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Welcome Eurasia!

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 7th June 2013 2:54pm
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Eurasia Resorts International have announced plans to build a gigantic new... resort project... on 1200 acres of BLM land located out in the desert.

The resort will feature 39 boutique hotels & casinos, six non-gaming hotels, a television station, the worlds largest mall, a private jet airport, a convention center, indoor and outdoor theme parks, the worlds largest ferris wheel, XTREME sports world, three PGA quality golf courses and the Eurasia nation pavilion featuring native food, products and entertainment.

John Ray, President of Eurasia Resorts International described the decision to build such an ambitious project as a "no brainer." We couldn't agree more.

Sadly, Eurasia Resorts International made no mention of a comedy club.

Read the entire press release here.

Googling Eurasia leads down a rabbit hole of disjointed documentation. Here is a marketing strategy document. Here is the github repository of their zany websites code base. It all ends up at a search engine called "Neuromama" that consists of little more than a form labeled "password."

Creepy. Apparently, Dr. Dave talked to this guy on the phone. Can't wait to hear the story of this on an emergency episode of Vegas Gang.

Big thanks to FiveHundy for the tweet tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

Amazing find. Look out Linq and Skyvue, there's going to be a new wheel in town. "World's largest Ferris wheel at 800 feet tall" = 300 ft taller than either of those. Good rendering here: http://bigideastech.com/eurasiacasinolasvegas.com/images2/p2_chapter_4.jpg

Forget the 'major people attractions', I'm looking forward to hearing what the non-people attractions will have on offer. Doggy spa?

Where can one submit a digital 'keep us informed' contact card to add to the interest?

you missed that their website is (nearly all) live now: http://eurasiacasinolasvegas.com/

gems: " If you're a discerning traveler seeking accommodations truly redolent of an elegant Irish manor house or a luxury Left Bank Hotel de Villegiature, you will not find them in Las Vegas today. "

also, look out Excalibur, here come some REAL castles!

"The World of Majestic Castles

While America has never had its own royal family, the great castles of Europe have always been major points of interest for Americans traveling aboard. Now, at Eurasia, Americans and people from every other point of the globe will be able to experience the stately splendor of half a dozen of the planet's grandest estates right here in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Full sized and correct in every detail, Eurasia's reproductions of such regal residences as Russia's Winter Palace, Bavaria's Neuschwanstein Castle, England's Bodiam and Arundel castles, France's Chateau de Vincennes, Italy's Andria Doria Castle and Spain's Castillo de Loarre will be beautifully situated in landscaped surroundings totally appropriate to their heritage.

Hosted by exchange students from each castle's native country, guided tours of each mansion will offer fascinating information and observations about the life and times of each castle and the famous and infamous royals who once called it home."

from same site, love the circus circus diss.

"IMAGINE.... a combination of a Sea World and CaesarsForum Shops built underground.

Alexandria in Las Vegas ... nothing of this magnitude has ever been built anywhere... no hotel, casino or resort on earth -has an attraction like this- a 'must see' attraction... an attraction that will become a destination in and of itself, that will draw visitors who come to Las Vegas just to see this one thing and then decide to stay awhile and spend their money.

Now... now... IMAGINE the whole picture, the big picture.... all of this combined with Cirque Style Productions simultaneously going on everywhere... but nothing like Circus- Circus...

Something spectacular.... a few big shows per day... chariot races... gladiator fights with tigers and lions...... and nets, nets, nets with beauties performing there...... and a lot of Arial acts, where flying artistry displays a spectacular stage presence, accomplished physical strength and poetry, theatrics and excitement..... the Aerial Silks Group where dozens of aerialists perform synchronized combination drops from top to bottom, dozens Aerial Silk Combination of Ballet with cirque arts, Aerial Ring Act, Aerial Straps Act... Aerial Ring Act... Aerial Dreams....

One of the founders of Aces of Acts (one of our sister companies) -Anatoliy Miagkostupov (member of our management team)..... had thought everything that founder of Cirque De Soleil, Guy Laliberté knows.

Anatoliy used to pay for his breakfast, lunch and dinner ..... and .... even sleep in the same bed in hotel room (nothing of the kind) ... just pure financial struggle of performers."

This entire project is so absurd that it has to be some sort of scam. The size of it alone is so massive that it defies all logic and business sense. It sounds like they're trying to aim this towards rubes that have never set foot in Las Vegas.....

"It (The Coliseume Event Center) will also be functional enough to handle a variety of different types of events such as Hockey, Basketball, Boxing, Concerts, Shows, Robot Combat and more. "

just watch the video on the main page about water?!! ion fusion and nueromam!?!?

