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VegasEats: Gordon Ramsay BurGR at Planet Hollywood

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 21st May 2013 1:11pm
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Gordon Ramsay Burgr Bar

We weren't even hungry when we arrived at Gordon Ramsay BurGR inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, however duty called and tasked us with completing Gordon Ramsay's Las Vegas Trifecta. We found Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas to be thoroughly divine, while Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace left a lot to be desired. In the bumper match, will Gordon Ramsay BurGR redeem the brand, or prove that the megachef is should get out of the kitchen and stick to reality cooking competitions.

We arrived at Gordon Ramsay BurGR to find restaurant bursting at the seams with a boisterous hungry lunch crowd. The hostess took our names, told us the wait would be about 30 minutes and handed us the pager, allowing Miss Monkay to get involved in a nearby Top Dollar machine as I slurped a ginormous can of Strawberita and smirked at a string of adjectives prancing before my eyes.

BZZZ. Lunch time.

The hostess led us through a sea of tables, hopscotching between hustling wait staff wrapped in skin tight, aerodynamic uniforms which increase productivity by 0.00035% per kiloyard, resulting in burger deliveries 11 degrees warmer. Strawberita!

The decor of the joint is a 1960's retrofuturist vision of a cafeteria. Much like Gordon Ramsay Steak, it screams 1968, but has enough modern touches to keep it from feeling like the set of Sleeper. Walls are adorned with hellfire emblazoned with the face of Chef Ramsay. They're really working the Hell's Kitchen TV show angle.

Gordon Ramsay Burgr Place

Our waitress arrived with an iPad containing the drink menu. I ordered a Magic Hat #9 beer, whose menu description stated that this beer defied description. Ok, I'll bite, and I'll describe it for you... a citrusy hefeweisen with a hoppy pale ale finish.

Gordon Ramsay Burgr Magichat9

We ordered our food. As with Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, it took an eternity to arrive.

Gordon Ramsay Burgr Brittania Burger

Miss Monkay got the Britannia Burger - beef burger with English sharp cheddar, mango chutney and arugula.

Gordon Ramsay Burgr Brittania Open

Slicing the burger open reveals an uneven array of arugula which would make Ace Rothstein make a trip to the kitchen. The burger was sweet from the Mango chutney, gooey with cheese and some of the crunch and bitterness of the arugula, however the burger itself was very very dry. The pinkish hue in the middle determines it wasn't over cooked, it is simply too lean of a mix when it was ground.

Gordon Ramsay Burgr Damnation Chicken Burger

I ordered the Damnation Chicken Burger, topped with spicy mayo, blue cheese and a celery and carrot slaw.

Gordon Ramsay Burgr Damnation Chicken Open

Hearty, tangy and delicious. Perhaps the most interesting part of this burger is the way the chicken patty was ground. It had a flaky density with small airpockets inside holding flavor and lightness. This chicken burger is incredible.

We debated on ordering some 'Snacks' to go with our burgers. I had a hankering for Fury Chicken Wings (one 'r') and Miss Monkay wanted Beer Battered Maui Onion Rings. We compromised and got the Beer Battered Maui Onions Rings.

Gordon Ramsay Burgr Beer Battered Maui Onion Rings

They came topped with scrapes of parmigiano-reggiano cheese and dippers of chipotle ketchup and cheddar ranch dip. Yummy, but not wow inducing.

For dessert we ordered Shake #4, a creme brulee pudding oreo shake. What the hell? A milkshake made out of creme brulee pudding and oreo cookies and cream? We had to try it.

Gordon Ramsay Burgr Shake4

Oh... ok. The top third is creme brulee pudding topped with seared sugar coating, an oreo cookie and some schfritz, with the bottom two thirds an oreo cookie milk shake. It was all incredible. There are four other shake flavors to choose from - caramel pudding + chocolate shake, coconut pudding + strawberry shake, butterscotch pudding + banana shake (I'm getting this one next time) and chocolate hazelnut pudding + coffee shake.

Gordon Ramsay BurGR is the final installment in Chef Ramsay's Vegas restaurant trilogy. It is the most accessible of all the three and will most likely be the first and only Gordon Ramsay restaurant most Hell's Kitchen watchers will eat at. As the entry point to the Gordon Ramsay empire, BurGR needs to be the best of all of the GR3, but it isn't quite there yet. High on funky style and branded to the hilt with images of flames and an irate TV chef, Gordon Ramsay BurGR will certainly satisfy the first time Ramsay diner, but may lose the expectations game set by all that television screaming.

Gordon Ramsay Burgr Check

Gordon Ramsay Steak = incredibly great.
Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill = not good
Gordon Ramsay BurGR = good, not great.

Hope that clarifies things a little.

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Comments & Discussion:

"We compromised and got the Beer Battered Maui Onions Rings."


From the decor, this place looks like it belongs inside Aria. I'm not that jazzed about these Ramsay places as I should be. I don't think that's my fault either. The Pub should be the best pub in the city, but by all accounts, it isn't. Same goes for the burger place. Everyone still talks about the Ogden burger, BLT's burgers, or my favorite, Burger Bar. So yeah, the expectations game is everything in Vegas. Newsflash.

But really, you've stepped up your food photography game.

Originally I intended to do the Gordon Ramsay trifecta this trip, but the less than stellar review of GR Pub & Grill caused me to scrap those plans. If BurGR and Pub & Grill were as great as Gordon Ramsay Steak, there would be lines out the door and reservations would have to be made months in advance. I enjoyed my meal at Gordon Ramsay Steak so much that I don't want to be disappointed by his other outlets. There are plenty of burger places on the Strip (and more coming) and the only thing BurGR has going for it is the Gordon Ramsay name. At this point, Guy Fieri could open up a burger place on the Strip and roll around on a bed of money from the place. Burgers are the ultimate American food and that that so many celebrity chefs have burger restaurants and there are chains like 5 Guys, The Counter, and Smashburger that also cater to this crowd.

@johnd thanks! agree on Aria comment, was going to put that in the piece but didn't. re: photos... i'm out of practice with the big camera. the pub shots totally suck.

I was at BurGR last week, and I thought the Hell's Kitchen burger was great. In fairness, I don't see much difference between Burger Bar, Holsteins, or KGB Burger... the point being is that IMO they are all great and would be worth repeated visits.

The Bacon Jalapeno poppers, by the way, out-STANDING. My buddy and I almost bought a second round.

One tip... We didn't want to wait an hour for a seat, so we took our order to-go, then ate it at the lounge adjacent to BurGR. Not as much atmosphere, not as much wait.

I liked it, and I'm sure I'll go back with my wife.

One correction: In his Strawberita haze, Chuck did not realize that they did not give me a pager, but took my cell # and texted me when ready.

Did STACK at the Mirage close and sell its ceiling to this place? Along with a few gallons of white paint?

Good review. I will check the place out when I get back to Vegas just to try the shakes.

The burgers look kinda tiny and flat top cooked. Two things that I don't like. Burgers should be cooked on a grill, and as thick as your thumb (Chucks giant thumb, not my girly one)!!

Thanks for the nice write up, I've never had a chicken burger that was close to good, so your review intrigues me, especially since I was fairly disappointed with the hamburger on my visit.

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