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Ask Misnomer Anything!

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 24th May 2013 12:50pm
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The Doctor is in. Again.

VT's resident goofball Misnomer wants to help you. If you have any Vegas question, large or small, sparkly or dull, gold or silver, blazing or haywire Misnomer will be happy to apply his pharmacologically enhanced aptitude and steadfast resolve to solving it.

Either post your Vegas question in the comments to this post OR, if you choose to go the direct route tweet your question to @misnoper OR email misnomer@ vt.

Have fun!

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Comments & Discussion:

Are there any places in Vegas in which wearing a satin casino jacket would be considered inappropriate?

you get to spend a night with any vegas performer no questions asked, who's your pick?

If asked to leave DuPar's because I have passed out face down in my pancakes and syrup at 3:00 AM, what recourse do I have?

How many shots of meat at Cosmopolitan do you need before you forget where your room is?

If I were trolling the clubs and bars on the strip, which would be the best to meet the women of my dreams...for a night...and a few bucks...

what does Steve Wynn have for breakfast?

Where did you earn your doctorate degree?

What's the best troll move you have ever pulled off?

Does the $20 trick really work?

Is the asshole rimmed martini shaken or stirred?

Is the Luxor casino Muslim?

Why do you hate Las Vegas?

What's your favorite Paleta?

Has anyone ever been caught taking a leak in the Bellagio waters?

Why are you so unfunny?

Did Ceasar really live at Ceasars?

Is a bale of hay still a bale of hay if you remove one straw? If so, is it still a bale of hay if you remove another straw? If you continue this way, you will eventually deplete the entire bale of hay, and the question is: at what point is it no longer a bale of hay?

If I have 3 apples, and someone takes away 2 apples, how many apples do I have left?

Ia a "dingleberry" really a berry???????????

Can you warm up the crowd for "Stump Dr. Dave" at VIMFP?

If you could only have one cocktail for the rest of your life, would you have diet or regular Coke with your Captain Morgan?

Who cuts your hair dude?

Is it true you can catch STDs at video poker bars?

Will anyone ever answer these!

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