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Peep Ballys Grand Bazaar

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 24th June 2013 1:31pm
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VT super ferret Mac78130 points us at some new renderings available for Bally's Grand Bazaar Shops. For those unaware, Caesars Entertainment is planning on building a very temporary looking grid of tcotchke shops atop Bally's topiary front lawn.

Stunningly ugly. I'm looking forward to seeing the first runaway truck plow through it in a fireball of tragedy.*

The smart money closed Ballys in 2005 and built a vertical casino podium with hotels and restaurants on top to open in 2008.

* I saw Man of Steel and World War Z this weekend.

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Comments & Discussion:

Each store is topped with a colorful, inverted toilet bowl, reminding shoppers what a truly shitty idea this is.

Way back when, I interviewed with a firm here in LA that does retail design. I spied on the wall a mock up of this, however with glass pyramids over the top instead of the La Concha inspired clamshell look.

Both are incredibly ugly. This kind of low slung retail works on a place like a boardwalk or amusement park, but not on the strip. Viva la strip mall!

I've stumbled across several concepts for this space... all as bad as this. One if them was the proposal blackjacker talked about.

Perfect spot for a boutique hotel. Something on the same scale as Encore.

I see lots of McDonalds!
Horrifyingly ugly.

Man...what a mess! Are they even "real" buildings...or those rigid-aluminum, tent-like structures most Indian Casinos (at least here in the west) build before they have enough money to have a real structure?

Is that a diesel-powered construction zone light tower at center right?

I hope there's gonna be a Fat Tuesdays.


Looks like a really nice storage unit facility.

Did Bally's feel jealous of Aria's entrance labyrinth through Crystals? I already miss the perpetually broken moving sidewalk.

This is great. Lots of hidey-holes for the porn slappers and drunk, costumed characters to jump out and surprise folks.

Because who needs a water feature and an almost delightfully retro neon display when you can have more shopportunities?

Bally's could have saved a lot of money on this project by just fixing the damn moving sidewalks.

wtf is this D:

I can see the homeless congregation in this right now.


It's a hangout for lowlifes as it is, but hosting a flea market on their front lawn won't help. I guess it's a cheap way to raise revenue until they redevelop the property, but it's tacky as hell for such a fabled LV intersection.

Take that, Resorts World.

I remember when it was just a parking lot,lol!

Wow, hideous! What's so wrong with open space on the strip??? Why clutter it up with that mess.

ugly design.

FWIW, too soon on the fireball comment in my opinion given the taxi cab that went up in flames with innocents in front of Ballys earlier this year.

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