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The D's Rock and Roll Birthday Weekend

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 18th July 2013 11:56am
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The D announced today that they will be hosting a weekend of fist pumping rock n roll concerts to celebrate their 1st birthday from Thursday September 26-Saturday September 28.

Billed as "2nd Annual Grand Opening Celebration" the weekend includes concerts by Uncle Kracker (Thu) Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington (Fri) and Kid Rock (Sat). All concerts are FREE under the Fremont Street Canopy just outside of The D.

This is a very impressive line up. Of the three, I'm probably most interested to see Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington. STP's music has always had a slightly more progressive/psychedelic sensibility compared to the other popular bands of their era, yet they always managed to engage in solid songwriting. After reuniting recently with departed singer Scott Weiland, STP decided that they were better off without his nonsense (I agree) and engaged Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington as front man. This was their debut:

Since then, they've played a handful of shows, promised more and released single called "Out of Time."

Judging by the rates on The D's dynamically priced reservation system, interest must be high.

All those who placed their bets on Ted Nugent appearance, should hold on to their tickets until the end of the weekend, as history has proven that anything can happen at The D.


Comments & Discussion:

If I wanted a Ted Nugent appearance, I'd just eat more fiber.

STP and Kid Rock under the canopy? Impressive isn't the word. That is an amazing line-up for a free outdoor series.

Is it really free? Word has it that there are some tough looking sport coats standing out in front of the Golden Nuggett with their hands out saying "Hey, that'll be $5 bucks! Cough it up"

The high room prices are likely a result of the rooms that D has to be holding back for invited guests. Add to that it coincides with G2E, and you have the perfect storm for higher room rates.

Keep in mind that these FREE shows by major artists not only clog Fremont Street (been down there over the years during a number of them just by happenstance), but have been known to clog the parking garages and even the roads and freeways leading in (think Spaghetti Bowl Las Vegas -- look that phrase up on Wikipedia).

Not always... not for so-so 80's/90's bands... but for the likes of Kid Rock and similar... YES.

Get there early, get in front of the stage. Or as close as you can get outside the "invited area". (No sour grapes... I get the same invites).

I'm just saying... Get there early. Or... you'll be buying beers at Binion's and hoping to hear these bands from afar.

I had the foresight to book one of the suites at golden gate for that weekend back in April. Not really foresight, just found a good set of dates on the calendar my buddy and I could agree on. Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.... $540. I bet I could sell that room for a pretty penny now!!

A free show by Kid Rock? Damn, that's gonna choke downtown. Quite a haul by The D.

Going off of what the FSE Facebook page has stated (and referenced in the thread in the chit chit side of this site), the bulk of the area in front of that stage will be for guests of The D (The D is including passes to guests staying there during that time.) and there will be limited viewing areas for the general public. That being said, you know damn well it's going to be a massive clusterfuck on Fremont Street for these shows. There's probably going to be a lot of pissed off folks that thought that it would be like the other free concerts held there and they'd be able to grab a spot close to the railing that separates the VIP area from the general public. I wouldn't be surprised if some hotel guests that have zero interest in these concerts try to sell their passes for them.

I saw STP twice as a college aged kid and their shows were great. Playing small venues as they never really reached arena level. Then I saw them after Weiland came back at the new Joint at HR. that show left me severely disappointed. Weiland seemed to be channeling a wannabe Bowie throughout the show and it wasn't good. To the point I had to check that it was actually him on stage. Band sounded great and with new singer I would definitely recommend checking them out.

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