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A Walk Through The Quad

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 8th May 2013 9:57am
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The Quad (formerly the Imperial Palace) has opened the portion of the property which connects the forthcoming Linq to Harrah's Carnival Court as well as a small hallway that extends towards points east - the new porte cochere, new front desk, skanky old hotel elevator banks, and the funky shopping promenade that leads to the monorail station. The Quad's main casino is walled off and closed for renovation. The former O'Sheas space - recently torn down to the steel and rebuilt at lightning speed is laid out exactly as we noted in the "The Linq Resort, Casino and Marquee" post.

Quad Constr Osheas Ext

The exterior looks neat in an outer space ice fort sorta way, tons of personality. I wish I could say the same about the interior.

Quad Constr Icefort

I have realized that The Quad name is purposeful. Not only does it connect the Q's in LINQ, it connects parts of Caesars east side empire with other parts of Caesars east side empire. Its function is exactly like that of the college quad - a centrally located area whose prime use is as a thoroughfare.

Portions of the thoroughfare are open.

Quad Signage2

Where the tongue of The Strip meets the lips of the Linq there is a scaffold covered entrance to the new casino built on the former O'Sheas. Sadly, there are no leprechauns and the stench of stale beer has been replaced by wallpaper paste and high-grade formica. Immediately upon entry, guests are greeted not with smiling employees inviting visitors to this brand new casino to partake in many of the exciting experiences contained therein but instead an arterial clusterfuck on par with Los Angeles' freeways. Caesars Enterainment has seen fit to divert any and all foot traffic on the east side of The Strip inside to a four foot wide walk way intended to accommodate traffic in both directions. Knowing how Caesars Entertainment works, I'll go short on a long limb and state that is bottlenecking of pedestrian traffic is a purposeful disbursement of personage into their maze of slot machines and table games.

Quad Linqcasino Quad Linqcasino Alt

Eventually, the cramped thoroughlyfuckedupfaire dumps into a nondescript, poorly lit, horribly decorated modernish casino floor. The casino is bisected - schmuck like - from the rest of The Quad by a larger thoroughfare that connects the Linq to the south and Carnival Court to the north.

Quad Corridor

Quad Linq Doors

Somewhere in the middle of this is the Catalyst bar.

Quad Catalyst

Caesars PR tells us that Catalyst bar is an epic location filled with delicious custom cocktails, all of which, when imbibed with Total Rewards discount, will cleanse a murderer's sins and lay the socially awkward. The truth is that Catalyst Bar is granulated dick cheese carefully sprinkled on the on the rim of an asshole martini. How's that for hyperbole? Truth lies in the space between but leans towards being a poorly situated generic bar trapped inside of a horribly lit, generic schmuck of a casino devoid of personality or sense of place. It looked great in the renderings, unfortunately casino fantasy didn't translate into casino reality.

One fun game to play at Catalyst bar is "Figure out who the Dealertainer Is" the Rod Stewart, Elvis and Tina Turner are easy... but we couldn't figure out if one of them was Janet Jackson, Diana Ross or Mary J. Blige and if the guy was Ceelo Green, Al Green or Stevie Wonder. Is it impolite to ask?

Quad Winesandspirits

Down the hallway from Catalyst is The Quad Wine and Booze Emporium for those looking for a walkabout tipple or some Q emblazoned candies.

Quad Ccourt Doors

These doors lead to Carnival Court.

Quad Cc

These doors lead back in to The Quad. The skylight above has a little light show built in that presumably connects in idea to the lights at the top of Catalyst Bar.

Quad Cc Entry

I headed out to The Quad on purpose, to see how they changed the joint. Once there, I couldn't wait to get the hell out of here. I think this is by design. The Quad - at least the schmuck that is open - is transient, something you walk through and don't really stay for long. If this is the intention of Caesars Entertainment, then The Quad is a resounding success.

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Comments & Discussion:

"Catalyst Bar is granulated dick cheese carefully sprinkled on the on the rim of an asshole martini." Hahahahahaha.

