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Gimmie Some Sugar

By Misnomer on Friday, 14th June 2013 12:55pm
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Earlier this week, the PR firm that represents the Hershey's store coming to New York-New York sent out GIANT Hershey's bars to members of the preferred media. Their bellies stuffed with payola chocolate, these media types dutifully heralded the store's impending arrival, gushing with saccharine anticipation over the coming attraction.

I did not get a candy bar. And if I sound a little butthurt about it, it's because I am. I took to Twitter vowing that there would be repercussions, and here they are: Hershey's makes waxy, gas station chocolate that is the color of poopy. Do not go to their store.

Instead, you may wish to consider IT'SUGAR, which has three Las Vegas locations. I recently visited the one in Venetian's Grand Canal Shoppes looking for some gifts, and I ended up enjoying it a great deal myself. At the entrance to the store there are oversized packages of familiar candy. They sell Nerds in a package the size of a cereal box, Twizzlers the size of carryon luggage, and a roll of SweeTARTS so big, I don't know how you'd get it on a plane. There are many other novelties as well.

Kiss Pez

You wanted the PEZ? You got the PEZ! The hottest PEZ in the world... KISS!

Because it's Las Vegas, there's an adult section featuring edible underwear and gummy penises. (Hey, I don't know what you're into, you know? Whatever.) There's a section of nostalgia candy with stuff I hadn't seen since my childhood sixty-odd years ago, and I had no choice but to buy several GooGoo Clusters and a pack of Razzles. They even have the greatest treat known to mankind.

Astronaut Ice Cream

Astronaut Ice Cream. I bought three packages of this stuff.

In summary, I did not get a chocolate bar, Hershey's looks like poopy so don't go to their store, and IT'SUGAR is a fun place. Thanks for reading.

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Comments & Discussion:

That KISS Pez set would be more appropriate at Lick, another similar candy store chain in Vegas.....

You're making me feel old...

IT'SUGAR, Yess! Fun indeed.

...but aren't some of those megabars Hershey's (or even lower on the chocolate food chain)? Wondering if the 7lb jug of Hershey's Syrup could be cross-marketed in the adult section....

I think that you are overestimating the effectiveness of "payola" like this. When you live here and are in the biz, you get great invites and swag all the time. Some of it worth tweeting about more than others.

Per the Hershey story, I personally have no interest in it. I've never set foot inside the M&M's store or similar. But, we're running with it because it is a huge, well-known brand name that many people find of interest. And/or they want to know about changes in general on the Las Vegas Strip.

Speaking of KISS, what a great example: We got some cool swag when the mini-golf thing opened. Limited edition that I can move on Ebay if money ever gets tight! We ran a number of things about it over the next couple of months.

Were the two related? Absolutely not. KISS is a huge name and I knew that the stories would be of interest and get clicks.

Let's look at a Vegas Inernet Mafia example: I have not listend to Hundy in probably a year, but previous to that I remember that they were touting Book and Stage at Cosmo regularly. When they came to town, Cosmo comped them a corner suite upon check-in (even though they booked casino rate if I remember correctly). THEN, they came home and raved about Cosmo and Book and Stage even more.

Cosmo isn't stupid. They knew what they were doing when they comped them a hot suite. And, they got some amazing ROI out of it. All that promotion without having to buy advertising with Hundy.

Same could be said about VIM and The D. The whole thing was "ho hum, who cares" until VIM found out that Derek was a fan and he befriended you guys. Now across VIM platforms in total, The D is getting tens of thousands of dollars in free promotion to a very loyal audience in return for being nice to you and hosting your stuff.

BTW, I think all of the above is fine. Nothing wrong with touting what you like. But the assumption that if you live in Clark County, Nevada you are an automatic lying PR shill on the take and if you live elsewhere you are noble and righteous when everybody is doing the exact same thing to some degree should probably be reconsidered!

Now's about the right time for me to make some popcorn and enjoy the coming show.

They have Erick and Tommy instead of Peter and Ace in these things too !??!.....at least they kept Gene and ...wait, is that Jimmy Kimmel as The Starchild ?!!?!

Sounds like AccessVegas is trying to open up a huge can of worms for no apparent reason other than perhaps petty jealousy.....

@Ted You're a good writer. It's a shame that you save all of your original content writing for someone else's website. xoxoxo

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