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VegasWheels: Dodge Challenger Limousine

By Misnomer on Friday, 17th May 2013 5:35pm
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Whenever I see someone in a limo, I think, 'Ooooooh, you've got forty dollars!'" - David Spade

A frequent topic of conversation on The Board, the use of limousine service from the airport is generally considered to have some utility. The cost is reasonable, particularly when considered in light of the rampant taxi cab long-hauling that plagues Las Vegas. There is a convenience factor as well. Still, anytime after your junior prom, there's a bit of a "been there, done that" feeling associated with riding in a limo. That's why, when choosing our airport transport for a recent trip, I was excited to find something unique.

Presenting, the Dodge Challenger limousine from Exotic Limousines.

Challenger Tasmanian Limo Las Vegas

Excessive? Yes. Hoosier? Perhaps. Mopar? Absolutely! This thing looks like something two of my friends would have built in a pole barn after one too many cases of Stag. I mean that in a good way. After an initial snafu booking the car - the company's phone number seems to ring to a driver with a cellphone rather than an office - service was really quite good. When our plane landed at McCarran, the driver immediately texted me and let me know he was waiting in the baggage claim area. He assisted with our luggage, and loaded our bags in the car. He politely agreed to our request to drive by the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign en route to Cosmopolitan.

Challenger Tasmanian Limo Las Vegas

The interior of the car is appointed with Dodge themed upholstery, and features two TVs, a sound system, and a beverage station / ice well. Cold water was provided. The paisley looking thing overhead is part of interior lighting. It changed colors as we drove down the Boulevard. Trippy.

The cost was an altogether reasonable $75.00, which was good for one hour after the time our plane touched down. That gave us more than enough time for a brief Strip tour and to get to our hotel. I gave the driver a $100 bill and told him to keep the change. While I wouldn't necessarily have to ride in the Challenger limo every time I take a car service from the airport, this was a fun break from the norm. Can I get a yeeeeehaw?

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Comments & Discussion:

Las Vegas needs to organize a limousine olympics. I bet this would run literal and figurative circles around a Hummer limo.

Hoosier? Are you from St Louis?

Awesome! Yeeeehaaaw!

@ndfan Yes, but I meant it as a term of endearment.

we had this limo or most likely another one like it. i thought it was a black challenger but it was at night and the 2 stripes would change colors with the lighting inside.

I've just never heard anyone outside St Louis use that term.

There's at least one other white Challenger limo in Vegas, as I saw it a few days back. Still looks better than what passes for a Town Car these days (Ford has taken the Lincoln MKT crossover and stretched it.). Our group rode in one of them and it a bit more roomy than the classic Town Car that will still serve companies for the foreseeable future, but looks ugly as sin.

very cool, I know I'm getting old when I remember how fascinated I was by stretch hummers, while seeing them in Vegas.

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