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The New Venetian

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 16th May 2013 9:46am
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The Venetian recently completed their renovation of the casino floor and it looks really pretty. The installation of new casino carpeting, new furnishings, select pieces of new decor and way finding has dramatically transformed the experience.

The brightness in the casino floor is... delicious. Whimsical Asiana Regality, is how I would best describe this. It exudes luxury without being too museumy, and invokes some Asian sensibilities in color and patterns.


The carpet has been cut to help solve Venetian's Achillies heel - foot traffic. The casino has always been a bit of a crowded maze, crammed with as many slot machines as possible with almost no attention given to grid patterns. It is still a maze, but traversable.


Perhaps the most impressive addition is the incredibly detailed way finding signs. Anyone who has ever been to Bouchon, knows that finding the place for the first, second and maybe third time can be a bit of an undertaking.


Now, with this improved signage, finding anything inside the Venetian as become effortless. I'm not blessed with a location sensitive memory and have always had issues with Venetian due to scale and confusing, bolt on, layout. Tackling way finding in a clear, meaningful way neutralizes scale issues ('Oh, Bouchon is this way over here') and turns the maze into a path.

For the first time ever, I heard Miss Monkay utter "we should stay here next time."

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Comments & Discussion:

I've had some great stays at Venetian. Loved playing VP at the bar near the sports book until they bumped it up to a $1 minimum/$5 max play, and I won't go down that road after Sheldon pretty much told non-whales to fuck off, vis a vis comps.

i know this is going to make me sound like a hipster snob, but one of my personal favorite things about bouchon is that there is never a line and it's never super crowded.

if it's easier to find, i worry that it'll lose its charm for me. *le sigh*

Venetian lover :)

A casino adds wayfinding signs? And carpet paths?
Is it an especially cold day in hell today?

Three cheers for considering the user experience.
(But I still prefer the high-end MGM casinos.)

I’ve stayed at the Venetian and Palazzo many times over the years…love the restaurants and the rooms, and I felt really attached to both properties like it was my flagship….but they give little to no comps anymore. Caesars comps my rooms…whenever, wherever. Caesars made it too easy for me to jump ship.

Bouchon is never crowded? LOL. Never mind the its two satellite bakeries, the place does almost seven hundred covers on an average day. I'm impressed with the new renovation, but as a non-gambler, I still don't know if I'd ever stay at this resort.


If you're a non-gambler then Venetian actually might be a pretty good choice for you since the membership card includes non-gaming spend. V/P has a huge restaurant selection as well, including some great ones like Bouchon.

Honestly, I like how some of the rooms look (the newly-renovated Venetian rooms look fantastic IMO), but the rooms don't have all the cutting edge tech toys you'd expect. Additionally, the comps are the tightest on the strip (worse than Wynn) and the gambling conditions are lacklustre (8d ASM H17 for anything below $100, and $100+ bettors get 6d ASM S17... yep, ASM in high limit rooms... although last time I was there they apparently have hand-shuffled 8d tables somewhere on the main floor, and IIRC Palazzo is 6d on the main floor). Prices and table mins are also quite high.

Venelazzo has a great restaurant collection though, so it is an excellent choice for foodies (although in all fairness their restaurants are disproportionately French and Italian... which is great food, just it can be a bit monotonous, however SushiSamba is a Brazillian-Japanese joint so there's some variety avaliable).

Also, the Venetian is amazingly campy; it is terrible taste done with skill and panache. Palazzo is less camp and more serious, but honestly, if you like your camp then Venetian is probably the best example on the strip.

As for me, I'll just visit them one day for eating. Their gambling and comps do nothing for me, and I get higher-tech rooms at lower prices when I stay at Aria.

That said I look forward to checking out the new-and-improved casino floor, even if I won't be playing.

Oh, just another comment about the pictures...

I. Love. The. Carpet.

It still has the Italian styling, but is a bit more restrained and tasteful. It stylistically fits the theme whilst dialling back on the excess. I like that, very much...

Actually I don't like the walkway pattern (rest of the carpet is nice though).

And unless they put a giant flashing neon sign pointing to the elevators behind the lobby the signage will only partially help... That area looks/feels like private access (Mandarin Oriental style)

I'm the village idiot. I still got lost walking from Pallazo to the Venetian parking ramp last week. I hate it when I end up walking through the mall with the living statues...

@StudiodeKadent Bouchon doesn't comp meals and is not associated with Grazie. I also have a huge problem with Uncle Sheldon's politics. Same goes for Wynn now, but that stings a little more as it's usually an absolutely stunning resort property.

Just walked through this weekend and said "wow I don't remember Venetian casino being so nice" this explains it.

It looks good, doesn't it?

No red chandeliers like the renderings?

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