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The Steve Wynn Stepson Show Part III

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 19th June 2013 1:02pm
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After trying and failing last year, Steve Wynn is making a second attempt to launch the music career of his step son Nick Hissom at Tryst. This might very well be the show of the year. We encourage all attending to bring a brightly colored dildo (preferably one that will glow in black light) for waving around in the air when Nick takes the stage.

This is actually Nick's second single. They want us to forget about the first single. We already did.

Good luck Nick! This part is called "paying your dues" be thankful that you've got a helluva lot of loot and power backing you up already. Hope you got Steve something nice for "Fathers Day."

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Comments & Discussion:

It's a modest beginning, but everyone has to start somewhere. The Steve really has an eye for talent.

Seven shows isn't a tour, and having one entire song doesn't make you the headliner.

I am now old enough that I don't usually follow these type of artists, but having read so many of his weets as they have been reweeted by Misnomer/Misnoper/Mishoper I have become really impressed by his intellilect, sensitivity and maturity. This young man is a keeper and a Star On The Rise, IMO!

How can it be all those "catchy beats, soaring vocals, crowd chants" etc all in one? Sounds like someone is trying to hard...

So after he does his one song does he talk with everyone in the audience then do the song again as his encore?

"Milestone 21st B-day" was he not expected to live this long???

I feel like Hissom put his youth up as collateral here. After the third attempt and supposing that Steve is a djinn, I'm guessing we won't see anymore of Hissom, but that Steve will start looking younger.

Just got my dildo off sexbay. Day glo orange. I'm SO excited!

I went with a neon green swirl. Inside it is a blinking light that changes colors the faster you swing it.
This dude is beyond lame.

I like the line "Hissom underwent a North American tour." Underwent? Did he not go willingly?

I've got to say - I'd hit it.

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