"Caesars Enterainment has seen fit to divert any and all foot traffic on the east side of The Strip inside to a four foot wide walk way intended to accommodate traffic in both directions. Knowing how Caesars Entertainment works, I'll go short on a long limb and state that is bottlenecking of pedestrian traffic is a purposeful disbursement of personage into their maze of slot machines and table games."

Entertaining review, but I do think you need to point out that this is, by all evidence, a temporary situation. There are two (currently-closed, but brand new) exits from the Quad casino directly onto LV Blvd, so don't you think that the front Strip-side pedestrian pathway will eventually be open again, post-construction?

This isn't a permanent reroute, i.e. Carnaval Court or the front of Planet Hollywood. I wouldn't put it past Caesars to do something like this, but all evidence suggests that there will be a sidewalk on the Strip in front of the Quad. IOW, if you don't want to walk through the Quad casino when passing by, you eventually won't have to.

Last trip, I spent some time playing blackjack in the walkway area during the early morning, so not a lot of traffic, but I can say that sitting there, I felt like I needed to get up and keep walking, rather then an area to relax and enjoy some play.

Decor must be new Caesars 101. As Horseshoe Cleveland is same decorum, snooze city of beige.

Yes. I figured it was apparent via the photos etc that this is still an unfinished project. The first angular walk through the former Osheas is the problem here. I could tell from the architectural renderings that this path way wasn't going to be satisfactory... one looky loo or table game scraggler and the whole arterial goes kablooey.

I don't see why Caesars didn't keep the sidewalk construction canopy in place as it has been for a year now. They should close it when doing super dangerous stuff, but otherwise keep it open for folks to walk through. This is purposeful... and the raison d'être for The Quad.

I got behind sightseeing soccer moms and dads who had evidently never been to Vegas...in the Quad "walkway" to the strip...pushing two strollers...stopping every few steps to point at uninteresting shit. I finally had enough and muscled on through, and made it back outside only to have to wait forever on my wife, who followed them all the way. I'm not a fan of the current configuration-it can only get better.

Chuck, I have to say that lately it really comes off like you hate Las Vegas. It seems like everything you see for the first time, you hate. You bagged on Cosmo before it opened, you bagged on The D before it opened, you hate the Flamingo, you constantly make fun of and trash Wynn and Encore, and on and on. The only positives that I have heard from you in recent memory was the trip you took to Caesar's with your wife and you LVH review. I am a loyal reader and listener and usually don't have much to say. I just try to keep an open mind and take the information for what it's worth and move on. I used to really enjoy reading your website and would check everyday for whatever new content that you might have added overnight. I don't think I am going to anymore. You are depressing. You make me feel sad about Las Vegas. It's not really much fun listening you go on with what you think are clever adjectives to make fun of anyone who does anything in Las Vegas.

Yup, what he said.... I was just telling someone today, VT seems to hate Steve Wynn and Wynn Resorts, yet they'll be one of the first to line up for free rooms and eats, to review their newest properties. Oh well, to each their own I suppose.

@Slimmy216 and @BrianFey thanks for your insightful commentary........

Is the Quad a Wynncore, or a City Center? No, but its a damn sight better than the old IP, its a start. Its something for a company with little free capital to do something great. And I'd rather have the Quad, than the old IP, or even worse yet, nothing. Take Frontier and Stardust for example, especially the Frontier was crap, but now we have worse, nothing, a empty lot. Give me a freaking break already!

Just the facts Vespajet. Look at the mood on this sight lately. Rarely a positive. Typically Chuck and the gang taking shots at anyone and everyone in town that's trying to do anything. You would think this was a forum for people who hate the city.

Slimmy... I've got some corrections for you. I did not bag on Cosmo before opening. In fact, we were incredibly positive and excited about the property until they proved on opening day (and the ensuing six months) that they didn't know how to operate a hotel. I tried their hotel twice and both times they failed miserably... read the reviews. We've given positive reviews to most if not all of their restaurants on multiple occasions. I didn't bag on the D as a property, I questioned the logo (i'll have some more thoughts on the D this week.) I loved and defended the Flamingo on this website for 8 years until I stayed in a hotel room filled with mold and cockroaches and was served bonafide fouled food at Carlos & Charlies. I make fun of nightclubs at Wynn because those egomaniacs act like they invented the concept of pairing booze and music.

