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The Mirage Bellagio Switcheroo

By Blackjacker1979 on Wednesday, 17th July 2013 8:05am
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Expect to see some new sights and action on both the Bellagio and Mirage casino floors thanks to an internal transfer between properties. Banking on what the Mirage's continued high rankings amongst its players, their director of table games has decided to scoot for what could be arguably the biggest target amongst MGM properties, the Bellagio.

Some noted changes that have already been put in place since this shift are new felts (a darker tan without the stitched logos) and removal of the infamous "GREEN LIGHT!!!!" electronic peekers. But perhaps one of the most telling and indicative of a shift in the way in which Bellagio will look at its gamers is the inclusion of between 8 and 16 new blackjack tables which have done away with the notorious hamster-wheel CSM's in favor of hand shuffled and cut six-deck shoes at the $15-25 dollar price point, similar to what one would find at the Mirage.

Is this a game changer? Literally, yes. As a seasoned blackjack player, these changes will bring in a lot more betting circle interest from people who want to play at a moderate price point and who consider continuous shufflers to be evil incarnate.

Meanwhile over at Mirage, the new head honcho isn't changing the games, but rather the way the floor looks.

Mirage Casino Renovation

Case in point is this little travesty that was occurring during my last stay:

Mirage Casino Renovation

At first I thought cleaning, but after looking and inquiring, it turns out that the entire ceiling of the resort is being painted a bright sheeny white. This is to go with the new tripadelic carpet that JohnH and Mr. Giggles showed us earlier. Sources tell us that the gaming tables are getting new felts, new furniture, and new employee uniforms - all of which will be somewhere in the purple color family. The dark wood and orange lighting that many thought took so much away from the Mirage's original tropical feel are going nowhere. Not really a fan of the idea based on picturing it in my head, but who knows right? Apparently you can't leave well enough alone anymore.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm glad to see it Mirage being brightened up a little. i like modern sex dungeon aesthetic as much as anybody, but insert rant about how great it was when the original vision was still intact.

It is also amazing to see how MGM digests and recreates the things they covet about Cosmopolitan.

One thing I'd love to see at Mirage is a better layout on the slot floor for their machines, wider aisles, better chairs and positioning for traffic, some areas on the floor are a disaster (imo).

The Mirage was always to dark for my tastes so changing the color of the ceiling helps a lot.

that's... interesting... I'd have to see it when it's done but it could greatly help the "sex dungeon" feel one gets from the place...

Although the dark feel works for Aria (classy sex dungeon?)

Agreed that it was getting a bit too dark in Mirage, I am digging the new white. Also interesting to see the smoke-encrusted crevices of the old paint, wonder how the white will hold up to that. On Bellagio, hooray for getting rid of the bulk of CSMs! Really took the class of the place down a notch, especially when I could get shoe games at Harrahs. Hopefully they just swept out that whole front CSM pit by the lobby, though admittedly that is exactly where I'd probably put a CSM if I was running the place. The felts were really getting worn too so good to see those getting a refresh. In all, looking forward to giving Bellagio a bit more BJ time next trip. Does this mean Mirage will become less player friendly and maybe even lose its DD S17 tables?

I loved the Mirage when it was new. But as news casinos opened with higher ceilings the Mirage has started to feel older and more cramped. The changes are well deserved.

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