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Titanic : The Exhibition - The Gift Shop

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 14th May 2013 12:40pm
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Tucked inside the atrium podium at LuXor is the long running Titanic: The Exhibition, which Luxor stole from Tropicana five or so years ago. I couldn't tell you what the exhibit is like, but if it is anything like the gift shop, then perhaps they should call it Titanic: The Hilarity.

Gift shop items include everything you could possibly imagine... towels, bracelets made from replica braces found on the deck chairs, authentic microscopic shards of coal taken from the wreckage and the following delights.

But buyer beware:

Titanic Replica

Huh? So what you're selling isn't authentic, NOR a replica? Then exactly would someone buy these items?

Titanic Snowglobe1

Oh... I get it. This is the for the movie crowd. Lovers of the romanticized version of a horrific tragedy with a soundtrack by Celine Dion. Little known fact, the perch on the bow made famous in the movie didn't exist on the actual Titanic.

Titanic Snowglobe2

And then the iceberg makes its appearance. Here, it is dressed as a schfritz of cool whip and covered with rainbow sprinkles. Shake it up and make a wish. By logical extension, will the 9/11: The Exhibition gift shop feature snow globes containing half destroyed World Trade Center with little human shaped snow flakes suspended mid-leap in jetfuel infused gloop? Watching someones grandma pick this stuff up, smile and say "Oh, that's cute" made me violently ill.

Titanic Ornament

And another. But this one you can hang on your Christmas tree. For those playing Get a Clue at home... mother nature, in the ocean, with the iceberg.


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Comments & Discussion:

If they still had the iceberg, they could make sno cones!

"Evening Call" featuring inauthentic non-replica iceberg ice from the Titanic!

I saw the Tropicana version of this and it was okay if not too special. The big piece of the ship's siding that the Luxor folks had to jump through hoops to put up there was the real highlight. The rest of it was pretty dumb.

If you see the Titanic disaster as equal to 9/11 despite the fact that there's almost nobody alive who remembers the former, well, you're out of the mainstream. That may say more about society than it does about you, but it is what it is. Once something is history to almost everyone alive, then it becomes the subject of cash-in books and films and period re-enactments from nerds in funny clothes.

What I am saying is not kind nor proper; but what I'm saying is your great-grand-children will grow up in a world where s/he sees a holofilm where an attractive actress wearing laughably huge sunglasses and replica Crocs meets a young man who works as an accountant in lower Manhattan, even though for some reason he wears skinny jeans and a porkpie hat in what is supposed to be a serious workplace. She will bare her boobs (whooohoo!) while he pretends to paint her portrait ("like one of your Facebook friends") on a 15" laptop screen that has had "I-PAD" engraved on the back in large Helvetica.

Unfortunately, there will still be Celine Dion.

An artist doing portraits would kill in this place.

@minvegas i've never been, nor ever I will, be concerned about being part of the mainstream. all manner of people run around this globe with an execution device hanging around their necks.

No photos of the coloring books with people drowning?

The exhibit is actually pretty cool. Its hard not to be effected by what happened when you see the actual items that people touched before they froze to death.

The one at Luxor is leaps and bounds better than its previous incarnation at Trop.

Too Soon?

I bought the snow globe with the floating dead bodies. Looks great on the family coffee table.

I had a chance to hit this exibit when it was at the Trop and I passed because it just didn't feel right. These crappy trinkets proved I was right. I never knew the Titanic went down because it ran into a mass of vanilla fluff.

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