We've said plenty of great things about plenty of great places lately including some very positive coverage of the stuff that is happening at Monte Carlo, NYNY and The Park, incredibly positive coverage of the Resorts World announcement and thorough discussion of the service changes at Caesars, the Hard Rock's great line up of music this year, the major changes at Aria and a whole slew of other things.

The fact is that people criticize us for being positive to the point of accusing us of being paid off by the casinos. Then folks come and criticize us for being negative and purposefully hateful towards the same properties. You mentioned that the last two feature hotel reviews I've written were positive. The two previous reviews, I didn't post (Four Queens and South Point) not because they were negative, but because they were uninteresting.

In much the same way I did in my Imperial Palace review from a few years ago, I did the best I could to explain that The Quad as it stands now is a success. It is a passageway from one point to another. It isn't God's gift to casinos nor is it an asshole martini. It is PURPOSEFUL in its transient feel. When the full casino opens, this will probably change. But this simple 'Walk Through The Quad' isn't a review, just my observations about what they've done with an admittedly unfinished space that they feel is finished enough to open to the public. When I was in there, I wanted to leave, which is sort of the point... to get you from Linq to Carnival Court.

Brian - You can be a fan and question management decisions at the same time. Fandom doesn't require blind allegiance. Steve lost his mind for a coupla years but seems to be heading back into focus mode and when he's focused, he's unbeatable.

Now about the New Frontier... didn't Steve buy those trees to make the barren wasteland look prettier? But.... he left them sitting above grade in wood casks with no root access to water. Now, the former New Frontier is a barren wasteland with a dozen dead trees lining the fence. Turd polishing, Steve style.

Did I miss the line for the free stuff? I must have been too busy being angry.

WTF is wrong with these people. That place is better then what it replaced? No way. Sure it was a dive but it had character and was fun. Now this thing looks like a cross between the Jetsons and Ikea. Just like the dethemeing of all the resorts. Sure it was cheesy in alot of cases but now there all the same!

You know what Chuck, you're right, it's not ALL negative. I get the fact that you pride yourself on being honest and telling it like it is. Casino PR departemnts be damned. It just seems like latley there has been more negative posts, making fun of projects and people that are investing a lot of capital trying to revialtize a city that, quite frankly, desperately needs it right now. One of the great the great things about most of the content on this site is that you can count on it to be honest, brutally so sometimes, whether you agree with it or not. Sometimes, recently, I question whether your negative reviews and opinions are genuinly honest. Seems like sometimes you might be looking to pick something apart. It can almost imply, sometimes, that you think you could do a better job. That's all.

Don't get offened RateVegas. No one was talking about you.

I guess Chuckmonster (as well as everyone else that regularly contributes content to the site) are in a damned they do, damned if the don't situation as always with some segment of the readers here. No matter what they write, somebody's going to try to stir up the pot as it were.

If folks are expecting every article or review posted here to be full of sunshine and rainbows, there's some beachfront property outside of Phoenix I'd like to sell you. Good or bad, this site pulls no punches nor are there any sacred cows. Not too many travel-related sites give the sort of warts and all reviews and commentary that this site does. The articles here are pieces that are in the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson and gonzo journalism. If folks are expecting articles or reviews along the lines of something one might find in Travel & Leisure or in the travel section of one's local newspaper, they're unlikely to find it here. Despite glowing reviews of a number of places, this site is just as willing to post less than flattering pieces on them as well. Wynn/Encore, Aria, Caesars Palace and Cosmo have been praised and lambasted on this site on multiple occasions. If they screw up with one of the staffers here or one of the readers, it will likely get posted here for all to see.

Some folks are currently in love/hate relationships with Las Vegas and some are definitely in the hate phase at the moment.

@slimmy216 - You must be new here, this topic comes up every n weeks/months/years regarding Chuck's reviews, something one of us says on the podcast, etc..., hence my comment.

