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VegasEats: Lanai Express at Fremont

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 13th June 2013 4:16pm
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I don't know what it is about Spam musubi, but when the thought enters into the mind of Miss Monkay, nothing - including a snap on the snout - can curb her obsession with the Hawaiian snack food. Whereas being on Fremont Street awakens the desire to catch a buzz on cheap gambling, sugary booze or huffing spray paint to most, for her it awakens the nascent Spirit of Ahoha embedded somewhere in her DNA in the form of Spam Musubi.

For the uninitiated, Spam musubi is sort of like tamago (egg) sushi, but with the slice of sweet egg loaf replaced by salty pork laid atop a palm of rice and wrapped in nori strips. Spam musubi is also known to come as layers of rice and soy soaked grilled spam, wrapped in sheets of nori seaweed and topped with furikake seasoning.

Off we went... from the seat of a Wild Cherry slot machine in the Vintage Casino at The D into the great beyond... fueled by Miss Monkay's insatiable craving for Spam Musubi. We headed off to Aloha Specialties at The California, a location known for serving some of the best Spam Musubi. We arrived to find a veritable Kilauea of Hawaiians surrounding the restaurant, laughing and lighting up. The restaurant was closed.

Whipped it around and headed back towards Fremont Street, with our next destination being the Lanai Express at Fremont.

Fremont Lanai Express

We saddled up to the steam table and Miss Monkay ordered her beloved Spam Musubi which the attendant grabbed from a drawer and stuck in microwave. I ordered one of their giant hot dogs, which was a ballsy move considering I had just finished drinking one of these.

Here it is... the Spam Musubi we walked all over downtown Las Vegas in search of. It tasted like.... spam!

Fremont Lanai Express

And the hot dog that swum around my stomach absorbing all that sugary booze. It tasted like... mustard!

Fremont Lanai Express

I hereby declare a moratorium on Fremont Street Spam Musubi Cravings effective immediately.

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Comments & Discussion:

Have never eaten Spam and I never will.

The Cal has other delicious Hawaiian specialties in their coffee shop like Oxtail soup and my fave, butterfish. Best thing about the Cal is playing with their friendly, fun-lovin', Hawaiian clientele.

@levans More for the rest of us.

@Blakjackkid You've just encouraged me to try the Cal. Oxtail soup? Bet your ass, son.

If I recall right is partial my fault and Spams fault missing you that night!

There is nothing better than a Spam Musubi at the beach or after a grueling Craps session.

Never eaten Spam? You have never had it prepared correctly. Period.

Oxtail Soup - OH MY FUCKING GOD. 3am at Market Street and hanging there is nothing better.

Ginger,Green Onions. Peanuts and shoyu......

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