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Cosmopolitan West End Penthouse YouTubed

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 5th June 2013 11:49am
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A video walkthrough of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas West End Penthouse has been posted to the YouTube.

Tons of square footage in this boffo suite. Areas include two bedrooms, a dining nook, bar, multiple living rooms, exterior terraces and multiple bathrooms. The lighting is a little low for my tastes, but that could be a product of the video.

The videographer also posted three photos to his website.

Big thanks to Mac78130 for the tweet tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

Quite moody... much darker than the rest of their room products.

All that black makes me feel like it's a late 80's motif.

Don't really know how to post tips to the VT staff but if they see this, it is a walk through of Cosmos top Penthouse. The person who filmed this also did the 2 story Penthouse at Mandalay Bay, The Marcus Aurelius Villa at Caesars, The Presidential Suites at Palazzo and Venetian. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZDxs4KTnv8

Is the girl in jorts on staff as a butler?

My thoughts:

-- It didn't scream "luxury" to me. Hip and modern, yes. But that suite's best selling point is the balcony.
-- The beds look comfortable, but the bedrooms are more functional than beautiful.
-- Not a fan of the shatrooms. The rest of the master bathroom is nice enough.
-- Best "design" feature might have been the bar and high/long/narrow table area.
-- The Rio and even the Bellagio look tiny from the penthouse balcony.
-- The camera is remarkably steady, though I wish he had lingered on the fixtures.
-- I wish I had a smiling woman escort me through my penthouse.

Best way to describe this room: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The room is damn impressive. The balcony view makes it for me.

The room is much lighter in reality, although the master bath is a sea of black (at least in the one I visited). I have to agree, these rooms are impressive but hardly super luxurious other than size and butler service. But the view....oh the view.

Room looks nice, view is awesome. I thought the same thing about the camera being really steady.

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