Slimmy - I don't see this post as being negative. The point i'm making is that THE QUAD - at least the nip of it that is open - feels and functions like a passageway devoid of interior decor that gives it any sense of destination. I truly believe that this is Caesars Entertainment's intention behind the design and architecture of the space and the reason for the name. Additionally, i looked at the news page to see what percentage of stuff is negative and what isn't... a majority of these (going back about six weeks or so) are 'positive' followed by 'no opinion' reporting, then 'medium' positive & negative aspects and only a handful are negative.

No, I got ya @RateVegas. I have heard the joke. I think I have made it through every episode of the podcast and I have been reading this site for years. "You're all bitter. You wear Birkenstocks. You're a snob, ect." I don't want to be one of those guys, but I suppose I am at the moment. It just wears on me a little. Maybe a little bit of negative/honest posts on this site combined with my inherint instinct to defend all things Vegas fuels the frusteration. All I'm saying is that there's a lot of good things happening in Vegas right now. Let's celebrate it for a minute before we tear it to shreds.

Chuck I think if you were being honest you could admit that there are certainly some extremely negative statements in this review. The idea that The Quad is a success because you wanted to get the hell out of there seemed tounge in cheek to me. Anyway I am not trying to defend the Quad. I just like to get excited about Vegas, not disappointed yet again. That's all I'm saying.

I will now retreat back into my previously manitained radio silence as to not cause any more trouble. Thanks for your replies though. Carry on.

Thanks for listening.

I just got back from a few days in Vegas and I can tell you I had a good time. I walked through the Quad too and I'll save my commentary for the podcast but I'll say that some of the choices in the construction period do seem a little strange to me, though of course it's possible that there are mitigating concerns I'm not aware of. Also listened to a panel of Caesars people talking about LINQ which I'll report on. Some interesting stuff.

In less words, this is a place where you MEET UP, not where you stay.
"Meet me at the Quad" works. From there, Caesars hopes to steer you to the rest of their resorts and attractions.

@glenninfinity - Interesting you say that... that was talked about in the LINQ panel I went to. I took some pretty detailed notes so I'll share it all on the next VGang.

Slimy - going into radio silence mode is absolutely not what any of us want. A community's strength is based on its variety of opinions. Yes, there are some negative statements - the decor is generic, the arterials are poorly planned - but there are positive statements as well - loving the ice fort and the success of the transitory nature of the space. I agree to disagree with you as long as you promise to not go into hiding.

I posted this link on Twitter but I realize some of you might be interested too. Quad, LINQ, etc...


Fair enough Chuckmonster. Oddly enough I feel more a part of the community after this exchange than I did before. I'll stay involved now. You'll like me. I'm really smart. Shit, now I have to find a clever avatar picture......

Slimmy - Great! It would be foolish for us to expect everybody to have the same opinion. Meetings of VT staffers usually devolve into bitchfests and fist fights. We're nothing if not passionate. Come to VIMFP!

I'm surprised that the cluster that's a walkway is even allowing anything but moseying. When I was there in April it was bad with the scaffolds and turns, to the point I never made it in the Quad - I stayed on the opposite side of the street. Of course, knowing Loveman - that's his strategy - get you to play at the Palace and lose your money faster. I like the look, but since there's no room reno's so far, I wouldn't want to stay. Of course, that seems to be what I say about all Caesar's properties lately....

Ahoy, asshole martinis ahead!

I have been trying to do VIMPF for a few years now Chuckmonster. I meet a few of my buddies every year the last weekend in October. I'm pitching to move it up a week this year.

^ I highly recommend it , Slim. Hope I make it myself.

I take umbrage with this statement:

" yet they'll be one of the first to line up for free rooms and eats"

Yes, we have been comped meals and rooms before (which we have ALWAYS disclosed), but it is not a driving force behind ANYTHING. When we are invited, AND if we can make it, AND it is of an interest to our readers, we go. In fact, we have turned down free offers for various reasons, none of which I have to divulge here.

If you take issue with our opinions, fine, but please, don't throw out blatant lies and try to characterize us as something we are not.

The truth of the matter is, and I am only speaking for myself, not Chuckmonster, is that Vegas has changed since we started this site. It is now a haven for nightclubs and pool parties. These are not inherently interesting to me, personally. So yes, it may *seem* as though there is some 'Vegas-hate' going on, but it is because the overall vibe (dining) of Vegas has changed.

