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By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 10th July 2013 10:40am
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The changes at ARIA started late last year months ago continue to roll. Frilly cast iron mushroom wonderland Bar Moderno has been redesigned and renamed Lift Bar (yknow, because it is next to the elevator) and neighboring Cafe Vettro, a 2010 Trippies award winner for Worst Restaurant has dropped the Vettro, pushed back and caps locked the CAFE and sustainably put yet another squashed version of the "Aria" logo in front of it. Whew. The ARIA CAFE. I wonder how much money they paid the consultancy to research and test new names for the joint. Probably lots.


Is this an improvement? Does anybody eat here?

Big thanks to VT staffer Blackjacker1979 for the tweet tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

We stopped here for lunch last month to burn a casino credit. I remembered the comments, and how the place from outside looks so sterile and barren.

To my surprise, the setting was pleasant, the food serviceable and the waitstaff extremely friendly. This place, esp with the new name, will serve well in that vanishing niche of casino "coffee shop" and beats all hell out of Planet Dailies across the street.

Two issues that will be hard to fix: the check-in line area is a clusterfluck, narrow and too short to accomodate any size crowd. Our line pass was pointless as there was no line (we had a late lunch), and it's single-file in there in any case.

And, the bathrooms are small and practically hidden in the far back corner. A female member of our group commented that the toilet stall doors are hidden in the paneling, causing a frustrating and somewhat frantic game of hide-and-seek. Ditto the (lone) men's room stall. And the outer doors are hidden behind those silly glass cone thingys.

I liked it for breakfast last winter, though the two free Bloody Marys from MyVegas helped. But it's a gorgeous space, the natural light is outstanding and the views of Aria, Vdara, and Cosmo are pretty kick-ass.

Re the line at entry -- if you have a line pass, or MLife Gold+, just walk up the left side, which is the exit path.

I apologize for the threadjacking, but does anyone else think Aria has lots of underused space, including this cafe?

Form follows function... bleh. Who needs it?
"We can fit a bakery here! And we'll put that 24-hour cafe HERE!"

But to the point, I had a good experience there, but I'd rather eat breakfast Breeze by the pool. Nice quiet nook for brunch.

Most CityCenter structures are designed with a lot of underutilzed space for flexibility in art installation and the like. Otherwise you do what Wynncore does and stick a sculpture in a heavily trafficked pathway.

It isn't a problem for Aria as the shape of the floor is condensed on the eastern side and condensed on the western side. By keeping the casino on the eastern side, you can move about without all sorts of nooks and crannies of extra hidden casino space like at MGM Grand. The widest angles are used to house basic hotel amenities.

The cafe's location is probably dictated more by the presence of room elevators more than anything else, since it also serves as a room service kitchen. They have more tables than they really need, though.

I had a breakfast there - food was good and service was excellent. I dug the green cone things :)

I'm going to get in on threadjacking too, since this post reminds me that the last time i stayed at Vdara (in late June) Silk Road was closed for "renovations"

I took out 2 "meals" to the room. Wife and I worked that day, then flew to Vegas, and arrived late in evening to hotel. She did not want to go out to eat, so went here for take out. Had to be seated to order as take out. We were both disappointed in the sandwich and pizza.

I always see people in here and the portions look good. May have to give this place another try but as sit down instead of take out.

Grabbed breakfast here on my last visit back in April. Food was okay, service was slow. I still prefer making the walk over to The Henry for breakfast, though.

Silk Road is long dead. Meeting space now.

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