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VegasEats: Pyramid Cafe at Luxor

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 23rd May 2013 1:33pm
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Luxor Pyramid Cafe Coffee

It is no secret that the casino cafe as we know it is a dying breed. With megaplosion of foodie culture, the old farmer breakfast just doesn't cut it anymore. Eggs, bacon, sausage and pancake batter needs to be pureed, liquid nitrogenized and topped with creme fraiche ketchup foam to get any attention. Other option is to stack it as high to the sky as possible and cover it with bacon, bacon, bacon and more bacon... Winner of 2009's Internet Memegredient of the Year.

Similarly, it is no secret that Luxor's Egyptian theme is also dying. 62% of the public areas have been transformed into sleek, faceless airport moderne spaces transforming the once mysterious and exciting casino into... a forgettable dark chasm between Mandalay Bay and Excalibur. The other 38% retains bits and pieces of Luxorian grandeur and reminds those of us old enough to remember how friggin awesome this place used to be. About 8% of the airport moderne has been renovated again into a bright modern antique Harry Potter sex dungeon look that further confuses the properties identity.

Nestled deep within Luxor is one of the last, great pieces of both traditions... the Pyramid Cafe. Mostly unchanged since its opening - save the slashed hours and diminished lines to get in - the Pyramid Cafe is a veritable time warp to Luxor's days as Egyptian tomb and one of the last of the great themed casino cafes left on the Strip.

We last dined at the Pyramid Cafe in 2005, a late night meal in a jam packed cafe. I remember eating a sandwich on pretzel bread, but not much else. The line to get in was always long. Back then Luxor's dealers had Egypt themed uniforms, the casino was deliciously lit and decor left me feeling like I was throwing dice on Iron Maiden's World Slavery Tour stage set.

Luxor Pyramid Cafe Decor

Wrapped in sandstone brown decor, much of which contains hieroglyphic patterns rumored to contain keys to unlocking another hidden piece of "The Luxor Story," the Pyramid Cafe features tons of classic casino cafe flourishes including yummy pyramid shaped booths (see also now demolished House of Lords at Sahara.

Luxor Pyramid Cafe Booth

Even the tables feature pyramid shaped inlays.

Luxor Pyramid Cafe Table

Our waitress arrived and spoke to us in Ye Olde English... obviously a refugee from the departed Sherwood Forest Cafe at Excalibur. She was incredibly attentive, thoughtful and gracious throughout. Another server/runner arrived, tossing our drink orders about and responding to our requests with anger and disdain.

The waitress pried us with the breakfast drink menu. Wait what huh whuh?

Luxor Pyramid Cafe Booze

Sorry the photo is blurry!

Luxor Pyramid Cafe Menu

The menu featured many breakfast classics as well as a massive amount of updated variations on them including S'More Pancakes, Hot Oatmeal Brulee, Sunrise Sliders and an astonishing array of somewhat frightening Gourmet French Toast & Waffles.

Miss Monkay went short and got a yogurt parfait. I'm always baffled when we go out to eat and she orders this.... yogurt, fruit and granola in a cup? At a restaurant? In Las Vegas? No pork products? Where is your sense of adventure!

Luxor Pyramid Cafe Parfait2

It arrived with aged raspberry and mint sprig on top.

Luxor Pyramid Cafe Parfait

The interior didn't look so great either. The berries at the bottom were mushy sludge and the granola was more juicy than crunchy. This thing was old.

I went long and took one for the team.... the Orange Creamsicle French Toast. Yeah.

Luxor Pyramid Cafe Orange Creamcicle French Toast

Battered and fried Texas toast covered in orange slices, an orange flavored sugary slime and little gelatinous orbs filled with creamcicle flavoring. KABLAAAAM. Outrageous. Disgusting. Awesome. Embarrassing. Yet I'm strangely proud to have eaten like an 8 year old and thoroughly enjoyed the fuck out of it.

Other flavors of French Toast include Cinnamon Roll French Toast, Carrot Cake French Toast, Peanut Butter Dream Stuffed French Toast and Strawberry Creme. Collect all six!

And the pork. Also delicious.

Luxor Pyramid Cafe Sausage

I've transitioned from a bacon lover to a sausage lover. I still don't like Coldplay.

Something else sorta interesting.... The Pyramid Cafe has a cake shop, for all your cake/pie needs.

Luxor Pyramid Cafe Cakes

With no fanfare, the check arrived.

Luxor Pyramid Cafe Check

Standard Vegas prices, outrageous for the rest of the world. Yay capitalizm!

After this meal, we headed directly to Planet Hollywood to eat at Gordon Ramsay BurGR.

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Comments & Discussion:

That's a pretty big yogurt. I haven't seen that many active cultures since I treated Kim Kardashian's yeast infection.

"I'm always baffled when we go out to eat and she orders this.... yogurt, fruit and granola in a cup? "

It's what I WANTED to eat.

Marriage Counseling!

I had a pretzel bread corned beef there many years ago and it was really excellent! That french toast does look tasty.

"Embarrassing. Yet I'm strangely proud to have eaten like an 8 year old and thoroughly enjoyed the fuck out of it."

This is why Chuckmonster's reviews rock!

mmmmmm cake behind glass

Normally I avoid Luxor like the plaque but I must try the peanut butter cream stuffed french toast or at least the red velvet pancakes. Those sausages look good also and I like Coldplay.

My very first trip to Las Vegas was in 96, and I stayed at Luxor. I remember trying to have dinner at this place my first night in town, and after standing in line for an hour I got frustrated and just bought a bag of chips and went up to my room. I finaly got in the next morning for breakfast and was just amazed by the detail of the place. It was all of the Las vegas themes of the 90's that made me fall in love with the city, and when I walk through Luxor now, and a lot of town to be honest, I just get depressed. I really hope Resorts World is going to kick start the idea of themes again in some way.

"Outrageous for the rest of the world..."

Perhaps for the non-Vegas non-huge-city parts of the US, but those prices are still lower than most places in my country (and the quantity in Vegas is always more generous).

They have a Monte Cristo sandwich on their menu which is hard to find anywhere.

Actually those breakfast prices look about right for any place that isn't a greasy spoon dive.

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