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VegasEats: Luv It Frozen Custard

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 8th May 2013 4:58pm
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Much like Lotus of Siam, I've been hearing reports about Luv It Frozen Custard for a near eternity but was never motivated enough to check it out. Seeing TV's Craig Ferguson, Carrot Top, Geoff Peterson and Secretariat noshing on "A Carrot Top Special" (ingredients include frozen custard, peyote, magic mushrooms and acid) appealed to my psychedelic inclinations and added it to my itinerary. Unfortunately, The Carrot Top Special isn't on the menu anymore (I asked.)

We're in Vegas tripping on frozen custard?

Er... we're in VegasTripping on frozen custard!

In addition to the Craigy Ferg, the custard quest started last year after sampling some of the good stuff on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. That custard was thick, creamy and full of sweet eggy flavor. A true revelation, and the beginning of custard lust.

Luv It Frozen Custard

Love It Frozen Custard is located in the heart of the Naked City, in the shadow of the Stratosphere tower, on the east side of The Strip at 505 East Oakey Blvd. There is plenty of parking spaces when not isn't occupied by passed out hobos.

Luv It Custard Window

Luv It offers a diverse range of custard treats "made fresh daily from fresh cream & eggs." Top level items include the Luv It Special (custard, strawberries, salted pecans and a cherry) Banana Split (custard, bananas, strawberries, marshmallow topped with nuts and a cherry) Western Special (custard, caramel, hot fudge, salted pecans and a cherry) Scotch Jimmy Treat (custard, butterscotch, sliced bananas, chocolate jimmies and a cherry) Sprinkle Special (custard, marshmallow, nuts, chocolate jimmies and a cherry.) Prices for these are all under $6.

Luv It Custard Menu

In addition to the basic options - the specials and custard cones - Luv It has an entire menu of different ways to slice and dice their offerings. I don't have the patience to read fine print while staring into an intergalactic furnace.

Luv It Custard Chocolate Ch

I ordered one of the five flavors of the day - Chocolate Chip - served in a waffle cone ($2.75 + .55 for the cone) The custard was dense, sugary and rich in crunchy mini chips, served at the perfect point of softness. It didn't have that chewy eggy flavor that the Atlantic City custard had but was still incredibly delicious.

Miss Monkay went with the Western Special, a cup of yummy custard with hot fudge, caramel, salted pecans and a maraschino cherry ($5.75). She added some chocolate jimmies for $1 extra.

Luv It Custard Flavors

Overall, Luv It was a bit of a strange experience. The custard was definitely delicious, but failed to reach the previous bar of custard lust. Service was slow as molasses. The hobos were quite friendly and repeatedly offered to relieve me of whatever coins may be weighing down my pockets.

Luv It Receipt

Total for the excursion was about $11. Bring cash, as they don't accept credit cards. There is an ATM with an eye gouger of a fee in the Liquor Store next door.

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Comments & Discussion:

Receipt says, "Dine-In." Ha!

I think I'll hold out for the return of the Carrot Top Special.

Cops are always busting heroin dealers in back. It's a pretty dangerous place at night; although OGs is right next door and their parking lot is safe.

"0 of 0"

Well then, I declare this to be a valid review.

This place is just like the old Deja Vu at Magic Mountain: You only go so you can tell everyone you did it and how it was "worth it". But in reality you had to go out of your way to find it, and the experience was uncomfortable and borderline dangerous. But then, like 10% of this place's Yelp reviews, you get to write "worth it!"

Good custard? Okay, sure.
"Worth the (drive/neighborhood/wait/having to tell a hobo that you don't have cash while waiting in line for a popsicle stand that takes cash only)"? Nope.

^^^you can slice the buzzkill with a knife

What's frozen custard? #worthit? #yolo?

You might have gotten the $1 chocolate jimmies (sprinkles) for free, since there's no mention of them on the receipt.

Anyway, what's the target market for this place?

I doubt it's Strip tourists. Or coin-hopeful hobos. Or families. Or casino workers. Or...

@anawas there is a second receipt floating around somewhere.

Shouldn't the bums aurrounding the place asking for money be considered ambiance?

I went there for my one and only time in the '80s. All that came to mind was Peggy Lee. Is that all there is?

Over rated...

Going to Luv-It is like going to Hoover Dam; it somewhere you go once just so you can say you've been there.

There are plenty of good options on the Strip for frozen treats, and I have to say that the ice cream at the Sugar Factory's stand was damn good (still not as good as the gelato at Wicked Spoon, but still pretty damn good).

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