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Cosmo Kicks Casino Ass

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 14th May 2013 2:25pm
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Cosmopolitan Craps Felt

Recent filings by Nevada Property 1, the corporate holding company for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas confirm what I saw with my own eyes recently - gamblers are playing at Cosmopolitan.

Revenues for the casino increased by 30% annually between Q112 and Q113 to $40m bucks.

Beyond crediting COO Thom McCartney for straightening out casino operations. It is hard to exactly quantify why specifically, but I have a coupla inklings.

We've been hearing from a number of you (including VT staffers) that the purse strings on room comps based on gaming action has loosened considerably, enticing visitors with known penchant for hazard to return and put their money on the line. If you go there, gamble and spend a great deal and get zero love in return... why should a guest go back? Comps are competitive and Cosmo appears to have been ratcheting up their game a bit.

Additionally, I noticed that all of the table game minimums have been slashed even more from outrageous opening months play. Hundred dollar minimum craps tables might be great for a select few, but for the rest of us... meaning 95% of the universe... we're priced in to playing somewhere else and in return not buying drinks or taking in a meal between gambling sessions.

My recent run through I saw two tables of ten dollar craps. Both were filled. Midday. Mid week. Creating a wave of hooting and howling that nearly drowned out the ever present Talking Heads track ("This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)") that seems to always be on the muzak system.

Incredible. So who is gonna buy this joint?

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Comments & Discussion:

Hopefully no one buys it. I just rec'd my mailer yesterday and reserved for a 3rd straight Cosmo trip. I've been lucky to avoid the pitfalls and have had excellent experiences from the beginning. I don't know that they do anything so much better than anyone else, other than having sincere, engaged employees---THAT is the huge difference in my experience. Let's face it, my buddies and I couldn't probably name one employee at Aria, Bellagio, Wynn, Caesars, P.Ho, etc---but we have our favorite bartenders at Cosmo, Bally's, and Golden Gate----guess where we play? Well done Cosmo!

Tried to stay at the Cosmo last week and rates were way up there. Sky Suites were the same price. Cosmo appears to be the hot property right now. Did make it to the Wicked Spoon which felt like it was somewhere across I15 by the time we found it.

If people are gambling there then why sell it? I play there quite a few times when I am in Vegas and eat there 2-3 times at different places. Maybe the rise in gamblers will get them to fix the online Identity log in.

Good to hear they've lowered the table mins and increased the comps. Now if only they'd make the gaming conditions better... (y'know, 3:2 on DD BJ outside the HL room? Maybe use 6d instead of 8d on the non-HL shoe games? Or even better, S17 at green chip?).

When I was pricing hotels for my upcoming trip, Cosmo was more expensive than Caesars Palace was and Caesars was obscenely overpriced even at a TR rate. Even as part of a hotel+air fare package, it was still significantly more than what I ended up paying for my room at Vdara.

I have a good buddy who's a black chip+ blackjack player who switched his allegiance from Wynn to Cosmo this year. They're giving much better comps than the competition now. After a recent big win by my friend, his Cosmo host offered to fly him out next time.

I haven't had the same experience, but I'm way down the gambling chain.

The Cosmo has become the last casino that I gamble during my trips. Why? Nickel VP, that's why. I was floored when I saw this.
I also love their head to head Poker machines, but I usually end up having a panic attack after 10 minutes of play on those things.

They're definitely going after slot players. Got my third straight mailer for comp nights this year. And have chosen to stay there over Caesars and MGM props for the third straight time. One additional plus, for me at least: the cocktail service has been consistently amazing every single time.

My personal opinion is we are seeing some movement and curiousity from some high rollers, and they are giving the place a try, bodies in the seats at the lower levels just aren't going to do a ton for the bottom line, and even during the year or so that their casino revenue was down, my own experiences saw a fairly busy casino on most occassions at least in comparison to other strip spots on that night.

I've never stayed there and have only gambled modestly, but they just sent me mailed offers for two free nights. They are indeed trying.

When I was out there last week, Cosmo actually had a $5 craps table in the mornings on Thursday and Friday.

However, not all of my visits to Cosmo this trip were good. Saturday night I ended up over at Secret Pizza and the place was a wreck and this was at 8:15 PM. Trash cans were overflowing, there were no napkins in the dispensers which was not cool. I also got some mixed signals when I tried to eat at Wicked Spoon that night before I ended up at Secret Pizza. I may have misunderstood due to my lack of sleep and the cumulative effects of drinking like a fish the previous few days, but I was given the impression by the folks at Wicked Spoon that they preferred that people paid with plastic instead of cash and made it sound like it would be a chore to pay with cash so I walked off.

I've been a fan of the place for a bit, but I think my love affair with the place is waning. The surprising thing is that I think I'm falling for Aria after not being too big on the place in the past (They must put something in the filled brioches at Jean Phillippe to cause that....).

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