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VegasEats: Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 15th May 2013 12:45pm
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Gordon Ramsay Pub Grill Caesarspalace

The plan came together quickly, me and Miss Monkay would meet Admiral Hillegas at Centra bar at Luxor and head over to Gordon Ramsay's Pub and Grill at Caesars Palace. Dr. Dave joining us for a beer night cap... someone get a tape recorder, we're having dinner with the Vegas Gang!

Entry into Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill was a bit confusing. Groups of people in matching convention wear interspersed with tourist types all crowded around the hostess stand. Is there a line? Nobody knew. Hunter being Hunter, whipped out his phone and made a reservation via Open Table for five minutes in the future... we walked to the head of the group and were seated in the time it took for me to snap the above photo.

Grpub Menucover

We were seated in the dark confines of the side dining room, adjacent to the wall of kegs on the wall. It was interesting to finally see the insides of the joint after studying the interior plans first. The waiter arrived, hurriedly greeted us and dropped off menus, promptly vanishing to procure an iPad which contained the bar menu. The restaurant was reasonably busy, but not slammed by any stretch... there were tons of open tables around and guests surrounding us appeared to be preparing for departure.

Grpub Menu

We started by ordering beer... Innis and Gunn for me and Hunter and Loveman's Finest tap water for Miss Monkay. Ten minutes later, the beer arrived. Hunter's glass had a monster sized chip taken out of it. Five minutes later, we tracked down the waiter who removed the broken glass with no words of apology. Five minutes later, the replacement beer arrived along with some bread and pretzel bread sticks. We ordered our starters and entrees.

Grpub Breadsticks

The bread came in two forms - a small loaf of pumpkin seed bread and three flavors of pretzel bread sticks - and with two condiments, English sweet butter and a cheezy dipping sauce. We noshed on these for some time, quite a long time actually.

Eventually, the starters arrived...

Grpub Cornsoup

...Corn Soup with peekytoe crab for Miss Mo. Yummy, smooth and sweet, topped with a zippy basil cream and niblets of crab suspended in the puree.

Grpub Frenchonionsoup

The Admiral got the English Ale Onion Soup which he characterized as being good but not exceptional. I ordered another beer.

The restaurant started to clear out of patrons and we sat there waiting. And waiting. And waiting. The waiting was interspersed with multiple visits by our waiter, repeatedly claiming that ours was "just about ready", "up next", "coming real soon."

Dr. Dave arrived before the food. We ordered more beer and recorded episode #90 of The Vegas Gang Podcast. Alas, the food arrived during the sure bets... the waiter was chuffed to show us what we would be eating, as if we were being a gift from the heavens.

Unfortunately, the food wasn't particularly good.

Grpub Salad

Mrs. Monkay's salad had virtually no dressing or flavor to it. It looked kinda pathetic too.

GR Pub Mixed Grill

The Admiral ordered the Filet Mixed Grill - beef filet, shrimp and pork belly - he wasn't particularly enthused about it.

Grpub Chips

For side he got the English Chips, which arrived in a sideways Stonehenge array.

Grpub Steak

I got the Flat Iron Steak - medium rare - which arrived really rare. It was gristly, tough and underwhelming. I drowned it in the mustard provided.

Grpub Potatoes

For side order, I got the Smashed Fingerling Potatoes... small golden potatoes covered in double cream butter and black truffle. Strangely, it tasted like funnel cake.

Eventually the check came and the Admiral absconded with it under the ruse of "testing out his new Total Rewards credit card" and commemorating VegasTripping's 9th birthday... a total George.

The company was incredible, the conversations got us buzzed and the beer got us drunk... the food and the service strayed dangerously close to being Ramsay's very own Kitchen Nightmare. After having such and incredible meal at Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris, this meal at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill was a let down.

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Comments & Discussion:

The dishes look ... old and dirty. That splatter pattern doesn't photograph well, does it? It makes the salad look particularly unappealing.

What was your opinion of the iPad drink-menu thingy?

They had it at GRSteak. You ordered the drink via the device. Here, it was just a menu. The layout made it hard to scan... multiple tabs, tapping, scrolling. In some ways a piece of paper might be the perfect way to deliver a menu.

I was there opening weekend, the food was good, the flatware was a unique design and saw several women putting pieces in their purses. If you stop there, get the pub crawl drink, it is one of the best, kinda of a whiskey sour with a sweet element - knob creek single barrel, lemon juice, ginger liqueur, and black tea syrup.

Matt, I saw the iPad drink thing at BurGR but wasn't impressed as it crashed twice while I was there.

As Chuck indicated, I thought the food was just average. Not bad and nothing fundamentally wrong with it but I was expecting better, I think mostly because people have said so many great things about the Paris restaurant.

This place is now on my list of 'fine place but why go there with so many other good options nearby'.

As for the iPad beer menu... I love the iPad and think it's a great tool for about a zillion different things but this was a classic example of engineering for the sake of engineering. A paper menu would indeed have been easier and quicker, especially since they don't have so many options that they couldn't fit it on say one page.

I had a rather pedestrian meal at Gordo Steak a couple weeks ago. Can't really say I was surprised, given that he apparently chooses his chefs on television from a pool of Applebee's line cooks.

You ate a pedestrian? How metal!

Glad I skipped it last week. Was going to go there but read the Yelp reviews. Went to Delmonico instead which was excellent.

I could have saved you the trip there. We ate there in February and had very mediocre food and worse service than you. The ipad drink menu is a gimmick for sure. For pub type food my go tos are Public House at Venetian and Pub at Monte Carlo

Continuing to prove what I have said about "sir" Gordon Ramsey, he is a douche on TV and is ruining cooks around the world by making them think they get to yell and scream and be called "Chef" for no reason. And as well, from what I can tell not having eaten at his places, he is just a crap cook. Why can't "celebrity chef's" be cooks? It would make the food better.

What is the deal with the plates? They look weird and would take my attention away from the food.

Guiness?! How do you get buzzed on a 4 percenter? Blech.

Not Guinness, Innis & Gunn - i think it is in the 6-7% range.

My beef with them was over the stonehenge fries. They're basically just giant chunks of baked potato, at least that's what they taste like. They tried to be clever and instead just F'ed up the easiest dish ever to not F up.

That speckled earthenware looks downright creepy. Either Miss Monkay had eaten half her salad before you took the pic, or you wuz robbed.

Ugh - that salad looks like they grabbed what's left in the bag from the supermarket. I guess when it's a pub you can skimp out? I'm starting to think that Chuckmonster is starting to become cursed in his meals, between this and his Carlos n Charlie adventure!


I had lunch at the bar on Sunday 5/12/13 and it was pretty great. I really liked the pub burger and building block like fries. My impression is that this is a good beer bar to get lunch food at, but not a great place for a sit-down meal. I put it on-par with places like PUB, BLT, and Burger Bar. Mesa grill is a far superior choice for a sit-down meal. Sidenote - only hostesses wear the newsprint dresses and they are all the same pattern.

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