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The Luxor Fun Book

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 13th May 2013 12:42pm
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An argument could be made that the "Fun Book" is the exact dividing line between the top half of the five star range and the bottom half... approximately 2.99 stars and below. This is the sweet spot that attracts guests searching out high value at low prices yet are willing to deal with inconveniences such as coupon clipping.

Luxor Fun Book 1

Luxor's resort guide might not say "Fun Book" but between the key sleeve in the front and the property map in the back, the array perforated pages filled with coupons illustrates that it most certainly is. Over $800 in Savings!

Luxor Fun Book 1

This Food & Bev credit is related to your resort fee. Your best bet with this coupon is to tear it out and put it in your wallet pronto, lest it gets forgotten. This is probably the only coupon you'll definitely use.

Prices for most production shows is variable based on location inside the theatre and are constantly fluctuating based on demand. Don't show the coupon until you've locked in a price you'd like to pay. Explore Two (2) Cirque Du Soleil Worlds isn't "any two" it is only valid for Criss Angel and Zumanity.

Luxor Fun Book 1


Luxor Fun Book 1
Luxor Fun Book 1

There are lots of attractions/exhibits at Luxor. If you don't go into any of these, definitely check out the gift shop for the Titanic Exhibit... it is thoroughly and unintentionally hysterical. Titanic tickets are $37/per person (-$5 w/coupon) Bodies for $32/per person (-$5 w/coupon), Score for $32/per person (-$10 w/coupon) = $101 turns into $81 for all three, plus tax and tags. A better deal can be found on on Luxor's website - 3 attractions for $57 bucks.


Luxor Fun Book 1

Thirsty? 2 for 1 drinks at Public House, 2 for 1 Dos Equis at Tacos and Tequila. Nice! Evening Call is a Fat Tuesday's competitor, but with an interesting menu of drinks. I hate the name.... because "boozeluge.com" was taken.

Luxor Fun Book 1

Doubt I would search out redeeming these coupons even though I've been known to have occasional lust for fried chicken, hot dog on a stick and froyo. Free soft drink = not worth it.

Luxor Fun Book 1

This is the Excalibur Food Court page. Is it even possible to eat two Cinnabons? After eating a half dozen Krispy Kremes? You'll need a smoothie after eating all of that.

Luxor Fun Book 1

The McDonalds coupon is a good deal. A super sized Double Quarter Pounder Meal with a second Double Quarter Pounder could feed a small family.

I thought LAX closed!

Luxor Fun Book 1

All useless... unless you can eat the Oyster.

Luxor Fun Book 1

I love Guinness as much as the next guy, but that store is a snoozer. I'd love to know how much business the Luxor and Excalibur spas do. Eventually, one the other or both will close as they continue their slide down to extinction.

There it is, the Luxor Fun Book and not one mention of the casino floor.

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Comments & Discussion:

Ahh, the Luxor...my wife and I stayed there on our first trip to Vegas in 1996-they were celebrating their 3rd anniversary. It was actually a nice place. We stopped in their casino on our trip a couple of weeks ago and I could not believe how old and tired it looked. It's probably been 4 or 5 years since we went in there last. My wife was looking for some dollar slots and I swear the ones we found looked like they were 30 years old. I'm surprised they didn't spit out tokens. The reels were faded so badly some were barely readable, and the variety and upkeep of different machines was pitiful. We quickly exited and made our way on north. It was kind of sad seeing our first Vegas casino being neglected so much...

"I thought LAX closed!"

Uh, no. But the ABX above it did.

But wait, there's still more.....

Many of the casino fun books are full of coupons you're unlikely to use anyway. About the only ones I might use are the match play ones and the ones for casino bars.

The get a drink with the purchase of a certain meal coupons are a joke to say the least. It's costing them next to nothing for the drinks that they overcharge for anyway.

The Excalibur Fun Book has a better deal on Popeye's..a buy one get one free meal..the $3 off Luxor's buffet is a pretty good deal..and the MickeyD's coupon has to be used..if for nothing else than putting a nice coating in your stomach if you plan on drinking heavily later..

They're pairing Luxor up with Excalibur? (but not Mandalay Bay...) I wonder who's getting the worse deal?

The Luxor's got an odd vibe anymore... The Casino feels too sterile/cold/uninviting and the upper level shopping section seems to be nothing more than a complicated way of getting to Mandalay Bay. (On the other hand, I love the Mandalay Bay's casino feel but can never find anything worthwhile playing...)

I think once Luxor de-themed the place it became a passage way to Mandalay Bay.

...And Bob Stupak whirled in his grave like a turbine.

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