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You Can Judge A Book By Its Cover

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 17th July 2013 4:50pm
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Today, my copy of Dr. Dave's Roll The Bones - the one and only casino edition of the greatest book ever written this side of "Peanuts Anthology 2" and forthcoming "Shit My Sharknado Says" - arrived via a sweaty guy wearing a sweaty brown suit driving a non-airconditioned brown van.

Roll The Bones

This is the fourth copy of Roll The Bones I own. Being the biggest, largest, tallest and widest fan of Dr. Dave, I was honored when he asked me to help him figure out what the cover of Roll The Bones: Casino Edition would be.

I spent some time studying the current covers, in the hopes that we could design a cover that remained slightly true to the original, yet modernized and updated in focus from the European Renaissance to the dawn of the American empire.

RTB Craps

Dave sent me this photo... a candid shot of a craps table at the Sands, presumably during the height of Rat Pack cool. Every face tells a story. A string of grimacing gamblers, a curious onlooker, bouffant bettys in shiny dresses, an exhausted dealer and two box men deep in concentration. The point is 5.

Literally a snap shot of the casino experience which is as true now as it was the day it was taken. Simply incredible.

RTB Craps

The image - a scan of a forty five year old print - was in rough shape when it arrived.

RTB Craps

Look at all that stuff.

RTB Craps

Thousands of dust particles were removed one by one along with repairing numerous scratches, dents, divots, digiblips and other artifacts.

RTB Craps

The photo was then adjusted, color balanced, leveled and brightened.

RTB Craps

The photo was then sharpened ever so slightly to make the edges and details pop on a glossy printed cover.

In the bottom right of the cover are a stack of three 500 chips, designed to appear like they are sitting on top of the book.

Simpsons Dice Den

The name of the casino is "Simpsons Dice Den" in honor of our fallen Vegas Gang comrade and fellow dice lover Jeff Simpson - a permanent tribute to someone who meant so much to the greater Vegas Internet Mafioso.

Simpsons Dice Den

The logo - the chalice (Chimay?) with bubbles floating above - is pilfered from the logo of the 500 Club Atlantic City, which Dave's family had points in way back when.

Just like every word in Roll The Bones, I tried to give every aspect of the cover meaning as well. I'm really proud to be able to have contributed to this important project and am already groveling to design the cover of his next tome Grandissimo the story of Jay Sarno, the man who built Caesars Palace. I'm thinking about going all Roger Dean on it.

Dave has a great blog about his book with video updates, tidbits, readings and links to every place you can get it... for selfish reasons, I suggest the printed version. Or get one of each... I did.

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Comments & Discussion:

Great photo, and a wonderful nod to Jeff. Thanks for sharing the story behind this.

Great story!

On the topic of Grandissimo, I've been reading a draft and it is FUCKING AWESOME. You guys are gonna love it.

As the great Jim Norton once said, "Of course you can judge a book by its cover - that's why books have them. If there's a girl sucking cock on the cover, it's porn. And if the cock is black and she's 15, it's GREAT porn!"

"Literally a shap shot of the casino experience which is as true now as it was the day it was taken. Simply incredible."

Oh I dunno... they're not wearing Ed Hardy shirts... :)

Yet more in the line of amazing graphic work done by the one and only bossman. And the value/meaning added to it only makes it all the more amazing. Well done.

The moustached guy and woman in a small way remind me of the movie "Casino" where local Vegas legend Ali Pirouzkar and Sharon Stone. The guy here looks like a young Ali although not a well dressed as the real Ali.

As for the Grandissimo book. I hope Dave found the plans on that place. As a Sarno admirer, I always wanted to see what his dream was going to look like. I've heard about the Grandissimo for many years, but nobody has ever come up with renderings or plans. I have to assume the Sarno family still has those.

Great book and now I know the story of the cover (and the guys that created it) when can I buy a print for my home (and by home I mean Van down by the river.......) but I still have to decorate it!

Great shot - if only people would dress up in the evenings nowadays. Not a pair of shorts or a Hawaiian shirt to be seen...

Given how packed the casino looks, there must be four or five players off to the left of the table on the Stickman's side, and between them they have managed to bet a single dollar on the field. Not exactly a hopping table...

Great collaboration and very nice to see the tribute to Mr. Simpson.

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