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The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas: Misfit Right In Advertisement

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 22nd July 2013 12:18pm
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Late last week, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas dropped its new television advertisement onto YouTube. There are two versions of virtually the same ad. The first is called "Misfit Right In" :

The second is called "The Wild Card" :

This is the third television campaign for Cosmopolitan, the first being the pre-opening video of "animals" taking over the hotel scored over "Spread Your Love" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club' and with the second a theft of the "Bohemian Rhapsody" joke from Wayne's World.

The third ad, under the slogan "Misfit Right In" features the track 'Original Don' by DJ of the hour Major Lazer. The video can probably be best described as flipping through a teenage girl's Pinterest or Instagram stream at high speed and curating bits of the stylized quote pics into a message stressing individuality and freedom - a meta-moving Pinterest advertisement.

There are no shots of the hotel or mention of anything hotel or Las Vegas (save a quick flash of an Ace of clubs and a flickering keyhole) until the Cosmopolitan logo and "Right Amount of Wrong" slogan appears at the end.

The advertisement isn't selling the hotel to the guest. It is about connecting the hotel with a specific nexus of abandon and responsibility - specifically, the universal clash of teenage exuberance and responsible early adult hood where the manchild gets its first paychecks yet hasn't realized that party is over. Of course, the party never ends, at least if you don't want it to. This is where the Cosmopolitan is trying to wedge itself into your brain... whether you are 22 going on 28, 35 going on 41 or 50 going on 65.

Cute, like the return of day glo sunglass frames... but it doesn't make me want to stay there.

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Comments & Discussion:

Makes me want to puke! (And I like the Cosmo!)

This is the kind of ad someone would make if "results" or "hotel occupancy" or "generating interest" weren't among its goals.

I don't hate the ad from a visual standpoint. It grabs me by the eyeballs and the earlobes.

But echoing everyone else, it doesn't seem to market the property very well. And that's a big problem because there are a lot of "cosmos" out there to sow confusion, including the magazine and the drink.

Maybe it's just me, but the second ad seems to be a little more LGBT-focused, while the first ad markets to more to the straight crowd. If so, that **is** a good marketing move, but that's about the only one I see.

I found it strange that these ads showed up every commercial break this weekend during the British Open. Investment banks, Rolexes, Infiniti SUVs, and the Cosmo. It definitely stood out from the rest -- couldn't tell you if they hit the right demographic though.

AndyA, it would seem like that wouldn't be the ideal place to show this ad. I feel like the demographic this appeals to is the younger crowd that isn't watching golf on Sat and Sunday mornings. I'm mid 20s and liked the ad, but I'm pretty sure my father wouldn't. Why not make an ad that exudes luxury to align a bit better with the other golf commercials?

They're back to doing a great job building their unique brand and selling the Cosmo attitude. "Misfit right in" is just a terrific concept. I could quibble over the graphics and music but hell, I'm not part of the crowd they're trying to reach. I give it a thumbs-up.

For somebody that might not know much about Las Vegas but happens to see this commercial it would probably make more of a lasting impression than a commercial that touts it's rooms, players club, or restaurants. So when booking their Vegas trip the Cosmo name will stand out from the rest.

Also it's funny how in Cosmo's original commercials it only said "A unique luxury resort", now in these ads they added the word casino in there. Another similarity to what Revel is doing.

I preferred the "Elevator" ad between the Animals and Bohemian Rhapsody campaigns, mostly because of Parov Stelar's "Booty Swing". Scenes from this ad show up on their marquee frequently. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4TPTSLLT3c

not a big fan of the cosmo from the rinky dink casino to the rooms that remind me of bills saloon there comps suck and i would rather stay off strip , please stop sending me crappy comps Golden Nugget here I come .....

This campaign reeks of Revel's launch campaign, which just as mentioned here failed to capture what the resort really was and was also a flop. Do not like.

@Okie21, I agree with you. I'm young for your average British Open viewer, in my 30s, and the Cosmo ads did not make me want to take my clothes off, jump in the pool, pierce my nose, and misfit in. Why not something about their restaurants for the Baby Boomers watching? I'm guessing a lot of folks were watching and thinking "Get off my lawn with your stilettos and balloons and hippity hop."

The corresponding banners have taken over my VT pages!!!

I love the ads. Perfect countercultural market positioning. It suits the property and the target demographic perfectly.

That said, I won't gamble there without better rules and comps than MGM. But damn the food and booze are wonderful.

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