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Updated Again: Health Department Shuts Down Flamingo Food Court

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 10th July 2013 9:30am
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Hot off the presses, the health department has fully shut down the entire Flamingo Food Court. This comes as no surprise to someone who barely survived a meal full of rancid meat at neighboring Carlos N Charlie's and bunk mate to a family of cockroaches in a Flamingo Fab room.

Update: a tipster inquired about the closure and was told that the Flamingo is doing maintenance.

Update 2: to clarify... the original tipster saw the court closed (the photo) with health inspectors on the scene.

If this was an official closure, with demerits and all that, it will most certainly show on the Health Department website in the next few days.

Update 3: VT reader (and future VIMFP attendee) @DentonDallasB sent up this photo of the "cloak of shame."

Flamingo Food Court

$100 says they put this sign up just for us.


Comments & Discussion:

We drunkenly/stonedly ate there once. I think I had fried rice or something.....even being as drunk as we were, I knew the place was gross, and crowded and I didn't want to be there, but I was wasted and really high and didn't care.

Somebody notify Loveman! Where the hell is he? Last time anyone saw him was at the Bacchanal Buffet and that was 3 days ago!!!

Finally! That place fucking makes me want to throw up every time I pass by it. What they need to do is shut down the Fab rooms. Worst refresh ever.

Sanitary issues at the Flamingo? Well, knock me over with a feather.

As much as I hate the thought of some of these places needing to shut down (because they are so ick), I do love that the LV health department seems to do so on a regular basis.

Can't we lobby Caesars, to shut the Flamingo down for 2 days and clean the hell out of the building.

I'd rather eat at the food court than Carlos n' Charlies.
In fact I'd rather eat at the IP/Quad/whatever than Carlos n' Charlies.

It isn't just Flamingo. The LV Health Department shut down the Golden Nugget's Carson Street Cafe in December for the same reason, and that's doubly embarrassing given the GN ownership's restaurant pedigree. I'm glad to see at least one city agency standing up to the powers that be.

Lets not forget that multiple restaurants have been shut down inside The Venetian and Palazzo too!

The health department can be a pain, but it is for the best.

I ate there once many years back and promised to never do it again.

It's easy to pile onto a property that you probably don;t like anyway. If there was a problem, it's good to see the health department shut it down. Ate at Carlos and Charlie's and once at the food court several weeks ago and had no problem. There's probably a restaurant at every property that needs to be closely looked at from time to time. Just glad they are doing their job in LV.

What's the source for the statement that this is a health department closure? Not that I don't normally believe everything VT tells me, but if it's truly the health department, that's public record. Seems like CET's official statements would be forced to acknowledge that, which they haven't.

@mooshi nobody loved the flamingo more than i did. at least until they decided to ruin it by botching housekeeping, serving fouled meat and the cockroach problem. read my reviews.

@erzeszut The source is usually credible and backed it up with eyewitnessness. I'm thinking that they might have gotten this one wrong.

The fact to none of the local media outlets reported it seems to indicate that perhaps some bum info was received on VT's end (even the best sources get it wrong from time to time).

The health inspection reports take about 5 business days to be uploaded to the SNHD website for public viewing, so any inspection reports from the Flamingo food court won't show up there until next week.

Bring back Marrandino to fix the dirty bird!!

@chuckmonster so you're thinking it's not a health code violation, rather the plumbing issue is legit?

@chuckmonster thanks for the update. Totally understand about credible sources. My curiosity was piqued when CET offered a different explanation. True that CET has been known to use weasel words from time to time; I just found it curious that they would out-and-out lie about something that will eventually be public record. Usually corporations are smart enough to avoid that.

In any case, I'm not eating there any time soon, regardless.

@slim, if it is health code, then it will become public record. so until then, yes.

Still no health code records showing up. Appears it really was a plumbing issue, and the Health Dept really didn't shut it down. So much for credible sources. Grain, meet salt.

Sometimes our tipsters get it wrong. You'll find that we've got a pretty damn good batting average with stuff over the 9.3 years we've been doing this.

Also, grain doesn't meet salt because the unit of salt is a grain - the grain is made of salt. It's like saying drop meet water.

@chuckmonster So what is VT's stance on this? I'm going to Vegas in a few weeks and I value the opinion of this site! Can I eat at Jonny Rocket's or is it unsafe?

If your source got it wrong , we get it, but I need reliable info. Ya heard?

^^ sounds like you're scolding me. if you're unhappy, I'll be more than happy to refund 100% of your purchase price.

"Sometimes our tipsters get it wrong. You'll find that we've got a pretty damn good batting average with stuff over the 9.3 years we've been doing this."

A much much higher one than Robin "Jealous Sniping" Leach.......

@chuckmonster My comment wasn't intended to be malicious at all. I trust your opinion and myself have been skeptical of the Flamingo food options so I was trying to extract your opinion before I get there. I'm staying at the Flamingo so that's why I was so anxious. If I see your roach friend I'll pass along your well wishes.

Nobody's a bigger fan or proponent of this site than me. I love VT, and love the Vegas Gang.

I did walk through the Flamingo a few times in late July. They had that same partition up but to divide the casino parallel to the strip for some reason. And there were tarps covering up banks of machines that lined that wall along the strip and vicinity. Yellow tape cordening it off. ut the next day or two, they were gone... maybe indeed it was that.

And also, I have been through when there was a construction closure for the I-15 south and they made a sign "for our guests traveling to points south" or something of that sort, so as nice a sign it is, they wouldn't hesitate. It's in their abilities.

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