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From The Mailbag: How To Handle Hotel Room Theft

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 18th July 2013 12:22pm
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Every so often, we like to dip into our electronic satchel of digitized language and share some of it with you, the finest group of Las Vegas lunatics on earth, in the hopes of engaging in a little groupthink.

Today's email comes from Mr. C who asks:

While staying at [hotel name redacted] my brother in law had his watch and cash stolen out of his room. The [hotel name redacted] was SO difficult to work with. The police arrested the guy who broke into his room and its come out that he was an employee who had a master key and was breaking into several rooms.

Our vacation was ruined and filing police reports took up the bulk of our time. What course of action would you suggest we take with the hotel? It was their employee and their breach in security that screwed up our time there. Have you heard of this happening a lot at [hotel name redacted]? Any advice would be appreciated.

Mr C,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience.

You might be surprised how often employees breaking into hotel rooms and stealing guests belongings happens. I hear stories from folks like you once a week.

If I were you, I would keep in contact with the police department and hire a lawyer to draft a letter outlining the case including police reports, receipts (hotel, airfare) and whatever damages the lawyer suggests and ask them to make good on it. They'll probably balk and you'll have to sue them, upon which point they'll file a claim with insurance and a year later (after protracted arbitration) you'll get a check from them, unless you settle for a comped weekend, with meals and show tickets.

I'd love to hear from other VT readers who have had stuff stolen from their rooms, specifically the strategies you used to get the hotel to make good on your loss and what the process was like.

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Comments & Discussion:

I haven't had anything stolen, thankfully, but I use the in-room safe for everything I can fit in there (even disassembling my camera so it'll fit). I know the rooms, for the large part, are secure, but scumbags are gonna scumbag.

Mr. C, said there is more to the story. They raided the alleged burglars house and found the stolen goods. He was a hotel employee with a master key.


Interesting that this happened at the [hotel name retracted]… that's one way to have a trip ruined.

It's also interesting that [hotel redacted] LOVED publicizing worldwide how they're sticking it to a guest who damaged one of their rooms (to the tune of $100,000 -- why, that's justice!!) but then turn around and show a cold shoulder to another guest victimized by one of their own employees.

Have any of you had stuff stolen from your rooms at [hotel redacted] ???

Why redact the hotel when the name is in the TripAdvisor link above?

The link is in the comments and came after the story was posted.

Figures that it was at hotel-name-redacted, as that is DB central. Where else would you find people who would leave an expensive watch and lots of cash around in their room?

I had a $600 Jos A Bank jacket stolen from my room in a popular, new hotel on Fremont St. back in April. The hotel security was useless, but...luckily...the management was easily accessible and made it right. It was taken by a maid...don't know what the outcome with the employee was...but I was ultimately satisfied with the hotel's effort. That being said...yes...it took up a lot of time on the last two days of my trip and still required phone calls/emails even after my trip. No fun. The upside is that it was handled properly by management and I'm already booked at the same hotel for my nest trip.

How "safe" are the safes in those rooms? I had the good fortune to actually hit a jackpot a few trips back (not at [hotel-name-redacted]) and, while not a super large one, it was a large enough wad of bills that I didn't want to be carrying around.

I have never been robbed and keep all my valuables in the safe except my camera but only leave it out when I am in the room.

Wynn has been going downhill since the recession.
Unless you are a club kid dropping a few grand for a table or a whale they don't care about you anymore. This is evident by the declining maintenance standards, apathetic employees (not all but not cool for a 5 star hotel), amount of thefts reported (check TA), and non stop club noise bothering guests.

So were the items left out in the open, or were they IN the safe?
The article makes it appear that the thief had a master room key and (i guess) the guy left his watch and cash out in the open...which is a dumb move, because heck, even housekeeping comes into your room freely.

I once stayed at [hotel room redacted] a few [time frame redacted] back. I was able to hit a [payout redacted] while playing [game name redacted], so I called up [escort company name redacted] and had them send a [gender redacted] to my room. [gender redacted] took no time at all to [sexual act redacted] me, [sexual act redacted] my [body part redacted], [sexual act redacted] me silly, strap on a [sexual toy redacted] and [sexual act redacted] me, then made me shoot my [bodily fluid redatced] all over my [body part redacted] and [body part redacted].
Unfortunately, i didn't fare as well the following day when i ate at [restaurant name redacted]. About [time frame redacted] later, i had [bodily fluid redacted] and [bodily fluid redacted] shooting out of both [orifice names redacted]. I got the last laugh on the flight home, when i blew up [airline name redacted]'s bathroom with the world's worst [bodily fluid redacted].

I'll let you guys play mad-libs.

Steve Wynn said, "I’ll tell you about crime in my hotel – there won’t be any. And if anybody thinks there will be, let them say that to my face. We’ll have a debate." http://philadelphia.regionsbusiness.com/print-edition-news/qa-steve-wynn/

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