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Mission Accomplished!

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 15th May 2013 3:08pm
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The mission: raise awareness of ARIA and the many mysteries contained therein and neutralize Cosmopolitan. Aria Marquee

You have no idea how huge Aria's marquee is until you see it in person. ABSOLUTELY ƒ*©KING GINORMOUS. Even compared to the scale of everything that surrounds, it is massive. It's bigger than Wayne Newton's hair helmet and makes Steve Wynn's melon look like a grape. It renders Cosmopolitan invisible to northbound travelers on the Strip. You can see it clearly from Mandalay Bay. MANDALAY BAY!

Mission accomplished.

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Comments & Discussion:

It's still much smaller than the $300 million 43 story billboard to the left.

Agreed. Sign was huge when I saw it but I liked it. Aria needed it.

My god that sign must be a major distraction for drunks wandering down the strip on foot and in cars. Couldn;t they have just turned the carcass of the Harmon into the sign?

When did the Cosmo get demolished? Is there a Youtube video with people cheering while it crumbles to the ground? Why can't I find it?

Oh good, can't wait for the death rays to come of it

My favorite thing about the marquee is that the logo is wrong. Look at how different the logo is on the Zarkana building wrap.

I had to squint a bit, but I think you're saying the cross-stroke of the capital A is positioned too low on the left side of the A.

Either way, the A in the marquee kind of looks like the first three lines of a grade schooler's star.

So I shall dub this casino STARia from now on.

I saw this thing under construction and Chuck is right, the thing is crazy-huge. Can't wait to see it in action. It seems that they made it way harder to implode the Harmon tower, because this thing is incredibly close to it. I don't see how they could knock down a building in such close proximity without seriously damaging it.

Is the logo wrong? It looks just as shitty as the marquee on I-15.

Walking down the strip it REALLY overpowers Cosmo's... pretty funny.

It's beautiful/awful...I think it would be more striking if that wasn't such a crowded clusterf*ck of an intersection. The fact you have to walk under while already in the midst of that obstacle course? Oy. I'll be there in two weeks, staying at Vdara, so we'll see what I can do to avoid it.

Oh my god, it's HUGE!

From that angle, it looks like the entire Cosmopolitan marquee could fit through the big hole at the bottom of Aria's marquee. Criminy.

I think the logo design isn't as much a matter of getting it wrong, as they tried to get maximum visual impact from the sign by minimizing dead space. In other words, they shrank the Aria A so they could cram another eight feet of LEDs on the sign.

That sign is freaking huge and I wonder how long before Steve Wynn commissions an even bigger one, as you know his ego won't allow this to stand....

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