This John Ray, the CEO and also the media contact (which is peculiar for the CEO of a company about to embark on a $50+ billion project), is truly delusional:

"The Eurasia Resort project is expected to create 450,000 new jobs for Las Vegas, eliminating Las Vegas unemployment."

Ahh, to be young and delisional. He did manage to come up with ~$700 for a PR Newswire press release though, so lets not count him out.

I second the motion for a Vegas Gang podcast on the issue. I do look forward to you further dissecting this issue. Feel free to start with "The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming", since their alleged HQ is located there.

I liked it the first time I saw it when it was called WestWorld.

Love me some gun-slinging robots.

Upon reading further, laughable as all of this is, I feel sorry for the guy. He needs some psychological help. He has invested a fair amount of effort into this delusional and rambling website and press release. From "Cirque de Eurasia" to a telethon to raise awareness of the "light sentences given to drug dealers" (now THAT'S an integrated resort!), the delusions are shining through and he is clearly off his meds. Somebody call Dr. Phil.

I thought this was an elaborate joke until I started reading the comments.

The website is registered through godaddy and the registrant is in the Bahamas. No way this is real.

At first, I confess that I thought this was one of Chuck's parody jokes. But Chuck would have done a better job with the site design. Don't get me wrong: I'm living proof you can make money with crappy site design. But this is a zillion dollar project. I'm not.

My guess? It is going to be an online gaming site and by pulling this stunt, they are hoping for lots of inbound links from Vegas blogs and news sources who will forget to remove the links. (Bahamas registration is a giveaway).

The flaws in this business model are so huge and numerous that it would take pages and pages and pages to detail them all. Then you get the the BLM land (which you can't usually just go out and buy), you get to the airport issue (when we need one, it will be in Jean where they have already done all the studies), etc.

Hell... where are they going to get just the water for this thing unless they are actually building it in Jean/Primm where there are a fair amount of water rights there and in Sandy Valley and maybe over into Pahrump.

Buidling another Las Vegas Strip between Jean and Primm is an interesting notion. For the year 2089. At one point, people predicted that the Las Vegas Strip would stretch all the way down to Primm. However, I don't see even that happening in the next 50 years.

If it had something trendy like a Moon theme then I could get on board.

I have always gambled at Eurasia...

Does the guy who came up with this look like Yul Brynner?

Not a chance in Hell this ever comes to light. I thought it was a parody post.

Wow. Just wow. I'm particularly impressed by the last option in the second tab:

"Better bottomies through happier," Which apparently translates into Better Bottomlines Through Happier, Healthier Visitors.

The last line of that write-up is particularly appropriate. "After all, we have a belly-laughing barn full of the greatest clowns on earth."

Interestingly, the site is iframed from http://bigideastech.com/eurasiacasinolasvegas.com/. If you look at bigideastech.com, it has a few Facebook games, none of which work.

Also, this is on the about page:
"BigIdeasTech currently runs out the the garage on a quad overclocked server i7 Server."

I'm convinced that they are trying to build up some traffic with this, and then run a cookie stuffing or drive-by-malware-install scheme. Either that or the guy is an escapee from Bellvue.

Is this part of the new Borat-esque movie?

Hey guys, First post but been checking out the site for some time now. This seems over the top, even for Vegas, but here's a link to a related story on Yahoo. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/eurasia-resorts-international-ltd-global-130000248.html

Maybe it's a college marketing class final project?

viral marketing campaign

http://eurasiacasinolasvegas.com/ has to be one of the worst websites I've even seen. Makes the previous Wynn redesigned website look really nice.

LIFE SIZE MODELS OF CASTLES!? OMG. That would be like....way beyond ridiculous. Do you know how long that would take to build? I'm seriously LOLing at this right now. We went to Neuschwanstein in Germany last year and to imagine someone building a life size replica, as well as other replicas of castles is just hiliarous. This big huge town of castles in the desert.

I'm guessing link spammage, perhaps pending malware. I don't suggest visiting the site.

Address given at the bottom:
Novosibirsk, 182/1 Krasny Prospekt, 7th floor, 630049, Russia
is evidently an office building in the 3rd-most populous city in Russia.

The first thing that caught my curiosity ....and it's gone !

" Imagine ... Formula 1 Race in Las Vegas 2 times per a year... in EURASIA racetrack... EURASIA Monaco Hotel Casino... "

2 times per year !!! Not even if you have nazi sodomy pictures of Bernie Eclestone !

Thanks for the laughs though...

To heck with casinos. This guy is building hsi own strip.

This is how Eurasia will be built http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwvmru5JmXk

Go home Eurasia, you're drunk.

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