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The Quad: The Name

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 10th May 2013 2:27pm
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The Quad Name and Signage

The terms of Boyd Gaming's purchase of the IP Biloxi, the Imperial Palace name and funky ass IP branding dictated that Caesars Entertainment would be required to cease using the name Imperial Palace by a specific deadline late last year.

With the date fast approaching, and Linq project already under construction, we learned that Caesars Entertainment's branding execs were at a total loss to find a new name. From the outside, it appeared that the Horseshoe was a possible front runner although it appears that that brand will be reserved for whatever happens with Bally's over the next 10 years.

Internally, bereft Caesars execs scrambled as the first deadlines quickly approached, resorting to a crowdsourced solution while reconnoitering their dendrites for an august(us) panacea. They commenced an internal "Name Our Property" contest (as told to us by floor personnel late last year) which queried employees to tender ideas for the new property's name.

We've now learned that the contest generated over 5,000 thoughtful submissions from dedicated employees all over the Caesars universe. This is an impressive amount of returns that probably required ample brain power and billable hours to generate and collect. Can you imagine employees in back of house offices on property, inside the calm air conditioned confines of Caesars Corporate, over cigs in the break room, or hovering around the pit stand on the casino floor, all of whom shooting the shit and bandying about names?

The Bank(rupt)
Ralph Engelstad's SS Superstore
Tunnel of Loveman

Shockingly, none of the submissions were looked at. It had been decided, suddenly and with utmost conviction that THE QUAD was THE NAME, even after toying with 3535 and a few other possibilities.

The deciding factor? The domain name thequadlv.com was freely available.

There is no direct meaning to the name, or the brand, or any connection whatsoever to the interior design, or concept of the renovation in process. The domain name was available.

This is an example of the business making decisions based on the business desires, not on how it affects or serves the customer. "We need to get ~100% of the people off of The Strip's sidewalk and onto a walkway that winds its way through a maze of slot machines and booze dispensaries which we own and control." I'll wager that zero thought went into asking what kind of space and experiences do our customers ask for, desire or need. What styles, concepts or identities will resonate with people, pique their curiosities and give them zero desire to ever leave the property.

Caesars is known for sending out surveys to help them decide nearly everything. From choosing potential brands for Bill's (eventually deciding on none of the brands mentioned in the survey) to assessing how much they should charge for a ride on the High Roller, Caesars gathers a lot of customer data about the questions they have. The problem is that they aren't asking the right questions.

Radio buttons.... these things:

are primarily the culprit.

You pick one, based on options chosen by a project manager who more than likely barely understands much about the business let alone what their boss wants them to do. Sound familiar? Anyone who works in an office knows a half dozen of these folks. Radio buttons makes stuff easy to tabulate: 12,315 like option A, 10,236 people like option B, therefore choice A is the best choice OR we split the difference between the two to make everybody sorta happy. This type of "market intelligence" requires minor effort on the front end, but very little on the back. Run the script and bam... you get results without having to actually read actual customer opinions, Kind of like the 5,000 or so "Name Our Property" submissions.

To the larger casino corporations, it really doesn't matter what the name is on the outside of the building. If it did, then Hooters would be the size of CityCenter... EVERYBODY LOVES BOOBS. Branding and theming is an expensive pain in the ass. Doing away with it makes the fishing net larger (See: "Is Luxor Muslim?") and less expensive.... there is no need for the Roger Thomases of the industry to engage in a wasteful globetrotting search for elegant fabrics, jaw dropping chandeliers, tapestries of extraordinary provenance or the rarest of rare sconces. Any old wallpaper and drop ceiling tiles will do... as long as the numbers - from the survey to the budget to the return on investment - pencil the fuck out.

The end result of this statistical homogenization is... statistical homogenization. Guests become statistics in a homogenous environment.... virtual Sims crawling around a sensory overloaded yet taste free atmosphere with fluctuating revenue numbers floating over everyones head.

We want information, information, information!
Who are you?
The new #2.
Who is #1?
You are #6.
I am not a number, I am a free man!

Perhaps Vdara deserves an apology.

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Comments & Discussion:

And here I was hoping for Return to Loveman Canal.

All I can hear now is Clive Burr.

it is the worst name in Vegas.

I would agree; worst name in Vegas and means nothing but the place replacing Wild Bill's will reign supreme as worst name in Vegas once it opens.

@Chuckmonster-Mind opening article. The question becomes am I willing to be a statistic in a homogenous environment or a virtual sim because they have the best comps? Unfortunately the only place of refuge from all of this is now overrun with nightclubs and highly overpaid DJ's. Maybe it's not you that makes me depressed about the current state of Las Vegas, maybe it's Las Vegas that makes me that way.

I could honestly care less what a property is called, I'd stay at "Chesters Hump Palace Casino" if I've played and ate and drank there before and had a good time. I've stayed @ The D, had a great time despite the retarded name. But guess what? These stupid names have a way of sticking in your head, and you remember them just as your remember a name as dull as Ballys.

Maybe Chris, but "The Quad" makes me think of drunk frant and sorority types on Saturday night, not Vegas.

"The Quad" isn't great, but it implies a meeting place, particularly one that appeals to a college-age or just older crowd. At the very least, it has a viable definition.

Certainly not the worst casino name in Vegas. Worse names include the meaningless or completely unrelated-to-Vegas names like: Aria, Vdara, Elara, "THEHotel" (being renamed) and even "Bally's," which at this point means nothing to anyone.

And although I understand the brand equity in the "Resorts World" name, I personally like "The Quad" better than "Resorts World Las Vegas."

All this kerfuffle reminds me of the similar outcry over the "iPad" name when Apple announced it. "It sounds like a feminine hygiene product," people shrieked. "The worst consumer product name in history," the press cried.

And now? Does anyone still complain about the name? No. These sorts of things fade from the public's memory quickly.

I don't like the name but erzeszut makes an incredible point regarding the iPad on which I am typing this. Great point!

That said, the biggest morale reducing move a company make is polling employees on something and then not taking a single one of those as the choice. I am sure CZR employees are constantly bitching about this.

@erzeszut's comment exactly.

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