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Vegas 101: How To Open A Hotel Room Door Lock

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 13th May 2013 4:46pm
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We've been told that our content is too advanced for the casual Las Vegas visitor. To this end, we have created the Vegas 101 series, in which we hope to answer the simplest of first timer questions as clearly and easily as possible.

Vegas 101: How to open a hotel room door lock.

Pull out your hotel key. Does the name on the key match the name of the hotel you are standing in? If so, follow these directions. If not, go to corresponding room in that hotel then continue through the next steps.

How To Open A Las Vegas Hotel Door Lock

Push the door open.

Congratulations, you are now in your room.

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Comments & Discussion:

What if the light doesn't turn green? Do I have to get a new key?

Won't work at Aria. They have that wavy shit with no card slot.

Same @ Revel, wave your card

Unless you're drunk and spend 5 minutes trying to get into room 26052 and the key doesn't work because you're really on 27052...

True story.

fivehundy, make sure it's really your room key. My wife actually let me march my mad drunk ass at least 30 floors down to the front desk to raise hell because our card wouldn't work...it was my John Deere purchasing card. If I wasn't shitfaced I probably would have been embarrassed, but wifey still got a case of the red ass.

I once forgot my room number, so I thought a good solution would be to try all of the doors on that side of the hall from the elevator. Turns out, it wouldn't open any of them! Luckily, the kind lady working the swing shift at the front desk pointed me to a different, more applicable floor. Then it worked like a charm!

The there's the Golden Gate variation of this, in which to insert the flash drive looking end of their "key" into the door slot....

Thank you! No more sleeping on the hallway floor.

Amazing! Does anyone know if this method also works on hotel rooms south of the equator? Or do you have to rotate the door handle in the opposite direction?

This does work but a friend went and stayed at the Stratosphere and for some reason the door refused to let her in the room twice during her stay. When I was at the Trop 2 years ago after I checked in I got a call from the front deask teliing me that the lock was about to fail so I had to wait for a repairman to come up and change the whole mechanism. I can't wait to see what the next Vegas 101 topic is.

Can the next topic be ordering a drink at the casino bar?

Poor pajama people.

So, I followed the instructions. Now what the hell do I do?!

You know what's Trippy? I just stayed at the Ex and you rotate the handle upwards to engage the deadbolt lock..

Also screw this, I'm opening the doors with Onity locks on them by plugging a wire in. screw it if it's my room or not. I'll let you know how it goes. http://www.vegastripping.com/board/las-vegas/topic/2297/onity-locks

@ Skywise - Simailar true story. You know your room number, just not the floor ( with proper B.A.L. this is way easy to do ). Mine went like this.
16th floor - key wont work
15th floor - key wont work
14th floor - key wont work , temper offsetting buzz
12th floor - key wont work , kick on door, yell at buddy who I am SURE has locked me out.
ELEVATORS - long, earnest discussion with hotel security
11th floor - ahh, my room, thank you humorless security for the escort to said door.
BED - still mad at buddy who we are SURE set this all up...make mental note to pee in his suitcase.

Need one more step if it's winter time:

Step 1:
Touch anti-static keychain to metal portion on door before following the rest of these instructions.

Our lock at Cosmo was shit. Took 3 or 4 times to get it to work, each and everytime... but yeah, always got lost too. We were in the eastside tower too... not exactly a huge hallway. But I did walk in circles at times.

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