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The Sahara Demolition

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 17th May 2013 12:46pm
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sbe entertainment is going full steam ahead on demolition of the former Sahara as it makes its way towards reopening as SLS Las Vegas in fall 2014. I recently did a quick drive by (literally) to snap some photos.

I was quite surprised by the scale of demolition being done, and even more surprised by the aggressive plan to have the property open and complete within sixteen months.

Sls Demo Driveway

The driveway is virtually unrecognizable with the dome and supporting structures gone. Someone should Sawzall off that sign box pronto.

Sls Demo Porte

The vanishing of the dome really opens up the area to some interesting possibilities... but how many porte cocheres in Las Vegas operate in direct, desert scortching, south facing sunlight. I pity those poor valet guys. Without the dome, the porte cochere looks very Palm Springs. The trees marked in pink are goners.

Sls Demo Palms

The entire structure between the casino and Speed the right has been thoroughly demolished... all the way back to the hotel towers. Wow.

Sls Demo Burrito

Remnants of five Sahara guests who died attempting to eat the B3 burrito were found encased in concrete below the building.

They've got their work cut out for them getting this thing demolished, built and finished in time.

Sls Demo Speed

Hey Sam, will you take $10 for the "WIN" sign? Do you take PayPal? I'll come pick it up!

Sls Demo Sign

The temporary marquee on the corner.

"Coming Fall 2014"

Don't mess around with the Demolition Sam!

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Comments & Discussion:

I forget what the renderings look like, but I hope this property is distinctive from the street level.

After stripping away all of the Sahara's character, it looks like this is just another large, beige building complex north of the "real" Strip.

They are significantly downsizing the property (and rightfully so). They might be better off just leaving the demolished space open for now. Thereby keeping the NASCAR cafe building separate and closed. That would significantly help their budget. Maybe they just renovate 1 or 2 of the room towers and mothball the rest for future expansion. Pure speculation, but my fear is they are proceeding based on the initial $24M and praying the progress will entice enough visa money to continue.

Didn't those age-old renderings have a much taller tower occupy the gap between the porte cochere and the Nascar Cafe? Not saying that that's the route they're going, but you know, future expansion and whatnot.

Sixteen months? Are they going to work 24 hours a day to make that goal?

Did Sam learn nothing from the Cosmo? Nobody is going to gamble there and unlike Cosmo they are in a horrible location without foot traffic so they won't even be able to make it up with F&B!

I think they demolished that part of the building to add the rooftop pool club. The model and renders look like they were originally going to just add the pool deck to the existing structure. Guessing that turned out impossible, and the cost effective thing would be to raze that section of the building and start from scratch.

Interesting, as much as I think that SLS will ultimately flop and be sold off to someone once completed, what happens if it isn't a flop, will we see some additional development on that side of the strip?

I'd love to see a couple Casino Royale style places to fill in the gaps of the area, I know that is harder with the hotel requirement for rooms, but it's nice to dream at least. If ever an area screamed for a park or Linq area, it's the vacant and open areas around CC, Riv, and Sahara to let them rely on each other. While I realize it's not all desolate there, it's not exactly pedestrian friendly either.

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