempts at trying to appeal to an audience/clientele that has no interest in staying there makes you wonder who is running the place. Market the place as an alternative to trendy and stop trying to make it a cool place for the dirtbags to come to. I will say this for the Trop it is the only place a hooker called me from behind to get my attention in full view of the guards.

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