That said, Viva Gordon Ramsay's sticky toffee pudding. There.

This discussion is bitchin.

I also take umbrage with this statement:

"I posted this link on Twitter"

@ratevegas uhmbro, you've been umbraged.


missmonkay gets to the root of some of the problem. Vegas is changing and it's not for the better in most cases. I stated that in no way am I trying to defend The Quad, however when I see new development in Vegas that's not related to night clubs, ect I am in full support of it. I just want to give it a chance. It SEEMS like sometimes the natural reaction here is to criticize first. Guilty until proven innocent sometimes.

Slimmy - we get that, but we cannot simply praise something that is not a nightclub simply because it is not a nightclub.

We have always spoken our mind, much to our detriment at times, and we can't stop now.

Truth of the matter is, for me, Vegas lost some allure, and it is reflected in our posts. That does not mean that we continue to hope for the best. We all know that it is cyclical and pretty soon, the nightclubs will turn into two-dollar whores and gambling will be the main focus again one day. Till then, we reserve our right to be disgruntled.

Thank you for contributing!

I'm as gruntled as I ever was.

I know you can't praise something for simply not being a nightclub, but you should give it some consideration. In all seriousness I get what you're saying. As Chuck said on Vegasgang, you do have people that depend on your opinions and you owe it to them to be honest. The reservation of your right to be disgruntled has been duly acknowledged.

Great photos as usual RateVegas. Thanks for sharing!

I don't find Misnomer funny.

Wait. Someone met Professor Umbridge at The Quad?

I used to be disgruntled and now I am just amused.

I'm withholding judgment until I see that giant light vortex in action. It better not be a dud, that's all I'm sayin'.

It looks like Harrahs 2.0.

I want to hang out at that bar because the neon lighting is cool and reminds me of a food court Starbucks... Which would obviously has far more ambience than a bar like Vespa...

Since we are being totally off-topic... (feels like open mic night at RateVegas--for those who remember those discussions)... Is anyone else super excited for the Lady Luck (downtown grand) to re-open? Just like this website, I find myself searching for new information about it all the time. Hoepfully no one takes umbrage with me posting this here!

If Mike_Ch would have showed up, this would have like a old family reunion. :)

I'm so late to these discussions :( but I do agree that Misnomer isn't funny, his stuff should be labeled.

missmonkay is right about how much things have changed in Vegas since 2004. I've been going to Vegas since 2004 and I remember in the early years of the site all of the projects that got announced and never broke ground or got shelved. There were a lot of dreamers in Vegas circa 2005-2006 and there's a lot of mothballed construction sites and vacant lots where resorts and condos were proposed.

The Quad is not what Harrah's had originally planned when they acquired the Imperial Palace, it was expected to remain open no more than a year or two before being torn down as part of Harrah's Entertainments' grand plans for that part of the Strip. Then the company hit an iceberg financially around the time the economy hit one and all bets were off. Caesars Entertainment is very much a reflection of the average American these days, deep in debt and underwater on their mortgage..... They're trying to do a lot for a little bit of money and it shows.

Is that video craps in the casino picture? WTF? It has only been 10 months since I was in Vegas but surely the whole world is not imploding that fast. I was hoping for one more good trip before the wheels come off. What kind of low-calorie beer, fat-free potato chip dry-hump is video craps? Mrs. Roller loves roulette but refuses to play video roulette....this is worse.

yes, video craps. there is a whole section of mandalay bay's "redefining resort" casino floor dedicated to video table games.

That's the Rapid Craps table that used to be at Bill's and is the only Rapid Craps table in Vegas. Casinos have opted for the sit-down "pop-a-matic" video craps machines as they don't require any employees to man the game.

Craps without touching dice......let me quote Ocean's 13...." I'll see ya when I see ya "

Wow, I didn't know VT had a surplus of comps. If you want I can be your Chief Officer of Comps (or COCk) and take care of that problem for you.
I love this, I haven't seen people this fired up in a long time!
This reminds me of the rants on TWHT from the guy that was taking Steve Wynn to court.

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